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  1. Ah alright. I Might start modding again, will have to pretty much learn it all again though - been maybe 2 years? xD

  2. At the moment we just use DeadlyStream, although according to J7, many of the network issues appear to have been fixed now. The only thing is that the time and date resetting is a network wide issue, and it needs to be restaffed.

  3. I Might actually, Im at University now but i left my copy of Kotor back home. I redownloaded Kotor Tool but dont have the game :L So after christmas i migh :)

    However Kotor Files looks dead, what happened there? and what do people use now?

  4. Ah, hey there buddy! It's been a while! You should seriously get into the KOTOR modding groove again!

  5. Hey Dak, hope life has been good to you xD Long time no speak xD

  6. Been a long time amigo, Hope life has been good to you (Y)

  7. Yeah never around now Lol :L if you still want to use it go for it, probs a little late now though :p

  8. Holty...doesn't look like you've been around...would like to use your reskin of Zez-kai-ell from kotorfiles in a mod of mine...will give you credit of course. thx

  9. Happy Turkey Day!

  10. For now just on the forums and playing mods (like ur swords mod ;) ) got Kotor tool but its not working for me atm will get back to modding when/if i get Kotor tool to work again xD

  11. Good to hear :) drop by team hssiss sometime! Are you back into modding or just back on the forums

  12. I've been fine :)

  13. Holty! You're back! Things have been great, working on this and that, mainly my recruitment mod... you should check it out :p how are you doing?

  14. yeah i checked out the WIP, looking good :) and wait.... you couldnt talk before :S :p have fun on Vacation

  15. I'm actually updating my WIPs page, I'm on a vacation, and I can voice act now!

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