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  1. This is a good friend of mine - I'll have to ask her if she got it from Round Rock Do-nuts or somewhere else. It's definitely from Texas though - that's where we're from.
  2. I've left Texas a few times but always come back. There's really only one other place I'd consider living (San Francisco).
  3. I think that's a stretch... but I guess I have different motives in the game than some more hardcore MMOers.
  4. Chances are that most speculation is way off-base anyway.
  5. I can understand that - I just think it's overkill.
  6. Nice parody... the video improved exponentially with Slave Leia. I thought she was kind of creepy before that.
  7. I liked this issue, although not as much as Issue #1. Teneb Kel is an intriguing character. I don't like that the companion's name is Maggot, however. I get that he's in servitude, but I don't need the name to prove it to me.
  8. Is it in Roundrock (north of Austin)? If so, that's about 3 hours from me as well. I'm not much into sweets though... I'd much prefer some Magnolia Cafe in Austin.
  9. I live in Texas, and I'm not fat yet, but my goal is to be fat some day.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you, so I'm not making this argument, but to play devil's advocate, one could argue that Malgus doesn't necessarily have a lack of power lust and political ambition; he only is going about it from another route than through the Sith Empire. Who knows what he's doing in the Unknown Regions? Plus I think he did show some political ambition by frequently calling for change. Speculation is fun, but it's a huge stretch to start making a claim like this one. Maybe he dumped Bastila for a younger Mission Vao.
  11. I picked Companion characters. I'd like to know more about how they will live in-universe and how many options we will have with each class. We got a glimpse with the Sith Inquisitor, and it increased my curiosity because I really liked the options shown. It's also of particular interest since I plan on solo-ing most of the game.
  12. I'm with you - we don't know anywhere near enough to draw that comparison IMO. The only similarity that could be used (as a stretch) is that they both decided to spend some time in the Unknown Regions.
  13. Me too - Lehon was very interesting to me, along with the Rakata.
  14. Are you face-palming b/c you agree, or b/c you think it's a stupid comment? Out of curiosity, if you agree, what specifically reminds you of Revan?
  15. Some of these aren't "unannounced" anymore, and I don't think Hoth was named "Hoth" back then, but out of the remaining eligible choices I picked Dagobah. It would be cool to see the source of the dark energy on that planet.
  16. I'm thinking this will be more of an MMO that allows for single-person play, using things like NPC characters, instancing, etc. It's not a separate mode.
  17. Interesting updates this week for sure... I've been interested in the Malgus character since the Deceived trailer came out a long time ago. His unorthodox ways and the motivation for not vying for power within the Empire (instead choosing to explore the Unknown Regions) are enough to hook me into buying the book. It's also kind of cool that he has a girlfriend he takes with him, although I would have chosen this girl instead: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) It looks from the screenshots that Trandoshans will be a playable species. I'm eager to learn more playable races/species. Lastly - these are the Aurebesh translations from the new pages: Darth Malgus: Friend to Mandalore First Contact Yablari, Trandosha, Kalee The "First Contact" one interests me - it could mean a lot of things, but given Malgus's mysterious choices to run around in the Unknown Regions I'm left wanting to learn more. General Garza: Ando Prime Divorced three times The Senate is suspicious Mandalore: Champion needed Jedi merely first Mandalor the Vindicator Trandoshan: Shko-yagu Counting Jagganath points The Hunt is Life Gormak: Gorma-Koss Voss must die Beware the Nightmare Lands Gundark: Sithspawn Dromund Kaas Drooga the Hutt Salky Hound: Beware of dog Justicar contract Rancor personality genes? AR-34 Extortion expert Grip: 700kg/mm A.K.A. "Backbreaker" X2-C3 Imperial Hacker Ultimate co-pilot Three wheel drive
  18. I'm glad ESB won the poll (it would have gotten my vote), but I'm guessing that if that poll had been taken in the US, the Godfather Pt II would have won. Even more surprising was "Meet the Fockers".
  19. This is a really good question. I voted "no", because I'm enjoying getting the weekly updates and I am totally hyped/stoked for the game, but I can understand the other POV as well. I noticed a drop-off in the general level of interest after the release target date announcement as I think most people were expecting a 2010 release date. With the game still a year (or more) away, I think it might deter a lot of fans from remaining avidly interested at this point. That being said, I think the marketing team at BioWare/LA have done an amazing job so far. The hype for this game is almost palpable still, despite the delayed release date, and I think it has as much to do with the marketing techniques as it does the Star Wars franchise tag.
  20. I thought the art in TOP was inconsistent. At times it looked great and at others the people just looked really weird.
  21. I've been all over the Darth Hater website since you showed it to me, Rogue. It's got some really amazing stuff on there.
  22. Awesome video. I can wait for the details mentioned above - the game is still a year away.
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