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  1. The only thing I could think to improve this, would be to change the mat so that it doesn't just cut off as it does. But instead has a curved edge on both sides.
  2. Where did you purchase your copy of K2?
  3. I just clicked on the new posts button, and saw your post. pleasantly surprised to see a newbie on these forums. Oh, and to answer your question, the ceiling. If your looking for a bit more interaction, we have a one year thread going over in the swgamer forums. You should drop on by and say hi.
  4. so you were following before it was cool? Edit: srry, you just kinda sounded like a hipster. But I am excited for this project. I also shot them an email asking if they needed a network tech's help in any way. Haven't heard anything yet, but we'll see if that stays true
  5. Nice, you going to write your own GUI? Or try to create your own OS? Depending how detailed you want to go, I would suggest getting an Adrino, or a Rasberry PI. Either of those is just a basic circuit board, you have to add buttons/ports/screen(s) to them, and create a custom case for them as well.
  6. We still might know the quote though, we'd just need more information about what quote your looking for
  7. Cantina seems like a good spot. Given this threads lack of clarity on any given subject.
  8. You know, I can't remeber any music that stood out to me in that movie. I saw it twice, a week apart. And no music comes to mind when I think of any scenes. Quite honestly, I'm not sure I noticed any music during the movie. A while back, on another forum we were sharing around the KotOR soundtrack. Much to the shigrin on the forum moderator/server owner (she band a few folks for that). And, in one of the few threads we managed to post a couple of messages in, one of the users pointed out, that any soundtrack in which you don't notice its there, is a good one. Because it fits the scene so well, it doesn't stand out.
  9. First, congrats on your upcoming child. I hope you raise him/her to be a proper warsie. Second, do you remember anything about the quote? What novel/game its from, roughly what it was about, anything else.
  10. Could a mod move this thread to the K2 forum?
  11. If/when the server comes back up, are you going to start re-directing lucas forums to starwarsgamer.net? Should just be a matter of editing your DNS entries to send them to the website instead. Also, are you going to take lucas forums down, and put them on starwarsgamer forums?
  12. That URL isn't opening for me. You sure thats the correct url?
  13. Keyan, maybe you should head to Alaska for a ski-ing trip? I never checked before, do they have ski lodges in Alaska? Edit: as it turns out, they do! http://www.alyeskaresort.com/mountain/about.aspx
  14. is a 5th alot of bacardi? Belive it or not edlib, I'm jealous. I haven't seem a single flake of snow yet. Got some hale the other day, but it was tiny little pellets, and was gone by morning.
  15. did everyone manage to see it this weekend? Saw it the second time and noticed a few things seeing it the first time in 3d made me miss. Seriously, don't see it in 3d the first time you go. Edit: oh, and did anyone get anything interesting for christmas? I got me a smart watch, and a RasberryPi B+. Not sure what I'm going to do with the RasberryPi, but I have it!
  16. Hdiy ho all, after seeing the new star wars movie twice, I felt the urge to play a kotor game. And I loved K1, so much that I beat it once as a gaurdian, and once as a concelor. I did try a play through as a sentinel, but I never could seem to win the harder battles. Mainly because it never felt like I was concentrating enough in any area. So my question is, how to I build a sentinel for this game? What should I work on learning, what tactics should I use ect?
  17. I'm going to go with violence, people dying, people being evil, ect.
  18. I got a dessert wine from a local Winery. LI is famous for its wineries out east. I don't drink much...like ever. But this dessert wine doesn't taste bad. Not greate mind you, half a mouthful and I'm done with it for the night. But I've tried other wines, and this one isn't bad overall.
  19. Huh, you'd think something made from something else with malt in it would taste better. Or I would at least. Normally malt makes everything taste better. Edit: I only wish all of this weather was snow instead of rain.
  20. Is that good tasting or bad tasting? I don't drink, so I wouldn't know.
  21. Thats a fair point, and the ending didn't quite sit well with me either. But the ride to that ending was so awesome that I accepted it for what it was without much ill will. I'd love to talk more about the movie in general, but I also don't want to spoil anything for those that haven't seen it. That's another reason why I want to see it a second time next week. Digest the movie for a week, then come back to it and see what I missed.
  22. I think the incomplete ending was by design. So that you'd want to see the next one in a year and a half.
  23. I saw it in 3d. Gave me a headache every time something tried to jump out of the screen at me. But it was an amazing movie. Going to try and wrangle my freinds together, and see it with them next weekend. We'll see who's available and who's not. What is star wars uprising? Another mmo? Edit: zoom, go see it in theaters. Trust me, you want to see it on the big screen.
  24. Forgot to ask, did anyone see the latest ERB video? Boba Fett vs Deadpool If so, who do you think won and why? Edit: Kudos farlander 2nd Edit: its a slow day at work. So I found this on Cnet: http://www.cnet.com/news/epic-rap-battles-deadpool-vs-boba-fett/
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