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  1. Mixed grief over invalidated EU characters, and conservative excitement for new movies
  2. That's exactly why, and pretty much the only reason (though its a big one). The story, in comparison to K1, is incredibly more complex and intellectually stimulating (K1 is amazing as well, but in a very different way). When I was a kid, I played K2 after K1 and was disgusted. "How ridiculous and broken", I thought. All I saw was the incompleteness of the game; I lacked the intellectual capacity to appreciate the story. I played the game again when I was ~19 and the writing blew my mind. If K2 wasn't rushed by LucasArts; if Obsidian got their time to work on it, and finish it all properly, K2 would have been something truly spectacular. I still mourn for the series. I tried TOR but it wasn't a worthy successor. I really hope that whatever Bioware is making right now for SW will be a spiritual successor to the KotOR's.
  3. Far out. Bad timing? World's on the verge of an SW game bonanza; could have revitalized interest in the oldies. It appears Disney/LucasArts thinks so - why else would they have commissioned Aspyr to update K2? More importantly, how am I going to efficiently find mods for my ~tri-decadely playthroughs of the KotOR's? We should all back up the entire kotorfiles catalogue to our PC's and seed them via torrents forever. ;_;
  4. IMO, to answer the title question: I don't think he was a master swordsman in his early days. I *do* think he was a master swordsman by RotS. You're essentially commenting on the validity of Soresu as a style. But I think that's irrelevant, Regardless of Soresu's effectiveness, Obi-Wan's skill and knowledge of it is what's important. I consider the issue this way: Soresu is a style of swordplay. Obi-Wan was a master of it. Obi-Wan a master of a form of swordplay; in essence, a master swordsman.
  5. Did we? I can't.. remember In fact, i can't really remember ever hanging around Kavars. I generally stayed away from that place. I wonder what it was about
  6. Your name rings an echo of the ring of a bell.. =_= When did you leave?
  7. This is like, an archaeological excavation -- look at all those fossilized accounts..





  9. A "Story Group" has been created by Disney to steer all Star Wars lore from here on out - and their initial mandate is to streamline the existing, sprawling canon. Which basically means that the expanded universe is under review. It stands to reason, with the in-universe chronology of the latest trilogy, that everything post-RotJ is going to get seriously shaken up. Logically, I understand the reason to do this - for Star Wars to continue; to not stagnate, and to stay alive in order capture the imaginations of new generations, it has to be rebooted with tighter continuity control (and it can be conceded, that much of the EU could technically be considered of substandard quality..). However, despite the sense this makes, I can't help but feel like my childhood is at a firing squad. ._.
  10. I'm getting a security certificate error on that site...
  11. So this is like, The Battle of Endor but.. 'official'. Seriously, the voice acting had me 100% convinced this was a fan game or movie..
  12. I like the sound of of Escape Pod. I suppose "Pod Race[r]" would have been surely been used by now..? Alternatively, you could just call it "IT'S WORKING. IT'S WOOORRRKINNG"
  13. RPG. I prefer games with strong narratives/focus on narrative, and this is usually done in RPG's more than any other genre. But suddenly, a wild Telltale appeared! Tellltale's evolution of adventure games are like cocaine to the veins, but I must say that also have quite a fondness for RPG mechanics, and the strategic management thereof.
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