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    Patch Problems

    i have the bft2 ps2 version i was playing yesterday all was fine now i play today and its saying i need to dl a patch to continue so i try to dl to my memory card and after 74 seconds it says error in prosessing patch can someone help me figure this out is the problem on my end or on the gamespy server ?
  2. wait a sec now i see two of them what am i doing wrong here ?
  3. its too bad clones and stormtroopers cant be voted for *hehehe*
  4. what console do you play battlefront on and can you help me get on a team?

  5. I just registered and petitioned someone get back with me please thanks a bunch
  6. for anyone that likes space battles check out space aces on the bft2 online lots o space battles for those on the ps2 console not sure if X box will pick up the same thing or not
  7. not really too much into the politics that leaders use or dont use i just wanna rumble shoot people blow stuff up hehe if i see something corrupt its simple leave the fold and move on
  8. Well frack thought endor would be the last mission if going by the movies oh well thanks for the heads up there
  9. back when i first got bf2 i c9ould have sworn when i played rise of the Empire Endor was the final stage but now i play it i see its hoth is that right ? am i missing something ?
  10. Looking to join a team can anyone help me out
  11. Im good at space battle as well names Zuberi Tor on stbf2 online if anyone can help with finding a team please let me know i wanna join one
  12. can you help me with finding a online team to join?

  13. im looking to join a btf 2 team anyone help me to find one ?
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