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  1. Thanks!


    The final version is just slightly a bit different - as I used the top down version of the Ebon Hawk.

  2. Hey you can release the control panel man no prob...i have nothing against you or deadlystream im cool

  3. Remember that texture that I animated for you but you never released? If not, here's a quick reminder...




    If you're not going to release it, I sure would like to. As it's only one texture (and a TXI file), it shouldn't be too much of a hardship to you. Of course, you would be credited. If you prefer it not being on the DS site, I could also put it as a Dropbox link instead.

  4. Yes i know many will disagree or refuse it comes down to a choice...i have my personal reasons why i decided to do this one being its become very time consuming. But this is no different than people asking for donations really...and i still offer free stuff so it works out for both sides

  5. Xarwarz I don't think many would agree or even tolerate your choice to go Premium but I have always used your texture packs and thought they were of the best quality out there. I will help you and get a Lifetime Membership. Good luck!

  6. Thanks. I love some of the reskined planets, Taris, sith base ect. Some not so much like Kashyyyk but it's a matter of personal taste but I just could not stand those large chairs. When I saw a rodian sitting it one at first I though my game had glitched lol 8)


    Still I think overall its a great mod which adds some replayablilty to the game.

  7. What file controls the texture for the chairs on Taris. The large grey chairs with the white light?


    LTS_Rwall01 and the file that makes it glow has the same name

  8. Yea right now i use mod db

  9. You're going to have to find another place to host your files now that Megaupload is down.

  10. Happy Turkey Day!

  11. You might want to visit this thread at Deadly Stream as it will allow you to promote your Skin Packs:


  12. well right now im trying to get ideas brewing ive been looking at star wars wikia for ideas

    I am correct to understand your not changing the models of the files correct

  13. Done anything with our project?

  14. Well first i cannot take credit for the skyboxes as they were created by hazel and necromancer. But the main challenge with the skyboxes is the skyline and sun position. Relevance is important to most as i couldn't put a mountain skybox on dantooine.

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