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  1. At least the 256 color DOS versions of the Monkey Island games are able to be extracted from the special editions. I don't really care one way or the other about the Star Wars Special Editions, but it is a shame that the original theatrical cut isn't available for those who do care . Is not having any opinion about the Star Wars Special Editions an unpopular opinion?
  2. I'm not sure why you think ScummVM isn't interested in supporting high res asset replacement. The Grim Fandango Deluxe forum is even hosted by ScummVM. Edit: Just noticed you were mentioning the PS2 port, which is unsupported. It's not a matter of plugging the PS2 version files into the code to get the game working (which IIRC is what ScummVM does, hence the crash), as it is completely unsupported. There's a bunch of differences specific to the PS2 version which would require a coder who owns the game, has enough free time, and who knows PlayStation 2 disassembly to work on it. That's a tall order. Without that coder, it's not possible to support the PS2 version, and no amount of complaining is going to help. There's a lot of alternate platforms of games that aren't supported. It's not because we don't want to, but because it has code that requires someone with knowledge of the platform and free time to do it. That being said, the Windows version works great. I played through the Windows version on three different systems with three different operating systems (Mac Mini running macOS, MacBook running Windows with Bootcamp, and a Chromebook running Chrome OS) and I was able to play through the whole game without problems. If you have problems, make sure you have all the files listed on our Wiki, including renaming the files to the proper names, etc. Make sure you have the latest stable version of ScummVM. Try running the game with all three of the different display settings (OpenGL, OpenGL with shaders, or software). If all of these didn't help, make sure you have all of the most recent drivers for your video card. If you tried all of that and it still crashes, leave a report on our issue tracker.
  3. Skunkape posted on Twitter that there is a retail Switch version of Save the World remastered at Best Buy with a retail-exclusive cover (and Jason posted it as Mojo news, which is where I found out about it). I had to dust off my Best Buy credit card as the completionist in me needed to get one. '
  4. Seeing as this is Japan, they might have just changed it for cultural reasons. The Japanese have always viewed themselves as a homogeneous country, with very little ethnic diversity. It's not true, but most of the immigrants in Japan are Asian, so the myth has always permeated. Because of that, some of the immigrants from other Asian countries still do pretend to be completely Japanese to avoid bullying. There's a xenophobic atmosphere, especially for African-descended people, where they actually face fear similar to Western nations prior to the mid to end of the 20th century. A lot of Japanese people there actually think that they are lesser, or even dirty because of the color of their skin. In addition, there has always been a view that ivory white skin is a goal to achieve, especially for women. So, even now, you have a huge market for skin bleach and you still can see women cover up on beaches because they don't want to get a tan. This too is improving somewhat, but the Japanese media and culture in general still enforce the toxic notion that only the women with an ivory complexion are desirable. It's getting better this century, as the first Japanese and African-American-descended woman won a beauty contest for the first time in 2015. Although, she still faces discrimination where even though she was born in Japan and speaks Japanese fluently with a Kansai accent, she still has to deal with reporters asking her what she feels about the Japanese, as though she isn't Japanese herself.
  5. Ooh, I like the look of that Sam & Max VR big box! I actually already have Sam & Max This Time It's Virtual digitally for PlayStation 4 but I haven't played it yet because all of my cables for my PSVR headset are scattered around. That big box looks awesome, but with Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space coming out on Limited Run this month too I don't know if I can afford to buy all of this awesomeness. Sam & Max VR is a four-week pre-order though, which will bring it into June before it closes. I might be able to squeeze my bankbook a bit to get both. I'm mad I missed out on the Monkey Island Anthology (which is listed on eBay for $500 or more), so I really don't want to feel the same way about these.
  6. I picked up the first season for PC and Switch, and it was glorious. I'll be picking up the second season too - probably on both platforms, but definitely on the Switch. The thing I liked about the original mini CD was that not only was it shaped like a record, but it had a record groove noise on the music as well. I thought that was a fun touch.
  7. Skunkape does exactly this. It offers the original version as free DLC.
  8. I got the PC Big Box, the Switch Big Box, the Switch 3-game case holder and a regular Switch version of the game to go in the holder. I noticed that the PC Big Box and the Switch Big Box were different as the Switch one had the Nintendo Switch logo on it. I only opened the PC Big Box, so I hadn't seen that it was a slipcase. That's a great compromise. I also have the Thimbleweed Park Big Box from Limited Run and that one doesn't have the Switch logo on it and doesn't have a Switch logo on the top either. I wonder if Nintendo made a fuss about the Thimbleweed Park box causing them to be sticklers with this one. I actually like the 'feelies' in the case file better than the original Telltale ones. They are made with sturdier material yet look the same. I might do a video comparing the two at some point (although I'll have to do a bit of improvisation on two of them as I lost the original Bosco Tech napkin and my sister's puppy ate my original Ted E Bear magnet).
