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  1. I just played through Shenmue and Shenmue II on the Dreamcast for the first time in years. I guess I'm getting a little more lenient towards stuff than I used to be, since I used to hate the English voice acting but I didn't mind it for the most part during my latest playthrough (although I still would never give it any awards ;)).


    The control scheme is dated now (directional pad for walking, trigger for running, analog stick for looking), but it's still enjoyable to play. I'm better at the fighting parts than I used to be. And the storyline is just as engrossing as I remember it (although the English translation is a little clunky, especially in the first game). It's just a shame the second one ends on such a strong cliffhanger and they never made Shenmue III. I hope Sega will provide the financial backing to Yu Suzuki to finish it some day. :)

  2. I should read more Terry Pratchett as I'm myself into laughing as well.

    I just read The Colour of Magic for the first time recently. The scenes with the characters being confused by modern technology and terms was a lot of fun. I really like his narrative style. It's one of the better books I've read in a long time. I don't know what took me so long to read it in the first place. ;) I'll definitely be checking out the rest of the Discworld series. :)

  3. i think this is fake...i really don't know what proves that this is true? maybe a group has made this PETITION, so they get all this money

    I had concerns about it as well at first, but it is true. I emailed Keith Arem, and he replied that the petition is valid and that he does own all the assets of Toonstruck, and that he's looking for fans to show their support so he can use it to convince investors to invest in the project. You can read his whole reply at my blog here.


    Also, the money doesn't go to the petition owner. The organizer of the petition recommends that you do not donate any money at the PetitionSpot petition. He does not know where the donated money goes, and all requests for information about the matter with the founder of PetitionSpot has been so far unanswered.

  4. If you want to try, I made a patch which forces the game to run always in easy mode:

    Thanks for this! :D That was fun, it was actually the first time I've ever played Monkey Island 2 in easy mode. I'm surprised all the stuff for the easy mode was actually available in the special edition. :)

  5. The monkeys were done. Only Guybrush and the map art weren't finished.

    I don't think that was because the intro was half-way done and they shelved it. Not even all of the money art was finished (as far as I know, there was no backflip animation done in the remake style for instance).


    What was done for the monkeys was for the LucasArts logo in the console releases. I doubt there was more to it than that.


    I'm now 100% happy with the remake after this update. My biggest complaints were the timing issues and the bone song. With those fixed (and the classic version intro, and to a lesser extent, the outro being available) I'm quite satisfied. :)

  6. All of the above and that whole Jambalaya Starbuccaneers debacle. And on a personal note: direct control.

    The plot of Ozzie Mandrell changing the pirate atmosphere was my favorite part of Escape from Monkey Island because it fit into the Monkey Island world so well. :) The series has always been deeply entwined with Disney theme parks.


    As I stated in my editorial in the EMI Secret History article (I hope these are coming back some time soon! I miss them! :(), at the turn of the century, Disney management was ruining their parks by allowing real life companies to come in and ruin the theme of the particular attraction (Starbucks and Planet Hollywood were added to Walt Disney World, hence the spoofs), and the attractions were being needlessly updated to themes that were completely different than they originally were (Tomorrowland being a prime example) like the change of the SCUMM Bar to the LUA Bar in the game.


    Since Escape from Monkey Island came out in 2000, it was great satire of what was happening at Disney parks at the time. :)

  7. As I understand it, this time around there HAS been alterations to the main game. Not that it matters, because we all own the original anyway.

    The main game is the same. TheJoe mentioned it was the same size as the original files in the thread in the SCUMM forum, and I just checked in ScummVM, and the I feel pretty line is still there. :)

  8. I wonder, would it be possible to rename the two music files and swap them around - would this enable the SE music in classic mode, or cause epic failure? I can't try it out til later - but the classic version music is balls.

    I just tried that, and it doesn't work unfortunately. :( The classic version just goes silent, except for speech.

  9. I just finished it. A couple of things bugged me, all of which have been mentioned here. The thing that bugged me the most, of course, was the lack of the intro. It really took a lot away from the polished feel of the game. I really don't know why they took that out.


    The other thing that bugged me was the too-fast timing on some puzzles, all of which have been mentioned. Stan popped right out of the coffin without even giving me a chance to hammer it shut, and the Spit-Master came right back after I blew the horn. That made it more frustrating than it should have been.


    Everything else I loved though. The interface was much better this time, although I got so used to the short-cut keys for verbs from the last special edition, I used them here too (I was glad to see they kept the shortcut keys the same too, since I'd already had them memorized). :)


    Oh, and another nit-picky thing I noticed about changed dialog: the dialog when Guybrush inhales helium has been changed. The song Stayin' Alive is gone, and the monkey in my pocket song from CMI is in there instead.

  10. I got the problem I had earlier sorted. I preloaded it so I could play it right away when it was available, and apparently something got screwed up in the process. I uninstalled it and re-downloaded and installed it, and it worked fine.


    I'm up to Booty Island now in the game, and I'm enjoying it so far. I've been listening for the music transitions, and they seem to have done a pretty good job simulating iMuse from what I can tell. :) I actually like Largo's voice. It's not what I imagined it would sound like, but it works for his character.

  11. Me too, and that's why I felt the ending ruined that a whole part because everything is undone.

    That never bothered me, since that was the whole purpose of the Cocytan crystals.


