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  1. The staff is aware of such things. Open the spam thread and below the users info on the left there is a yellow dot, click on that to report the post as spam.
  2. Talking really isn't the problem. These forums are based on games that are no longer on the "cool games radar". It's all past their expiration dates and gone stale, and because of this conversations have died down. Once we get that fresh make over and focus on future games and movies (the new Star Wars movies is really gonna help a lot), there will be more than enough to talk about.
  3. Just wanted to chime in and say that I too received a PM back myself.
  4. I don't know if it is possible but I had an idea. * Make the layout to something similar like gamebanshee. * All threads for older games are done away with except for modding and troubleshooting threads. * Have actual pages for every older game laid out as game guides. With reference pictures and screenshots. * Have news articles about up coming content from Lucasfilms LTD. (Movies, games, books, comics, toys, etc.) * Have an actual forums for discussion about new content. I feel like if we did this we could keep the older games still some what active but more like in an archived state. New players could still come here for the game guides and modding threads. It would also make plenty of room for new content, at least I hope. Just a thought. As for contributing as a possible staff member, I enjoy Star Wars lore, reading and researching all things from a galaxy far far away. I would be willing to write articles about lore topics if given the chance. I also like to keep updated with the latest movie spoilers as well.
  5. Thank you for your input stoffe, but what about those of us without said skills? Is there anything that we can do?
  6. @ Taak Farst: I too have no web design skills but I am willing to learn what is needed to help. Just because you don't know something doesn't mean you can't learn it. I have already contacted each admin about this issue and requesting to be apart of the staff. Lynk is right, those of us who really want to see this place come back to life need to step up to the plate, even if we don't know what we are doing.
  7. And that there is the main problem. Everyone is trying to hold on to these really old games just because they were made by Lucasarts. When in reality they are dead and forgotten by most everyone else. The only people interested in them are the ones that grew up playing them, there are not that many kids today interested in them. The old games need to be let go and their forums need to be archived. If someone really wants to keep their memories alive they can simply do so with a fan made website. We have new games on the horizon that we could make a fresh start with. But we have to let go of nostalgia and let the old LF die with dignity. This forum will not get any better the way it is, NEVER! It's time to admit that and move on. Lucasforums - A forum for Lucasfilm movies and games, with an archived forum for all things Lucasarts.
  8. I think in order to bring this place back to life we must let go of the past. Yes the older games have a special place in our hearts, bring back memories and every once in awhile we get new people playing them and coming here for advise or what not. Because of nostalgia reasons, we do not want to accept the change. We do not want to admit that these classic games are becoming outdated and no longer as popular as they once were. "You can't stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting." ~ Shmi Skywalker I think what would be best is start new. All of the classics should be downsized into simple discussion threads for each game. All matters of modding should be done on other sites that host files for the games. Current and upcoming games should be the new focus. We should still maintain SWTOR as this is a still active game with upcoming content. Battlefront should be another as well as Star Wars Uprising. I think including mobile games will help get things on track. There are a few minor mobile games that could be considered as well but possibly just added in sub-categories. Also I'm not familiar with how running a forum works but it seems to me that maybe the admins need to step down and pass there positions on to those who are willing to be more committed to the forums. Nothing personal to the current admins.
  9. I miss coming to these forums. I don't come here very often but when I do I mostly just lurk around and not post anything. I really would like to help out in any way that I can to give this place a fresh start. Sadly I am not very knowledgeable about web designing. I have small knowledge of business management and auditing, as well as 15+ years with computers. If there is anything I could do feel free to PM me and I will gladly discuss the issue.
  10. Just watched all of the first season this weekend. I must say that it was enjoyable to watch and I liked it better than the Clone Wars. Just because Rebels brought back that old time feel, similar to the Original Trilogy. I'm excited for season two. Darth Vader looks more like Ralph McQuarrie's concept, which is a nice touch.
  11. ^Tourettes guy can't see s***, doesn't realize he is alone!
  12. Does any one know if they are planning on making more playable races, or are they keeping a tight lid on all of that? I really would like to play as a Kel Dor!
  13. Glad to have you back on LF Christians! This time it's here to stay.

  14. As a kid I use to put tabasco sauce on my sandwiches. I faintly remember trying a sauce that was really hot but I wouldn't be able to say what kind it was. Sadly, nowadays at my age any kind of really spicy foods tears my stomach up. So now I usually stay away or go with mild sauces.
  15. I got really excited when I found out Max von Sydow was a cast member, that guy is AWESOME! I wonder if he will be the new Chancellor?
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