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  1. Hey Guys! I'm making a heavy armor and I need ideas for colour schemes. If you haven't got an idea then I've put a poll up to decide which is the community favourite colour scheme...
  2. Man that is a sexy gun I'd download that instantly!
  3. I don't see why it couldn't be done, but I'm not sure how people make new force powers so I wouldn't know. Have you looked around to find a mod similar to this?
  4. Pretty much the same but I might be editing some door scripts so that they just open instead of doing stupid security checks. I haven't got a clue about scripting though :argh:

  5. Depends how you've done it, I achieved it by deleting dialog nodes for the Endar Spire, which removed the conversation. Whats your method been? Will have to wait till tuesday as my computer is in getting a new hard-drive until then... GB j7

  6. Sure, that'd be great. I'm gonna *facedesk* if yours does exactly the same as mine but better

  7. actually give me a 30 mins and then i will be at hiss

  8. Hey, I've finished what I'm doing if you want me to send you what I've done?? GB jx

  9. Hey come over to http://teamhssiss.proboards.com/

    We can talk about RoR

  10. Quanon, if you were working on the modelling team during development this game would make Crysis 2 look like 3D Monster Maze!
  11. Hey, are you still working on the Endar Spire mod to remove tutorials? Because I'm making a mod that does that and heard that you are doing something like this

  12. The first Fable game that I played was Fable II so my opinon of the series is that there more of a sit back and relax with your mates without worrying about difficulty. I suppose original Fable players wouldn't see it that way because they've been deprived of something they liked to begin with. The PC version of Fable 3 does at least try to fix that (admittedly poorly) with: "improved enemy A.I., increased enemy attack damage and the removal of a regenerating health system". I think that Fable: The Journey has COMPLETELY ruined every aspect of the game. It's not an RPG anymore, it's an embarrasing mock-up. It's like putting Halo on the Wii!
  13. I'd agree that female shepard sucks EXCEPT for the Liara romance.....................oh, sorry, daydreaming :b
  14. I have a code for Blood Dragon Armor for Mass Effect 2. Does anyone want it because I don't and I'd rather trade it for something. This is NOT a CON btw
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