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  1. RECAP (as well as new ideas to flesh out the story more than I already have): Sith Destroyer (Antagon) - Intro, T3-M4 (save/destroy), escape Nar Shaddaa - Gavin Voidweller (Republic Soldier) joins you, X-TR8 (if you've killed T3), captured by HK-66 Exchange Yacht - Mandalore/Canderous, escape to Raxus Prime Raxus Prime - Brianna, HK-47, learn that you needed to rally the Hidden Jedi, Bao-Dur reveals the Ebon Hawk Sith Destroyer (Virulen) VS. Sith Destroyer (Omyn) - you get caught up in a battle between two ships controlled by Omyn and Virulen. This is where even the Republic Soldier and Mandalore feel his presence. Omyn's larger destroyer soon overtakes Virulen's ship. After being imprisoned on Omyn's ship, you manage to break free and fight through Omyn's destroyer. However the path to the hangar containing the Ebon Hawk is blocked, forcing you to have to board Virulen's ship go around, re-enter Omyn's ship and then finally get to the hangar. During the journey, you will encounter Darth Revenant on Virulen's ship. After a battle with him - where he survives and escapes, you also witness a battle with Omyn and Virulen. Virulen uses a unique lightsaber tactic, Trakata, to deactivate his lightsaber and reactivate it into the gut of Omyn who simply kicked the Virulen away. Virulen, realizing he has lost, pulls his saber from the gut of Omyn and retreats as Omyn pursues him. Tatooine - Jolee, learn that you needed to meet up with Bastila after your mission Corellia - This is where you'll find Shen Matale and Rahasia Sandral and the quest Happily Ever After? They wanted to live peacefully and went to Corellia...then the gang violence started getting worse. Their apartment complex is attacked each day and they need your help. After completing the quest, they will offer up some credits which you may take (neutral, overall LS), demand more (DS), or give them some credits to help for their journey (LS). Additionally, if your Perception is high enough you can offer up even more money since you tell them you can sense two beings where Rahasia stands -- she's pregnant (even more LS). Mission and Zaalbar, leaders of the Neo Beks, tell you they need to end the fighting on Corellia first, before they can help you. You can join them and defeat the Black Heth resulting in civilians once again walking the streets and the Czerka guard posts deserted since they're no longer needed or you can side with the Black Heth and defeat the Beks, resulting in the deaths of Mission and Zaalbar as well as the Blach Heth roaming the streets freely and the Czerka Guards dead at their posts. Ifyou sided with the Beks, Mission and Zaalbar will show you to the Corellian Mines to find someone you visited with before..Atton Rand. If you sided with the Heth, the leader will "show you to Atton Rand" but will then try to kill you once inside the mines. You will encounter at least a few Teretateks in the mines as well as some orange crystals (the only area in the game to have orange crystals.) You will eventually encounter Atton in stasis, and a Sith who tells you he serves Darth Sado. After a duel with him, Atton tells you that Bastila chose you for the mission due to your unique skills. You and Atton decide to find the source of the Terentateks and the Sith and find and ancient tomb. Within, you find a hologram of a Sith discussing the True Sith, presumably to the Sith you had just fought. As you leave and get to the Ebon Hawk, you are once again attacked by HK-66 who once again managed to capture you. Exchange Yacht - The Exchange leader is surprised at your resilience but doubts you'll escape this time. After he leaves. while in holding cells you and your crew decide who should sneak out while you are forced to compete in the arena again. After choosing, you will then fight -- without any weapons this time and against bounty hunters wielding lightsabers. After you defeat them, the person you selected will manage to sneak out and free the rest. You will then have them get to the arena. After doing so, you deactivate and unlock the arena doors. it will cut back to the Jedi Wanderer and you can escape. After getting to the Ebon Hawk and having a space battle, you finally destroy the Yacht once and for all. Alderaan - After landing, you find a strong Republic presence on the planet. This is where the Ulgo/Organa Feud quest is located as well. After finally gaining an audience with Admiral Onasi, you learn that the Sith do have a small, albeit growing presence on the planet. After leaving the walls of the royal city, you will eventually find the Sith and their camp. It is revealed that they are agents of Darth ??? and his apprentice Darth Fury. After defeated them, Carth reveals that you had apparently been wandering the galaxy and stumbled upon something or someone in the Unknown Regions and had told Bastila of it. Ilum - Arriving on Ilum, you are attacked by Sith fighters and must defeat them in a small space battle. After landing you find that forces of Darth Sado's and Darth ???'s forces have made the planet a battlefield. There was once a small Republic military outpost that hasn't been heard from. along the way you encounter Kaz Aranas, a Kel Dor Jedi Master who takes you to the crystal caves which have the only