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  1. This absolutely is a problem with SecuROM. That message shown isn't actually text, but rather a code segment embedded in the executable by the copy protection system. I don't know why SecuROM is trying to print it. My first guess at an explanation would be it's a bug, followed by debugging mechanism (for the developers), or heap corruption.
  2. PS C:\Users\N**> cd 'C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR' PS C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR> $info = get-childitem -recurse "streamwaves" | where { $_.GetType() -eq [system.IO.FileInfo] } | measure-object length -sum PS C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR> write "Files in .\streamwaves: $($info.count)" "Total data size: $($info.sum/1MB) Megabytes" Files in .\streamwaves: 13799 Total data size: 522.743009567261 Megabytes Sorry dude, I think you're out of luck on this one.
  3. http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php#kotortlk
  4. I have all patches downloaded. It's always in full screen mode - I've never played it windowed. I bolded the important part of my reply. If it did work in windowed mode that would attest to a display driver complication. No portable way exists to control the screen brightness level. K1 uses the Win32 API function ::SetDeviceGammaRamp() which is implemented by the display driver and isn't reliable across hardware. K1 tries to change the screen gamma settings at startup before it switches to full screen mode. Now, if the adjustment works while in fullscreen and windowed mode (i.e., while playing the game), but fails at startup, that leaves several causes: (A) the gamma ramp is too low/high and aborted; (B) gamma correction is not being remembered between [full screen] mode switches. The answer to A is to try a more moderate brightness level. The answer to B is that there is none*, it could be a display driver or hardware fault, and the best that can be done is to try updating the graphics drivers. * An ATI user can create a new game profile or set up global hotkeys that adjust system brightness.
  5. Yes, that obviously wasn't the problem if the slider position is being saved. Did you install the updates? I think 1.01 or 1.02 changed the brightness feature. Otherwise the display driver might be resetting the monitor brightness when it enters full screen mode.
  6. You downloaded it? From where? Maybe you can post a screenshot of that error, because it looks intriguing.
  7. Thank you. I thought I was going crazy. :-) I think it completely ignores any parameter passed to it.
  8. Does the addlevel cheat add the total next level XP amount for anyone else (i.e., taking you from level 10 to 15)? I just wasted hours believing it was somehow caused by me.
  9. Yes, I can perfectly imagine how this came about. A person at BioWare who calls himself a game designer was play-testing an early build of the game. He was pleased with the unstoppable might of his Dark Jedi. He razed cities and worlds alike without repercussion. In only one week, he had killed enough people that the Galactic Senate passed an emergency measure to investigate the mysterious and sudden failure of the economy. "So this is what it was like being Hannibal," he thought. After coming to work at twelve o'clock the following day, he began to start the game up once more. Grandiose visions of conquests waged flashed through his mind: cities up in smoke, citizens fleeing in a panic away from the dark blight at the center of the destruction; capital warships sent falling from the sky with the awe-inspiring power of his mind; hopelessly surrounded by the enemy, only to unleash the very fury of nature against them, the thrumming air feeding back into his body in a climacteric circuit of energy. The visions were familiar to him: he had seen them every night as he slept. But he had a dilemma. As the game finished loading, the first thing he noticed was his character's appearance. He was disappointed. "This isn't what I look like in my dreams," he thought. He was determined to do something about that. His character wasn't even distinguishable among a crowd of civilians! So he set up a meeting with the project manager. And the events that took place resulted in a decision that would eventually be remembered as a source of much argument and criticism. "How has the testing gone so far?" asked the project manager. "Splendid. I just have one complaint," said the game designer. "What's that?" "Well... don't you think the player should feel more... more awesome?" "More awesome?" "Well, he looks so normal. I mean, he's fought many wars and killed thousands. Shouldn't he look somehow remarkable?" "Hmm." The project manager paused for thought. "What do you propose we do?" "I think we should give him some identifying mark. Like battle scars that accumulate as he gains levels or something." "Battle scars? Aren't Jedi supposed to be invincible? They wouldn't be a Jedi if they ever got hit." "Good point. Maybe he can grow taller?" "Impossible," said the project manager. "OK. What about... what about a darkness, or something. The player becomes shrouded in it as he becomes more evil." "That's a good idea, but it leaves out the good players. No one wants to run around as a brightly-glowing faerie." "Bah!" The game designer whines petulantly to himself for a few moments. Suddenly his face perks up, and he throws his arms out wide in a ridiculous pose. "I know! We can have his face turn dark. The good players can become more saturated. Like the way someone looks after a sunburn... more healthy!" exclaimed the game designer. "That won't work for the black faces. Al Sharpton might complain that our game is racist," said the project manager. "Al Sh--really? Um, OK. What about gray instead of black?" offered the game designer. "Perfect." They both pause for a minute to consider the implications. "Say, won't this contradict existing Star Wars material?" asked the project manager. "Ha!" the game designer snorts in genuine mirth. "Why would any player care about that? Besides, they already have yellow eyes. What's the difference?" "Very well. I'll inform the artists immediately." The project manager left the room, leaving the game designer smiling contentedly in the office. He could already envision the future triumphs of his Jedi's malevolent career. This time, his victims were filled with terror before he killed them. I'll stop now and save everyone the pain of reading fan-fiction quality writing. On a more serious note, I would suggest that everyone here read the following article: Lawful Stupid/Stupid Evil. I'm always reminded of it whenever I play BioWare's games.
  10. http://web.archive.org/web/20071214011206/http://support.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-008649.htm
  11. Someone on the BioWare forums mentioned that Newegg is still selling retail KotOR (PC, Mac). Who knows how many they have left.
  12. I would have posted the level 40 progression mod already, but I'm having problems near the end with the .2da's.... KotOR Tool doesn't seem to like the number of total new columns, and crashes. I made a text-format .2da with TlkEdit, and used stoffe's text<->binary 2da converter, but then it looks like it loses formatting in KotOR tool. It may actually work with KotOR, but it would be a pain to test out. Anyone have any ideas? EDIT: I changed it by hand, and now KotOR Tool seems to like it. It's also 5kB smaller, so something very screwy was happening with TlkEdit. Edit2: I guess I was a little too enthusiastic. It turns out that KotOR does not allocate memory for experience amounts past level 21 -- the values it pulls from exptable.2da. I actually guessed this might happen while I was looking at the exe, but since it let me level to 21 with no problems before, I didn't think much of it. I didn't figure it out until I completed the level 40 progression tables. I still have some ideas for getting around it, but they involve much trickery. Sorry folks. (Here are the new 2da progression tables if anyone's interested. xptable.2da in particular was a massive PITA with 400 new entries -- I had to auto-generate it all.) EDIT: I did finally after hours and hours of tracing find where the maximum level amount variable is set. It's without question hard-coded into the exe.
  13. Three-- three hundred!? I'd need to type up an XML generator to make the progression tables for that, otherwise it'd take years! :-) I think an xbox mod wouldn't be such a good idea, unless you are ready to void the warranty on it.
  14. I think people are just afraid that the lawsuit-happy LucasArts will suddenly "rear its head" and level a takedown notice for any shared .exe, whether it's a patcher or not. The ones who are saying it's illegal to modify for private use only I think are confusing the others' worries. If they did issue such a statement, I'm interested in what they think about programs that modify the game's memory.
  15. Nice job on removing the level cap - I hated hitting a glass ceiling before the game was over. If you uploaded your fix to RapidShare or some other file hosting site I would certainly appreciate it.

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