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    31 years old, happily married, have a beautiful 3 year old boy.
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    Star Wars, RPGs
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    Active Duty Air Force
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    The Old Republic....what else?
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    Day of the Tentacle, Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords. :D
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  1. WOOOOO!!!!

    Congratulations man!!!!

    Decided on a name yet?

    Vader? or ... Sparta? (for introductory reasons :xp: )


    A mate of mine named is kid Leonidas, lol. Pure legend, haha. Feel sorry for the kid, though, lol.


    Congrats once again, JAvatar80! And ..... GOOD LUCK! (Seriously .. I was once living with a couple who recently had a baby and ... after the crying through the night, every time it "went" .... I couldn't go in the house for at least an hour! hahaha. That little bugger could clear the street if it put enough effort into it! ... But I got a mini guitar for him and yeahp ... There's a new rockstar in town. Such a great little guy haha)

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