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  1. Pretty much the same but I might be editing some door scripts so that they just open instead of doing stupid security checks. I haven't got a clue about scripting though :argh:

  2. Sure, that'd be great. I'm gonna *facedesk* if yours does exactly the same as mine but better

  3. Hey, are you still working on the Endar Spire mod to remove tutorials? Because I'm making a mod that does that and heard that you are doing something like this

  4. Will do once it's released

  5. Okay then, I've made the drone. I'm dark as well. Not been able to get over here and pull my finger out. I'll be up and about once I find time

  6. Hey Candy! How's the Lightsaber going? Looking forward to the result!

  7. I made a skin mod. It's in the emporium. Check it out. I haven't started but I am tomorrow.

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