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  1. 3 backgrounds fully complete, with others in production. Numerous sprites are completely finished, with concept art down for a few more. Inventory items will be drawn in the near future. Music is almost all done. I would love to share some of it with you but, as Alex IDV has speculated - we are keeping this stuff secret until the release, or at least closer to the release.
  2. Hey Matt, thanks for the sample, I quite liked your take on LeChuck, and you're probably the best we could really hope for out of the MI community, so I'll send you the link to our forum via PM. Thanks again!
  3. Alright, at the moment, guys, we're pretty much only looking for good animators, damn good artists, and sufficient voice actors. @ThunderPeel2001, thanks for your willingness, but we do have a small, decent group of writers as it is. We've probably got a sufficient amount of people working on the script/story, and things are coming along quite well as they are in that aspect. However, in the future, if we find that we need some more writers on board (which we may), then I'll be sure to contact you. @Hamza, I'm not quite sure if we need any more programmers - that's something that I'll have to run by the rest of the team. There may be room for another programmer on the team, but you'll need to show us some of your previous works/projects. Thanks .
  4. Yes! We need animators! We're doing our planning in a private forum. I'll send you the link via private message .
  5. Hey guys. I thought I'd let you all know that I and a bunch of other Monkey Island fans (most of us from the Telltale forums) are currently working on a fan game called 'Carnival of Monkey Island'. Now, this game will take place between 'Revenge...' and 'Curse...', showing the events that could have happened in that brief time period. Coincidentally, the visual/artistic style of the game will sort of be a blend between the looks of those two games. We're planning on releasing this game in three episodes, taking it one episode at a time. We're finalizing the planning and script for Episode I at the moment, we've got some backgrounds and sprites finished, we've got some wonderful music too; so things are going pretty well. But, however, we would like to have more people on the team. What we're mostly looking for are artists, animators and voice actors (yes, we will be having voice). The voice-acting roles we would like filling are: - LeChuck - Skeletal Pirates (with lazy British accents, eg. pronouncing 'thing' as 'fing') - Largo - The Voodoo Lady - Fettuccine Brothers (maybe) - Herman Toothrot (maybe) - Cannibals - Pirate Bar Patron(s) - Clown (with strong New Yorker accent - think the guy off the ShamWow ad, but not quite as fast-talking) - Female Pirate ...more roles to come. So, if you can lend a hand in this project, then post here to say that you're willing, and we'll go from there . Thanks.
  6. There are quite a few I wanted to vote for. It would have been nice to have this poll multi-choice as well.
  7. Wow, Jesse Harlin has a lot of votes! I guess everyone enjoyed the Special Edition music. And why shouldn't they? It was done incredibly well. I especially loved the music that played outside of Governor Phatt's mansion.
  8. The announcement of Tales of Monkey Island' made me extremely happy and excited! I was over the moon when that was announced! I couldn't contain myself.
  9. I just played through 'Fate of Monkey Island 1' then, and you know what? I actually enjoyed it. It's very rough, and it's evident that it was an experiment, but it was actually entertaining, and you actually got one or two laughs out of me. I'll play through the second one tomorrow.
  10. Ooh, yeah, I just read on the forum... damn .
  11. Yeah, that's another great website! I've downloaded both of the 'Fate of Monkey Island' games from there. I'm yet to play them, though. I can't wait for their Monkey 5 Project to be done - 'Darkness of Monkey Island'. The screenshots look great!
  12. What other point-and-click games I've played? Loads. Sam & Max Hit the Road Sam & Max Save the World Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Jolly Rover Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars The Longest Journey King's Quest 1 (ADGI Remake) King's Quest 2 (ADGI Remake) Grim Fandango Runaway: A Road Adventure Runaway 2: Dream of the Turtle Jack Keane Insecticide - Part 1 ...and I've played many more, but haven't played more than a few hours into them, so I won't list them here.
  13. Ooh, that reminds me. Here's this project. There is a playable demo that has already been released, and the game has been made in your language - Italian, as it has been developed by an Italian team. I'm not sure if you're aware of this project or not, but I thought I would tell you about it anyway. From what I've seen, this game is quite impressive, and I'm really looking forward to playing the English translation once it is released. Of course, you don't have to worry about waiting - I envy you . Believe me, it will. This piece of info from the F.A.Q. sort of confirms it: ""MI - The Lost Years" is now called "Picaroon - The Lost Years" In order to prevent copyright infringement, we've decided it was for the best to rename the game and characters, so nothing can ever prevent you from playing this wonderful game we've worked so hard on (and still are). "MI - The Lost Years" was inspired by the popular Monkey Island Game Series, but didn't have too many direct references, so it was easy enough to "convert" to a whole original game." Also, if you look on the left-hand cave wall in that image that I posted, you will see a shadow of Murray. Knowing that Murray will be in the game is assurance for me that this game is definitely a Monkey Island fan game.
  14. Well, there is this project that looks quite promising. It's called 'Picaroon: The Lost Years'. It was originally titled 'Monkey Island: The Lost Years', but the team decided to change the name of the game, as well as the names of the characters and locations, in order to avoid copyright infringement. But it is the same game with the same story and all, just different names in place. The team working on the game haven't released anything playable as of yet, but they are apparently getting "very, very close" to bringing us "(something resembling) a playable game". Here's the promotional artwork for the first episode of the game, entitled 'Mysteries of the Deep': (bigger version here) ...and here are some screenshots: Fire It Up! Junkyard Mysterious Water Start Screen I really can't wait to see Part 1, because from what I've seen, the game looks very good for a fan project.
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