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  1. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570. There ya go.
  2. Sure does. Water ripples, blaster marks, (the good quality ones) lighsabre slice marks and I think shadows. If you need pictures for proof then just ask.
  3. Hold on lads, the correct graphics seem to work on my system, and mine is a laptop with Windows 7...? Maybe it depends on the graphics card?
  4. Here you are lads and ladies. This is after a normal no cheating playthrough. I didn't try to speedrun or attempt to find less violent ways around objectives except on Tatooine... Yeah I got crappier as the levels went on.
  5. It'll always be SWGB for me. I adored the easy to use map maker!
  6. As the Episode I: The Phantom Menace game forum is quite a small community (and a very knowledgable one at that) I see no reason not to ask about a supposed planned feature I read about quite a while ago. Was it true that there was to be a map creator of some sort to be shipped with the game (along with all the other stuff)? I remember reading about it on a post Zanzibar made quite a while ago. I'm assuming it was never included due to time constraints. Just wondering. Supposedly that was the reason the maps were so chunky and block-like.
  7. Thanks Bulsey, it seems to work now, although I have only tested the main menu and not the actual game. Thanks anyways! EDIT: I tried the game out. Apart from some slightly low quality text on the pause menu small print the game runs flawlessly, with some graphical changes compared to the previous pc, such as draw distance fading instead of cutting off angularly, footprints and ripples in water. HAWT.
  8. Hey Bulsey, sorry THIS reply took so long as well. I'm gonna give this way a go tonight and edit this post to say how well it went, so thanks again!
  9. Good to see some activity here again. I'll start a fresh playthrough some time next week, see how well I can do!
  10. Yet again the bane of games had struck...time constraints. Well, at least we can alway dream of what could have been.
  11. I have to say I don't know why that puzzle got so much jip from the critics, and you're entirely right. It's not fair to judge the whole game due to a single jump sequence being a bitch to complete if you havent had a lot of practice.
  12. It was always a bit of a trick to get into that room. Sometimes the door was open, and sometimes it was not. Sometimes it was open, I would run right up to it and it would close in my face!
  13. I never did actually. I was thinking perhaps an emulator might work, but I never got round to actually trying it. I suppose I should have posted this but, as it turns out, I did manage to get the game functioning properly again. It all started when I decided to play the game through and see if I could get through it without pausing, because I knew what would happen if I did. I managed to get the the "Escape from Theed" level, fought my way to the section with the tank, moved under the bridge, and the game froze. SO then I had to shut down the game using task manager. It was then I thought to myself I should make a new copy and see if that works. While copying from one disc to another the original failed to copy several music files but everything else worked fine. I tried out this new disc and amazingly the main screen worked, as well as the pause screen, words, etc. It turns out that, while the reason the game screens flickered was due to a heavily scratched disc, the ingame crashes were due to corrupted sound files. Now various sections of the game are suddenly eerily quiet...
  14. I suppose the only reason Swamps of Naboo is a memorable level to me is because back in 1999 I walked in on my Dad playing it. It was also my first encounter with Star Wars to tell the truth. Anyways, i'll try to get a few more screens from Mos Espa some time in the near future.
  15. I have to agree, the Mos Espa Arena was pretty cool. And also, without trying to sound like a psycho when I say this, is was easier to kill everyone ln this map so long as the way was clear to the main track. Did anyone else notice that the guards in this map had a tendency to get back up and be invincible if damage was dealt to them while they were performing their dying animation? I would panic so much when I killed one in the 7-Gee lounge and it got back up again! That's why I would use my lightsabre and swing once, move back and repeat that pattern. That sorted them right out. That was a bit of a ramble wasn't it?
  16. Thanks! Here is just a few more while I find other interesting pictures. Maybe I'll take some pictures of Mos Espa next...
  17. Ok, here are some larger pictures I have taken of locations in Escape from Theed.
  18. Here are some pics of Escape from Theed. PS Sorry for the HUGE Fraps Icons in the corner: I couldn't be bothered editing them out. Maybe more later - without that annoying yellow number in the corner.
  19. Right, I'll give it a check and post if i find anything specific.
  20. Sorry, i forgot to provide an image. This is the exact wording of the message: "the exception unknown software exception(0xe0000100)occurred in the application at location 0x76fcb09e". This could be because i'm using a vista disc that has been used before. Should I just get another disc?
  21. I suppose youre right about the queen being a b*tch to get around with. =P
  22. I'm getting this error when I use the CD for windows vista. Any idea what's wrong? Also, I'm using vista 'cause it's the easiest one for me to get ahold of and TPM works on it...
  23. I voted for Escape from Theed as my favorite level only because it is the one I am most familiar with. I can't argue with anyone who thinks that Mos Espa is a good level, as, quite simply, it is. It comes a close second in my opinion, but only because if you killed enough people in the town then infinite thermal detonators will begin to spawn at certain locations. Not all at once, mind you. Everyone could be dead, but those blasted thermal detonators...(get it? Blasted....thermal detonators?.....yeah.)
  24. Ok, thanks for the help, but I was wondering if I could have a link? Thanks. And yeah, it's the 64 version.
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