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  1. Awesome - thanks. I'll have to check that out tonight when I get home from work.
  2. Is it possible to change how a character looks after you've created him/her?
  3. Thanks! I really enjoyed them last month as quick breaks from the class story. I know flashpoints also provide these, but I prefer solo - so this works for me. I did see that the Kingpin missions are harder to solo unless you're lvl 55, so I might hold off on those until I get there with my current character (lvl 44 Jedi).
  4. So I haven't been on these forums in 2 years, but now I'm back, and I figured I'd share some thoughts on my TOR experience thus far. These forums are slow, but to be honest, the SWTOR forums are too busy for me. Plus I have always liked the personalities here, so here's where I'll share thoughts. I should start by saying that I am a huge TOR fan, in general. I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition as soon as it was available (the one that came with the Malgus statue), and installed it right away. I am new to MMORPGs, so I have no basis of comparison in that regard. Also, I solo play (PVE) about 95% of the time, and I mostly care about the class story more than anything else. So for me, it makes sense to compare my experience with KotOR over anything else - though I understand it's not an apples-to-apples comparison. So, as much as I love TOR, it has not been as gratifying for me as KotOR was (both KotOR I and II, which I played back-to-back on the XBox). KotOR had me constantly itching to play more. The story was captivating and I loved every second of it. I don't get the same sense of gratification from the TOR storyline, though I do still enjoy it (especially the call-backs to KotOR era people/plotlines). I do prefer the fighting sequences in TOR over KotOR. The real-time fights are more fun, I think, as opposed to the pausing and queuing that KotOR utilized. I also love that every conversation has recorded dialogue, which provides a more immersive experience. I have played TOR for a lot more hours than I played KotOR, and I still have a strong desire to play (a desire not matched in my actual availability to play). Perhaps I'm waxing nostalgic when I think about my time with KotOR. Or maybe I'm biased because in KotOR I was working toward an end goal (completion of the game), whereas in TOR there isn't the same payoff. What am I working toward? Nothing, I guess - I just enjoy playing the game enough to keep forking over $15 a month to be a subscriber, even though there are some months I don't play at all. Anyone else's thoughts on their experience of TOR vs KotOR (1 and/or 2)?
  5. I will - thanks for the heads up.
  6. Yes I think that's a good approach. The Flashpoints are actually fun, and I find the story arcs contained therein to be interesting (especially the Revan arc) - so I do think they're worth trying. IMO, the only downside is having to group play to complete them, which I don't really enjoy. I am on my 2nd character now (started with Sith Inquisitor, now running with Jedi Knight), and I am really enjoying the new class story. You can always start a new character and then jump back to the old one if you just want to play for 30 mins - 1 hr to complete a flashpoint that you haven't done before. There are lots of them - I've only done a handful.
  7. Update: Now that I'm home from work, I logged on and sadly it is not Bounty Contract week. I followed a trail to the In-Game Event Page, but all it says is "Coming Soon". I did see a forum post that said it usually occurs during the 2nd week of the month, so I'll be checking back in early May.
  8. Has anyone else tried the Bounty Contract Missions? I believe they only open these up once a month - you can get the missions at the Cartel Bazaar at the fleet. I play very sporadically, and happened to get lucky enough to log on one weekend when bounty contracts were available. I did 3 that weekend (which I think might be the limit, 1 per day Fri-Sun), and they were fun, not too time-consuming, available to complete playing solo, and earned a ton of XP. When you do enough of them, you can go for Kingpin Bounty Contracts... I'm not there yet, so I don't know exactly what that means... I imagine they are harder and more rewarding. I wasn't able to find a schedule for the weeks they are available online with a cursory google search here at work... I think I might log on tonight when I get home to see if perhaps it's this week. Anyway - if you haven't tried them yet, I recommend them.
  9. I go through phases - I won't play for a month (or 5), and then play for 20+ hours one weekend when I finally have some down time. I should probably FTP with that sporadic schedule, but I don't. I'm still a subscriber. I would definitely play more often if I had friends that also played. Right now the only other person I know that plays is my 9 year old son (he's better at it than I am), and I can't play with him because his character is using a slot on my account.
  10. I love this game too (although I love Knights of the Old Republic more than this one), but I don't know how to answer the question about how many bosses. If you only play the story (PVE), you can expect maybe 1 or 2 bosses per planet (1 to finish your class story, and 1 to finish the side quest story arc). If you participate in flashpoints, you can encounter bosses on each one of those missions, which are repeatable daily.
  11. I have never had server lag on the Shadowlands server... I agree with mimartin that most lag is caused by your computer and/or internet connection.
