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  1. So what were your most memorable choices from this game series?


    My favorite was seeing all the outcomes of the final mission in ME2. Really unexpected stuff for me.


    I almost always let Ash die when I play through now because she really is just a bitchy character IMO...

  2. Looks beautiful - has a visual style more in line with LotR than the first movie did in my opinion. Don't think the story looks too interesting though. It's probably 80% fabricated by Jackson and co, which is not a bad thing, but it just doesn't seem to mesh together.


    I'm still reallllyyy looking forward to this one though so we will see!


    And go down a river in barrels?


    Did you not read the book? Go do it now!

  3. Why the heck would I want this? I can already watch TV on my... TV? I've always been an Xbox user since the original came out, but Sony is winning for me so far and they didn't even show their console! I'm pretty excited to see how this will pan out at E3...

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