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  1. I'm trying to find a mod which will add Darth Revan's maskless robe as an equipable item. The one at the end of the 'Revalations' cutscene. Ever other mode that does add this item overrides another model. Be it the Star forge robes ect. I would just like to request someone make it a new item. Thank you
  2. There was a reskin for the Dark Jedi in Kotor The ones with hoods that would be fought on Tatooine near the pod-racing and someplace near the village on Kashyyyk. Anyway this reskin make the robes black but also added CM_Baremetal to the robe which looked like the infinite empire logo, that star forge looking symbol the sith put on everything in Kotor even abopve the door of their base on Taris. Any help would be greatly appreciated and Thank you.
  3. Thanks. I love some of the reskined planets, Taris, sith base ect. Some not so much like Kashyyyk but it's a matter of personal taste but I just could not stand those large chairs. When I saw a rodian sitting it one at first I though my game had glitched lol 8)


    Still I think overall its a great mod which adds some replayablilty to the game.

  4. What file controls the texture for the chairs on Taris. The large grey chairs with the white light?


    LTS_Rwall01 and the file that makes it glow has the same name

  5. Yeah http://jediknight3.filefront.com/ I'm sure people still play JA but I try not too. With my internet speed things can look.......funny to say the least.
  6. Hi I looking for a mod that restores the encounter with dead-eye on Manaan but every link I see goes to sites which no longer are in operation. I was hoping that someone has the mod or a working link. Thank you.
  7. Thank you but someone told me what it was called. 'Mercenary Battle V2' Still thank you for the reply 8)
  8. There is a map which I have been trying to locate but so far have been unable to. The map is qustion has what looks like the it has the KOTOR star map in it and I also believe the map in question is on the jediknight3 website picture/header at the top of the page.
  9. I was wondering if someone could reskin PFHC07 to change the hair colour to brunette, something like Jill Valentine's hair. Plus changes to the eye colour to make it blue, something not to dark or to bright but still visibly blue. The reason I request this is due to the canon Exile having brown hair and blue eyes. Furthermore I saw an image of Meetra which is from SWTOR and it looked to me that PFHC07 was the closest head Kotor2 has. I refer to this image: http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/e/ea/MeetraSurikSpirit-TOR.jpg Thank you
  10. Could I get a copy of this Maul mod too please 8)
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