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  1. Looks like only one update left to go.
  2. There were different blade colors in the first one, and they have been said to make a return.
  3. IGN Article. Pretty interesting read but nothing all that new.
  4. any chance you can email me the voice over video? workshop777@gmail.com


    Thanks either way!

  5. If there going to do co-op it's best to do it, like Dante's Infenro. A separate trial/horde like mode.
  6. I don't think they will. There trying to hide how they are using Yoda exactly. All they've said is that you will meet him.
  7. The last flashback is the ending cutscene from the 10 minute gameplay video. It's when he leaves.
  8. The site I uploaded it to just informed me they took it down for Copyright Reasons.
  9. I'd rather see a polished single player, then a single player that had glitches and could have used more work and a tact on multiplayer.
  10. The challenge rooms are still in it would seem though.
  11. I actually did. Let me upload it somewhere and I'll post a link.
  12. Got to admit. Witwer after that kinda scares me.
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