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  1. Heres my request: 1 Character -top half of this character 2 Quote - Lights out 3 Background - somewhere in here 4 Symbol - 5 Your name - Bakura
  2. what program do you use for the sigs?they're awsome!
  3. hey sorry if this is irratating, but I requested a commando a while ago and it's not made yet.I was just curious.
  4. I LOVE the sig!Thanks dude! now if only my custom commando would be finished... I'd like to request a new one: 1 Character - Anakin skywalker(Preferably when he is turned on the dark side) 2 Quote - You will try...my old friend. 3 Background - Mustafar 4 Symbol - 5 Your name - cc Bakura Merged double posts. Please use the 'edit' button in future - Astor.
  5. Make a clone!Tell us his armor,his personality,or anything else about this clone that you make!
  6. Hey, Im bakura...I like star wars,like blowing things up,and enjoy cheese and other dairy products:cowdance
  7. 1 Character - Sev 2 Quote - *hmph*...what a waste. 3 Background - Dead trandos if possible 4 Symbol - none 5 Your name - cc Bakura
  8. 1)Bakura 2)I would like Red armour with gold shoulder,elbow,and knee pads.gold boots,and a gold viser.also a gold bounty hunter symbol on right breast plate.everything else red. 3)some kind of Ion weapon 4)none
  9. My vista crashes too,but just set bumbmapping in the options to low and it should work
  10. ive been soooo busy

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