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  1. Yes, if you modify the appearance.2da in the TSLRCM workshop (and/or M4-78EP) Yeah, you still need to use TSLPatcher for that though, not the workshop.
  2. It's pretty handy for that actually. Instead of applying TSLPatcher mods on the main game, you do on the TSRLCM in the workshop. And if ever something goes horribly wrong you just remove that workshop entry, no need to fully re-install TSL to get rid of your mods.
  3. But you probably know people IRL that like Blackjack, or know how it works... Could explain them the simple changes between that and Pazaak
  4. I much rather celebrate it in February (with worldwide and PC-releases), mourning what those 2 little months have done to our game :/
  5. So nobody even opted that the "stormtrooper" could be as much stormtrooper as Luke and Han in IV? People... Totally "don't care" about the saber-thing... The millenium shot looks cheap, but I can see why if it's still a year away. So overall conclusion; I can't make a conclusion at this point yet... why bother discussing it for the coming year when we can chill and just do something else
  6. Not a bug. If you really desire a specific type just save before getting one then reload till it's your desired outcome. The Dark Jedi has a guaranteed double-blade though... it's just in his inventory, not randomnised.
  7. Same reason all other masters don't recognise her?
  8. No, since it's not an actual quest.
  9. Depends. Each has their own modifier towards them liking/hating you, so it's not simply X quests...
  10. Pretty sure you never ever get that quest in the first place... it's not ingame.
  11. I wouldn't be able to give any tips, since I haven't played in months now. We planned to play this month (me and 2 friends)... and it doesn't seem that's happening either 0_o
  12. What Zbyl and me did; Challenge each other for PvP, then the other "waves" during a jump, and it plunges you right there at that datacron.
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