locations of the rest of the crystals in the game: blue, green, yellow, cyan, teal, silver, gold, etc. After meditating and learning more about The Force you continue on with your new party member. Arriving at the Republic base, you find that Darth Sado's forces have overrun it. Fighting your way to the end you encounter one of his Warmasters, Darth Detrimus. After defeating him, Kaz tells you that Bastila and you were going to search for whatever it was you found but that you had to rally the Hidden Jedi first... Sith Destroyer ("Homicai/Necrosis") vs. Sith Destroyer (Virulen): Far from Ilum, you encounter two sith ships and land on the one controlled by Homicai/Necrosis. After fighting you way through, you duelwith Homicai/Necrosiswho manages to narrowly escape. When Homicai/Necrosis' ship is heavily damaged, you realize you need to escape as he presumably did. That's it for now, the next post will continue where this left off....Korriban, Myrkr, and more!
  2. So I started doing some concept art for the designs of the Sith Lords and I'll post those in a bit. First off though: For the Sith who is most like Revan and Malak (or thought to be by his followers), I need a name for his...so...here are some ideas... DARTH TRIBUL DARTH DETRIMENTUS DARTH AFFLICT DARTH REAVER DARTH CALAMITAL DARTH SINN DARTH ATROCIOUS DARTH NEFAR DARTH INIQUITOUS DARTH DEPRAAV DARTH ABYSMAL DARTH NECROSIS DARTH IMPERIAN DARTH ANIMUS Anyway. He was a human Sith who followed Malak during the time of KoTOR and after the Dark Lord's death, he went into seclusion. He spent time studying Sith Artifacts and areas filled with the Force. During this time, he took on the moniker of ______???______ and trained relentlessly in the combat style of Jar'Kai before he mastered the art. He soon found a young and impressionable teenage human female who was filled with fear. She had lost her family on Taris due to Malak's orders and he twisted this fear into anger and hate toward the already dead Sith Lord. He then set her sights on Sith soldiers who served under Malak and had her systematically wipe them out. He then promoted each of their direct underlings and guided them under his new banner. After his apprentice completed her task, he bestowed upon her the title of Darth Fury. The two rose up and began to recruit many of Revan and Malak's former fleet as well as those who served under Sion by using a unique and delicate balance of intimidation and deception in order to make their followers like them. DARTH ??? was a Jedi Padawan when Revan and Malak left for the Mandalorian Wars. He wished to go but remained loyal to his master who forbade him. When Revan and Malak returned, his master was slain by multiple Sith troopers and he gave into a fit of anger. It was then that Malak, under Revan's guidance, seduced the young padawan to the Dark Side further and promised him it was better for the galaxy, that it would bring a peace that Jedi would never be able to. He at last fell under constant corruption. Because of his closeness with Malak, when the Sith Lord turned on Revan, he was one of the ones to witness Malak give the order to fire upon Revan's flagship. He had a confrontation with Darth Bandon briefly before the events directly leading up to theoriginal game and this caused the new Sith to leave immediate vicinity of Malak and to instead keep operations going further from the central command of the Leviathan. He had ordered his vessel to do a routine stop when they were engaged by Republic bounty hunters and other Republic forces during the recall of all Sith ships to the Star Forge. Because of this, he was not present during Malak's death but felt it echo across the Force. He knew it would be his chance but having just now reached the age he would've been preparing for the Jedi Trials -- he believed himself not yet ready to take on the mantle of Dark Lord and instead sought knowledge and power before foolishly claiming the Sith title. Kaz Aranas, the Kel Dor Jedi Master, was once a prominent member of the order many years before the fall of Revan. He was characteristically smug and easy going but was an ardent defender of the light. As a Jedi Guardian, he and his padawan, Jonira Teerlana (a twi'lek female) sought out various Dark Jedi sects and fought them til victory was achieved. He and his padawan helped various planets during the Mandalorian Wars but only did so under the guidance of the council. They did not fight in them and instead helped either from afar, covertly, or after a planet was already devastated by the fighting. He and his padawan were essentially a "black ops" team for the Jedi Order. Unbeknownst to the tag team, Revan and Malak had turned to the Dark Side during the war and were abruptly attacked by Revan's forces. Kaz' padawan was struck down and the Jedi Master held out for as long as he could before he was finally overwhelmed and his ship was destroyed. He was forced to flee in his padawan's starfighter and escaped by fleeing to the planet Ilum. It was here that he meditated and secluded himself. He renamed the starfighter the Teerlana as well. He originally wielded a blue lightsaber but during the game he wields a violet saber. In his possession is also his padawan's saber which is orange as well as other lightsabers he crafted while on Ilum.