  9. I recently picked up something that I highly doubt anyone else here has, as I'm probably the only person crazy enough to do so. They are Pogo (bootleg Lego) figures of the Telltale versions of Bane, Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Joker (and John Doe), Mr. Freeze, and The Riddler. I ordered them back in November, and they finally arrived this month (since they shipped from China). I wasn't sure what to expect, since I read that Lego bootlegs by Pogo can vary hugely in quality from awful to just as good as the Lego figures. Now that they've arrived, I can happily report that the Telltale figures are firmly in the latter camp. Surprisingly, Pogo Batman's cape is actually of sturdier material than that of the official Lego Batman figure in the Lego Dimensions starter pack. I plopped down $1-$2 a pop on these bootleg figures, but I feel I got my money's worth. I mean, they came in plastic bags and likely won't gain anything in value since they're bootlegs, but the figures are actually really well made.
  10. I created a Monkey Island page in 1997 (the Monkey Island Mega Monkey page) that was on the webring, The first iteration had a blue sky background and swinging Monkey gifs from Monkey Island 2. It was hosted on my computer through the dyn.dns service. I was lucky to live in the Time Warner Road Runner (then called Line Runner) testing area so my parents got high speed cable internet way back in 1995.
  11. I loved the webrings. My favorite was a site called SCUMM, which simply had a Monkey Island parody of the Cheers theme song. I've thought about doing a video parody of that song, but I don't know who I would credit.
  12. Yes, I'm also super grateful that the forums are back again. I've been using the Double Fine discord and the Telltale forums to keep up with people I consider online friends, but I also consider my fellow Mojo updaters and the Mojo readers online friends too. I've noticed that it has a lot to do with age and (for the game forums) genre. The Steam forums have always been hot trash because it's always attracted a young (13ish) demographic. The GOG forums have gotten bad as they've become more popular and attracted younger people themselves. The Mojo forum, even when we were young, didn't attract too many awful people because most of us were adventure fans, which by the late 90s was a niche genre (plus prior to Win95, computer games required computer knowledge to get them to run, which tended to attract more mature young people). The Telltale forums became hot trash after The Walking Dead brought in young teens and tweens into the forums, and they've become a lot more pleasant again now that Telltale no longer has the Walking Dead rights.
  13. I did a video version of the bloopers from the Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures datafiles that could be found using bgbennyboy's Telltale Explorer back when I was just starting to get the hang of video editing 10 years ago: Then I did a mashup of The Wolf Among Us and Night Court (appropriate as Night Court is seen on the prince's TV in that game). This was done 4 years ago. The Night Court intro, for comparison:
  14. People demanding that minority characters being played by minority actors is absolutely not overreacting, though. The entertainment industry is heavily tilted against minorities. You absolutely can't achieve inclusivity and social change without progressive politics. That's the raison d'ĂȘtre for that whole movement. Speaking from experience, as an actor/voice actor myself, I know that there are tons of people of all ethnicities and backgrounds having seen them when I respond to casting calls, even in an area as small as mine. Casting minorities definitely is not limiting the pool, it's actually expanding the pool because these groups of people wouldn't even be considered under normal circumstances. That's actually the crux of the problem that this particular progressive movement is striving to address. The progress that's being made now won't shift back, the same way progressive politics didn't cause the entertainment industry to shift back to minstrel entertainment and blackface back during the 1950s-1970s US civil rights era. Looking back on that era from today, 40-70 years on, almost everyone would say it's extremely good that we don't hire white actors in black makeup to play black characters. The same thing will hold true 40-70 years from now, where people will agree that having white voice actors make voices that "sound" like African American, Asian American, Native American, etc. dialects is not a good thing, especially when there's a huge field of voice actors to choose from that actually belong to those groups. If the "purple character" you are referring to in Sam & Max is Bosco, then I think the important thing that you are missing in this is that he speaks with an African American dialect (not to mention the fact that Momma Bosco is very obviously African American herself). So, yes, if a "purple character" speaks in a dialect or accent of a specific ethnic group, or is said to be of that ethnic group, then that "purple character" should definitely be played by an actor that is actually from that specific ethnic group. As for changing actors for new remasters, that's up to the company (Skunkape chose to do so with the Sam & Max Save the World remaster, but they weren't compelled to by anyone other then themselves). However, if a company leaves things unchanged, they shouldn't be surprised when they're opened up to criticism or even limited sales because of it due to the product being released in today's market (as was the case in my Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded example above). Yes, but with more and more people flexing their wallet towards inclusivity (see the huge success of Black Panther, Black-ish, etc.), the tides are changing. As an example of progressive politics changing people's viewing habits to the benefit of minority actors, people used to love minstrel shows and blackface too (most of the early cinema included these and were runaway successes). But, with the progressive politics of the civil rights era, more and more people (and not just minority audiences) became turned off by these types of films. 40 to 70 years later, almost everyone around the world doesn't want to watch that anymore. Another 40 to 70 years down the line, the majority of people will be turned off by fake "ethnic" dialects by white voice actors too. The progressive push is starting here, and the industry will only go for inclusive casting more and more as time rolls on.
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