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  1. Just been busy with school and a job as well. I've mainly occupied myself with track and hanging out with friends in my free time.

  2. Watcha been doing with your free time? I just became swamped between juggling school and my job, and spent the little free time I had on my social life. So I was able to get on here less and less.

  3. I've been okay, been popping in here now and then.

  4. Lots of stuff. Life has been crazy. How have you been?

  5. Long time no see, what's up?

  6. Nice! Good luck.

  7. Eh, been getting back into modding, but other than that I'm pretty good myself.

  8. Not much, you?

  9. Pretty late, but welcome to the forums.

  10. Hey man, what's up?

  11. Well Happy Belated! :D

  12. Hello, good sir.

  13. Ready as I'm going to be, playing DA:I right now.

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