  12. Good advice from mimartin. I don't really enjoy the group missions/flashpoints either. I've skipped nearly every heroic through 2 characters now, and only completed a few flashpoints here and there (I had to see the Revan arc conclusion). You can get through most with minimal conversation. The biggest problem I have is that I haven't done the flashpoints 50 times like a lot of players have, so I am not as familiar with where to go, what to expect, how to fight, etc. I end up taking longer. I also like to hear the conversation, so I typically don't "space bar" through it, which irritates some people who have done the mission many times, or don't care to hear the story behind it. Unfortunately I don't know anyone else that plays, or I would do heroics and FPs with them. I did join a guild at the onset of the game, but I ended up leaving it. Maybe I just need to find a better guild.
  13. There is some potential danger in that move, and it's actually not allowed in this age group. My son had performed this throw many times, but had gone more to the side instead of straight back (which is allowed). If he had been older, it would have been counted as a "touch-fall" and ended the match, since the other kid's shoulder blades both hit the mat at the same time. However, given their age, my son was actually just given a warning not to go straight back and not awarded any points. He still ended up winning the match (and the tournament), but he was upset that he had done something wrong (unintentionally). Despite the illegality of the move, it was still the talk of the tournament. Many other wrestlers, dads, and coaches were asking me to show them the video on my camcorder. It's a difficult move to hit as it takes a considerable amount of skill and strength. And yes, he also likes to dance... he started a break-dancing/hip-hop club in 1st grade recess.
  14. Hey guys - my 7 year old son just earned 1st place this weekend for the Texas State Wrestling Championships (Freestyle and Greco). As a proud father, I've decided to share a short clip from one of his Greco matches. He hit a move called a suplay that I wasn't aware he knew how to do. It was the talk of the tournament. Here's a for a short (0:14) clip - it's worth the watch!
  15. Thanks for the help. Here's my main, described in my post above (Ja'Kett Maxilles, Sith Sorcerer). Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  16. Stupid question - how do you take screenshots while in game? I tried to printscreen a while back and ended up pasting a bunch of blackness.
  17. Name: Ja'Kett Maxilles Race: Human Sex: Male Base Class: Sith Inquisitor Advanced Class: Sorcerer Guild: The Black Hand I will probably be adding a Republic character in the very near future, and applying for TWC.
  18. Just got home from work and it was sitting on my porch... installing now! As expected the packaging and extra materials are very well put together... got my Malgus Gentle Giant displayed proudly and trying to decide what to do with the rest.
  19. Thanks for the help again - very much appreciated. It's too bad slicing wasn't left alone... and that the nodes have been having some issues. I think I'm going to bypass crafting as well... maybe I'll change my mind once I become more comfortable with everything.
  20. I'm hoping they go that route but I don't think it's a priority right now. For my main I'll go either DS or LS to avoid staying gray but I'm hoping this is something they address for my future play-throughs. Thanks for the help Mav and Logan.
  21. Just to clarify - I wasn't *trying* to stay neutral... I was choosing based on what I felt I would do/my toon would do, and in the end most of those choices were LS but some were DS. That led to a mostly neutral outcome.
  22. What has been your experience with Crafting? I'm new to MMOs so I've been doing some research on Crafting and how it works with TOR. I have a good understanding for what I should choose for my character (SI Sorcerer) - archaeology, synthweaving, underground trading. The problem is that the idea of crafting just doesn't really intrigue me. I'm debating whether or not to pursue crafting or just choosing crew skills based on other reasons... For example, I was thinking about not choosing a craft at all, and just going with Slicing (for credits), Diplomacy (for LS or DS points), and Treasure Hunting (for Companion Affection/Influence). Would I be doing myself a disservice by going this route? Would I miss out on anything worthwhile? I need one of you experts to help me out.
  23. Has anyone heard whether or not walking the "gray path" will be a worthwhile option? Throughout my play yesterday I remained mostly neutral, with some light side choices and some dark side choices. I prefer playing this way, as it generally reflects what I would really do in any given situation. However, after I read the following I'm worried that I'm limiting myself by not going all light or all dark. Source
  24. Thanks for the help - I posted this same question on our guild website forum - so hopefully I'll get a response soon. Interestingly, when I log onto swtor.com, it still has me listed in the same guild, so I don't know if the system permanently removed me from the guild or just that character. I guess I could create another character when I get home from work to test it out.
  25. Forgive the remedial nature of this post - I'm brand new to MMOs. I was playing mostly solo yesterday in PVE, but I needed to group eventually to finish one of the missions (Heroic). I could not figure out how to leave the group when we were done, so I ended up searching for it on the help menu. I made this mistake of leaving the guild, however, instead of the group. I typed some command similar to "/quit guild". Now when I log on to the server I no longer have the option to join my guild. I created a ticket but I have no idea when to expect an answer there. Anyone have any advice? I don't want to permanently quit my guild - I was only trying to leave the group after the mission was complete. For the record, I now know how to leave a group. Thanks in advance.
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