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  1. I've been going in cycles for the past year or two..do some work, take some time off, do some work, take some time off....About 3-6 months ago, I swore off modding. I thought I was done, just couldn't do it anymore. Slowed down my visits to LucasForums, Deadly Stream, etc. Tried to distance myself from it.


    Then out of the blue just started tinkering again--helped someone else with a modding problem, got a random question about one of my mods, and 'BAM'--I was at it full throttle again. Then I said to myself "You've done so much work already on these things it would be pretty F'ing stupid if you didn't finish them."


    So I've set a goal of getting these mods done and released...then.....we will see.

  2. Oh, and one little thing....when you need help and decide to make a thread...make sure the title of your thread is problem specific, like "Need help with skinning -TSL" or something like that.


    I for one may not look at them when I periodically check the threads. Sorry. I'm just too darn old and too darn tired........


    And as always, check the threads first. I can pretty much guarantee that any question you have has been probably asked before.


    Good Luck. I think you can be a valuable asset to this community.

  3. Not one of my favorites, but sad to see him go. Gave outstanding performance as "Fatso" inn From Here to Eternity...Bad Day at Blackrock, Dirty Dozen, Wild Bunch, the list is endless...For you sci-fi only guys, he was the cabbie in Escape From New York and was also in The Black Hole

  4. Saw this on Yahoo. Poor little guy.


    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The 7-year-old actor known as the boy behind the Darth Vader mask in a popular car commercial underwent open-heart surgery Thursday, hospital officials said.


    The surgery to replace Max Page's pulmonary valve lasted two hours and took place without incident, according to the surgeon, Dr. Vaughn Starnes. The operation was done at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where the boy was recovering in the cardiac intensive care unit.


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


    Hope you feel better! The Force is strong in this one.

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