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  1. Hey buddy, will do! See you over on deadlystream, I actually might start a (very) little WIP thread over there soon. Hope you've been well my man.


    Oh and thanks so much for uploading some of my mods to DS! Glad to see that not all of them disappeared.

  2. Yeah that would be absolutely great.

  3. Hey, just saw your message about a year later - sorry! I just learned about how filefront went down. I don't have my old modding computer anymore, so sadly it looks like most of my mods went down with filefront :( if anyone still has any of them, definitely let them know to upload them to deadlystream or wherever!

  4. Hey, just saw your message, even though I'm over a year late! Obviously haven't been around much but I just got kotor on steam so I thought I'd stop by and see what's new in the community. That totally sucks about filefront going down - I never really jumped on the deadlystream train so looks like most of my mods are gone now :(

  5. Hey dude! Thanks it's fun to be back and see what's been going on. Hope you're well!

  6. So it's good? I was going to go for the free-to-play option and just do the single player stuff but then I realized that it's PC-only so I'm out of luck.

  7. Gotta love that avatar!


    Oh, while I'm here, I thought you'd like to know that I just started playing Mass Effect... oh. my. god.


    You were right - I've waited way too long to play this :p

  8. Pretty good! Super busy with everything but in a good way. I just discovered Mass Effect last weekend so that's basically been stealing my life away on weekends haha...


    How about you?

  9. Hey man what's goin on?

  10. Yeah for the UVW's you need to stick both the model's UV's onto one map. Like for my robes I had the Republic armor texture but Had to make room for the Cape texture as well... this is a drawback since there is only so much space left after they're merged but I think it's well worth it for the effect.


    Deadman is the man though, he can pretty much do anything with models haha :p

  11. Well here's the guide: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=204094


    Just follow that - that's pretty much all there is to it. If you run into any snags feel free to ask any questions, but like I said I don't have any access to the files or programs and plus tbh I don't entirely remember the whole process. It's not difficult, but it can be fussy sometimes.


    Didn't you combine meshes for your GO-TO mod?

  12. Just so you know I don't have access to any of the game files but I'm happy to help - what's up?

  13. The rifle is completely modeled but I just don't have time to UVmap and texture it right now. I think I'm going to ask a guy at work about helping me with the UV's because I suck with them.


    The CS2 thing is pretty awesome though right? Finally Adobe isn't being so stingy for once!

  14. Haha you're right! It's a picture I found ages ago that I thought was funny... was going through my album here and re-discovered it!

  15. Hey come to Hss?


    Also, got the Ebon Hawk and tons of other models from the games... Boom! Super excited haha.

  16. Thanks dude! A lot of the time with these ships you can find some that others have made online for free, but no luck with the Hawk :(


    Also, what do you want Calo to be driving? There are a ton of good choices here if you want to pick one, or one from wherever else! I figured it'd be fun to have him flying something different.

  17. I wish but I need the Ebon Hawk! I'm on my phone now so I can't point you to the thread, but there is a new thread on Holowan that I just replied to that has information on exporting from gmax to an .obj format. If you could figure that out and get the Hawk model to me (or get someone else to), I'd make it my top priority.

  18. Hey thanks dude! Will do when I get some free time!

  19. Haha yeah, been a little while....

  20. Thanks a bunch, I'll get on it.

  21. Hey didn't realize you were a mod, congrats!


    Have a question for you, I'm working on some animation with the kotor models for a mod of someone's here, how do I bring the supermodel's animations into 3ds max? From what I can tell a few models only seem to have one or two random anims.



  22. Oh and if you still want the one module I mentioned a while ago I can get it to you In a couple weeks, my USB with my modding stuff is in the case for the disks. So yeah...

  23. Hey hey not bad just ultra busy. Haven't even touched my modding recently... I'm at school and left my kotor disks at home after winter break! Just tragic :( haha. But I will let you know when I need some help. And yes I say when ;)

  24. I'd be happy to!

  25. Hey hey SS, I haven't been around much lately but it sure is a nice surprise! I do have that model in my mod and I'd be happy to dig it up and send both (visor and no visor) over with all the skins.


    It'd be cool to team up. Since I eventually want to work on VFX in films I've been working with 3ds a lot and getting a lot better. So maybe we could team up with some cool modeling overhaul or something ;)


    Good to hear from you!

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