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  1. Or maybe TFU 4? I hope Kota will be as your Player Character in TFU 2, or maybe even TFU 3.
  2. IMO, I don't think modding TFU would improve the game - it would ruin it. Once again, it's my opinion. The thing is, I do like it when games are modded, but TFU is an exception, really.
  3. Indeed. Once you get the hang of it, you'll have it down in no-time. It took me like 45min-1hour to get it down the first time. After I've 'learned' it, it took me like 10-20 seconds to get down the whole squad of TIE fighters, and I get the SD down in 1-2 tries maximum, most of the times.
  4. Yep. You can, but I suggest doing it at Sith Master difficulty, as you get all of em unlocked once you finish the game.
  5. Force Combo: I'd say... Impale, as it's a Combo on the 360. Force Power: Meh... does Choke count, while playing as Vader? Second choice would be Force Push. Crystal: Red as Dark Side, and Blue as Light Side, along with the Ruusan power crystal, at all times - I don't really see any benefit from the other ones, such as Vexxtal.
  6. i think I'll just get it, even if it'll be expensive, as I'd like to have a... "complete" TFU.
  7. Actually, I approve of the idea of it not being avilable for the PC. It would just be modded like every other game - that is, if the PC was able to run the Engine.
  8. Male Revan and Bastila 'ere as well. Playing as light side most of the times. I dislike it when Bastila mocks about the 'blabla dark side is bad' crap.
  9. Indeed - a lot of things should've been improved. Lightsabre combat, force powers, and the length of the game itself. Also, they really shouldn't have 'made' this unbalanced gameplay between these consoles, i.e force powers, duel mode, certain costumes, etc.
  10. Aiight - I'll be sure to do that. ;)

  11. Hey, JMB S.R :)

    I realize that your first attempt at one of "those" for me was phailed, but, I haven't given up on you!

    Return to us, so that we can discuss stuff, like that, and moar. :)

  12. Always doing it with Jolee. Jolee is just FTW.
  13. The reason why I play KoTOR is because of the modding part. Played and completed it too many times. The reason why I play TSL is because I like the various things you can do here compared to KoTOR. Guess we all have our reasons...
  14. Although I'm highly affected by the Darkside, meaning that I always choose Dark Side; I'd have to say that I chose LightSide Revan 'ere. Reason? Well, as most people, as well as for the canon story, says that Revan is Lightside, I'd go for LightSide if it's KoTOR. As I have said before; though I choose Dark side 99% of the time, I still choose Revan as lightside, strangely enough.
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