    Read the book, it's got a much more satisfying ending since everything is explained. :)

  12. I just played through the second episode. The puzzles in this one were better than the first. They were all something that I would imagine the doctor actually doing. There was a repeat of a puzzle from the first game, but it was one of the better ones. And it only happened once. There was repetition of the puzzles again though, although they did make it more interesting the second time when they added obstacles to it.


    The voice acting still seems quite uninspired though. It's once again decent, and better than a lot of adventure game voice acting, but not that great. There's one line by Matt Smith where he says a word the same way twice when it's supposed to be said with enthusiasm the first time. The way it's said makes it sounds like the voice-track skipped.


    But, the story and music are really good, just as they were last time. :)

  13. The Dig is one of the most underrated adventure games ever. Even Steven Spielberg worked on this game. There was a lot of content cut from the game due to budget and time constraints. The lost content could be restored to make an awesome special edition.


    Along with HD artwork, remastered audio, and commentary.


    Pictures of the deleted content.


    I'm not sure how most of that would fit into the game, as they came from early versions that were very different than the final.


    It would be great though if they expanded the final cutscene to include the exchange between Boston and the Cocytans that happened in the novel when Boston enters the eye. It explains how Boston was able to get out when the Cocytans never could. :)


    It would also be great if they included the line from the novel that explained why Brink aged so much, or at the very least at least have him keep his gray hair when entering the ship at the end. I was quite confused by his changing hair when I first played the game. I thought that the ship cured his aging, but it was just a slip up due to using his regular sprite in that scene.

  14. I'm not worried about replacement voices. Both Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox have pretty easy to imitate voices, and the way Biff is voiced is certainly easy as well.


    I never saw the cartoon series, but the guy who did Michael J. Fox in Atlantis II: Milo's Return was really good.

  15. Jurassic Park and Back to the Future?!


    It's like some guys at Telltale have a picture of me on their desk, and every few months they ask, "What game shall we make for this guy next?"

    I know. :) I've felt the same way. The only series I didn't get into before Telltale was Bone (although I've since gotten into it thanks to the games. The books get really good after The Cow Race :)).


    The rest of the games, I was a fan of the originals before the games, so I always felt like Telltale was catering directly towards me. :)


    Now they just need to make a Quantum Leap and Sliders game and I'll be all set.:thmbup1:

  16. @Jenni

    I must look on Amazon USA. I HAVE too buy it again in English.

    It was supposed to be released last year in English, but it hasn't come out yet. :(


    I just finished Space Quest V. Just one more to go! This one's my favorite so far, even without any voices (although I missed Gary Owens as the narrator ;)). It was great to finally see Roger as a captain. I loved how they fleshed Roger out as a character even more in this episode, and I loved the animation of Roger when he first tried to hide before the narrator corrected him. :D


    Every character in this game was interesting and memorable. The parodies of the original Star Trek were great here. I didn't watch the original show, but I watched most of the movies and I did see Trouble with Tribbles (mostly to see where the Deep Space Nine episode came from), so I got the jokes that directly referenced that episode. :)


    I love where this story is going after the revelations learned from the time traveling in the last game, and the fact that Roger has now begun on the path towards that future. It's just a shame that there never was any Space Quest past part 6. I would have loved to see what Space Quest was like when they finally reached the part X and part XII that were featured in the last game. :D


    Interestingly, when I played through Space Quest V I realized I completed it when I was a little girl, but I didn't remember that I did until I played through it again. I always used to buy Sierra games since I loved the art, but I only remember playing all the way through Freddy Pharcas. I wonder if there's any more I've played through but forgot that I did? :nut:

  17. I just completed it. I enjoyed it, but there was one thing that kept it from being as good as it could be. They repeated puzzles too many times. Especially the maze puzzle. It was an OK puzzle the first time, but not great. I enjoyed the wire puzzle and the pattern puzzle since they seemed like something the Doctor would actually do. But the maze puzzles seemed a little weird, since I couldn't imagine the Doctor pushing little circuits through electrified mazes.


    If it would have only been done once, I would have let it slide and just chalk my dislike of the puzzle up to fangirl nitpicking. However, they put in three pattern puzzles (but it actually made sense why there would be three of those in the storyline). Then they put in three of the maze puzzles, which were the weakest puzzles.


    The rest of it was great though. The storyline was really good, the voice-acting was good, and the music and sound-effects were good. I was surprised that the stealth gameplay actually fits in an adventure game so well. Maybe the suggestion on the Telltale forums that they make a Firefly game would actually work if they made it like this. :)

  18. No problem. The good news is the game is pretty good so far, so your mood should cheer up even more once you have it downloaded. :D


    The only problem I have so far is that there are a lot of puzzles which require you to drag your mouse in precise movements, and my mouse is pretty horrible (it's a cheap ball mouse that came with our cheap eMachines computer).


    I used this site and set up a manual proxy in Firefox (through tools/options/advanced/network/settings). I went through the list until I found one that worked well and wasn't blocked by the BBC (the first one on the list is). It downloaded really quickly (almost as fast as a direct connection).


    I was afraid that they might have a required internet check in the game itself, but I've been playing it for a while now with no problems yet. :)

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