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  1. Wow! I didn't actually think this thread would lead anywhere, as this forum is pretty much dead. Thankfully you proved me wrong DarthParametric! Those models look great, can't wait until you release them.
  2. Not that hard for someone who knows how to do it, i.e. the Incas. To make smooth surfaces, you pound out the rock with another, smaller rock, and then use yet another rock with sand to grind it down and make a smooth surface. Humans had been doing that for hundreds of years prior, even in ancient Egypt. To carve out these "impossibly precise" blocks, all you need are some copper tools... the molds of which were found on site. Carving out these stones did not require any sort of higher intelligence or extraterrestrials, just some stones, sand, copper tools, and a little bit of elbow grease.
  3. "Impossibly precise"? Not at all. Those stones could have, and were, easily made out of pounding stones, sand, and copper tools, all of which were found to be used in their construction. I don't know why people think this is "impossibly precise" stonework, just because some crazy Swiss guy said it was? Maybe people should start doing some real research instead of listening to "the evidence scientists DON'T want you to see".
  4. 770 is a $300 card. I think it will be sufficient
  5. For anyone who didn't watch E3, here is the video: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Well, that didn't really reveal a lot. Not that I expected them to, they just revealed this game last year. What are your thoughts on DICE's comments? Personally, I think this game will be great. I know everyone hates EA, but when they make a good game, damn is it good. I'm a huge fan of the Battlefield series, so I have confidence that Battlefront will be absolutely amazing. Even with the issues BF4 had.
  6. You can actually get a much better build with an AMD 8-core as well as an HD 7950 all for just over $600. The AMD processor is fine for gaming (even giving benefits over Intel in games like BF4) and the 7950 will only struggle with Crysis at 1080p. This setup will absolutely obliterate any of the next-gen consoles. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3Aydk
  7. We'll see. Since the games haven't even been released, we don't even know what they will be like yet.
  8. Trust me, once you put on a good, adequately amped set of DT990's on, you'll change your mind. Also, did the include any truly hi-fi headphones, like the Denon AH-D5000, the Sennheiser HD650, or the Beyerynamic T90?
  9. +1. Anyone who knows what they're talking about will not recommend any of these celebrity-endorsed headphones. (Excluding the V-MODA M-80, if you can even call them "celebrity-endorsed").
  10. They look good, and that's about it. For $200, SMS deliver below par sound quality.
  11. Sure, evolution "creates", at least in the sense that it is a process that changes organisms. And I do certainly think more knowledge would be beneficial. There's no harm in knowing.
  12. This will allow KotOR II to be played on the Mac, yes? Hopefully a lot more than that, though.
  13. Damn, I gotta pick this up. Sucks that I don't have an iPad, but iPhone will have to do.
  14. Yeah, try not to get fooled by that stuff. PCGM is gone. That s*** was wiped clean, it isn't ever coming back... unfortunately
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