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    Just a 19-year-old who has a fascination with modding and coding. "Move along, nothing to see here, folks."
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    Oregon, United States
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    Modding KotOR and TSL, playing video games, reading Star Wars, and learning how to code. I'll also play ya a game of Master of Orion 2, if ya want.
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    Hopefully college...
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    Master of Orion 2
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    Mozilla Firefox
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  1. Smugglers Luck: Even the best scoundrel will wind up in a fire fight at some point this armor provides good protection without sacrificing the wearers mobility. This versatile armor could be easily upgraded to be a fine light armor.


    Recon Vest: The role of a scout can be dangerous far ahead of any support this armored vest provides adequate protection and could be upgraded to be effective as medium armor.


    Republic Trooper Armor: Standard Issue republic soldier armor made by Aratech it is durable and easily modifiable providing all the protection a soldier needs.


    I hope those aren't too long I didn't think any body would pick this idea up i thought it was simple and was amazed it hadn't been done before.

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