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    Well my fav game of all is the kotor series. love football and baseball. oh and i love Halo 1-3 but that aint Lucas now is it??? Im a funny/joking/annoying/flirting kinda guy.
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    Camanche, California
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    Modding,Football,BaseBall,Flirting,Video Games.
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    Nothing right now...i only 16 and im hella lazy for a athlete.
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    KOTOR 1 & 2
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  1. dude, that is one *awesome* avatar...

  2. hehehehehehehehehe ya like Inyri said Juhani is more like that. man that cracks me up....roflmao!!!!! heres a thought......do you think Revan and Bastila might of thought about having a child after the civil war...meaning afta the starforge battle. but i think they might of thought of having a child on lightside but on darkside i think they were like 2 fuzzy bunnies......lol
  3. true but now(if he's dark again) he has a lover....Bastila...and sith or no thats something most ppl cant break.
  4. that was hilarious, let me go get some popcorn.... ========5 minutes of watching it again ova and ova=========== i need a bigger bag this is funny....
  5. OMG! revan is a Male in my book though i cant argue that people think Revan is Female as well...even the other day i heard someone thought Revan was an Alien! hahahahahaha kinda dumb but cool at the same time but who thinks revans a alien unless you count Revan as a "Changer"
  6. Hey everyone....Its Me Darth~Revan....mwuahahahahahahahaha just kidding. Anyways i wanted to talk about Revan. We kno as the Canon says Revan was supposed to go lightside in KOTOR but do to many of our imaginations we can choose where Revan's life goes. well the meaning to this thread is to ask....How do you think revan's life was like to YOUR OPINIONS afterthe battle on the StarForge and prior to revan's disapearance. give me your thoughts on both Lightside Revan and my personal favorite....darkside Revan.
  7. 3m???? whats that like (3 AM)? well since your here now...i'll leave it up to you.
  8. well yes....i dont much like avatar but i love there symbols and i love elements i shall try..... Edit: dang it doesnt work..........still.. i downloaded it but it says "patcher cannot be installed, program terminated."
  9. Darth Hanhar, would you be wanting to do this request for me. ive seen your mods on FileFront and i think you'd be able to do this. so what do you say?
  10. hahahahahaha :jester1: i already have a little bro..i dont think i can handle another sibling.lol
  11. i got a blakberry cell its hecka nice. thats so kool....but that stinks u didnt get it. and to answer EW's question i got an...... HP 17" Pavilion dv9812us Laptop PC w/ AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TL-60 thats what it says on the box yea i kno and i feel bad but i just wanted to let ya people kno....im sry Sabre i didnt mean to....plz forgive me
  12. oh i had it work before but now its messin up now.
  13. the truth is i just love halo xbox live...just to play with my friends and talk to them...the ones in differ countries.
  14. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol.my bad. ummm well i got a new cell phone, really nice. an Xbox 360, halo 3....finally. and my own gaming laptop
  15. what? the kotor tool? or the microsoft thingy?
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