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  1. Happy birthday you!

  2. Please read the thread I linked you to at DS. It's fairly important.

  3. I've already sent an e-mail AND a PM to Tyvokka asking what's going on with Deadly Stream.

  4. Since Lynk wrote his "hint," I'll answer you here. You have to play enough to know what you are talking about is true. I could care less if you love or hate TOR, that wasn't my point and your opinion is just as valid as mine or anyone else’s. If you hate TOR because it is a MMO, then fine, but saying all the quest are about collecting, fighting, or it has less story than KotOR or TSL simply isn’t true. I have done more quest in TOR than I did in KotOR and TSL combined that involved no fighting at all or that had the option not to fight. Basically all you played of TOR is the tutorial. You had not even gotten you ship yet, the class story really begins at that point. I would equate it to playing KotOR up until you get to the Under City and thinking that is what the game is all about.


    I also don’t believe cherry picking forum comments from a bunch of the world owes me crybabies is not a valid argument for judging a game.

  5. What does Zbyl have left to do for M4-78 EP? E-mail me at home e-mail address rather than replying here.

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