  3. Oh yeah, there are definitely nods to both games. I added the bit about the beggars on Corellia because, like Taris, there is a gang war and it's the planet where you'd meet Mission and Zaalbar. Basically, what I'd shoot for is a mixture of the fun and "bright" atmosphere of the first KoTOR mixed with the serious and "dark" atmosphere of the second. Also I have little salutes and loose ends from both games, although they're easier to do for the first since...yknow...it was completed and because I just played. I was thinking of maybe having a quest where someone is calling themselves the Mysterious Stranger and you find Deadeye Duncan haha. As for nods to KoTOR II -- on Raxus Prime for instance, Brianna is situated a makeshift recreation of the Telos Academy (this is also sort of a nod to The Force Unleashed as well) and I was thinking of putting in the Ebon Hawk...you know the room right before the cockpit? Well making it so you can activate the terminal and read "Recorded Star-Logs" which details planets the Ebon Hawk docked at and you see many many planets and then finally Taris, Dantooine, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, Korriban, Error, Error, Corrupted Data, Peragus, Telos Citadel, Telos, etc. Anywho. I'm really tired but my next post will discuss the other Sith. Sheesh, how are you not tired of my ramblings yet?
  4. Hhaha thanks, man! And darthtyren, I probably favor the dark side approach a bit since I played through DS on KoTOR the first time around (my brother did LS) but...I regret that now. And usually DS is a "better" path. You gain more credits, etc. There will be consequences, like the death of a party member but same with LS. My idea was trying to make it seem like...it'd be so EASY to fall to the lure of the Dark Side, y'know? Why did Anakin fall? Because he wanted justice. Because he wanted to SAVE his wife. All noble causes....but he tried to do it in a way that made him susceptible to the dark side. But wow, thanks everyone haha. I thought I was going to get a bunch of hate and flaming for posting this. Not a writer for BioWare Blix, haha. Though I want to get into the industry some day...I'd love to work on RPGs. BUT BACK ON TOPIC. LDR...you want their personalities and back stories? Alright. Who am I to not oblige? haha DARTH SADO, is perhaps the most elusive, awe-inspiring, and greatest of the central Sith characters. He has no single sole apprentice and instead trains legions of followers, both personally and with Warmasters. He rebirthed himself as Darth Sado after meditating and feeling the dark energies of the force in Naga Sadow's tomb on Korriban. His name (Say-doh) is an allusion to the older ancient Sith Lord. He is a human Sith who wears a head garment similar to the style worn by Naga Sadow, only now patterned toward the standard Sith colors of black and red as opposed to the ancient bright coloring of them. He wears that when sitting upon his throne and on Korriban but wears a set of armor with a mask crafted out of a Rakghoul head and plated in metal with visors replacing the eye sockets. His battle armor was created through Sith Alchemy. He rarely does battle personally and oversees most operations from his throne room in the dilapidated Korriban Sith Academy. He is cold, calculating, hyper intelligent and wields and uncanny tap into the Dark Side of the Force. He prefers a traditional single bladed crimson lightsaber. His followers all wear the armor of the Sith Assassins from KoTOR II (I think that's what they were called). He purposefully makes sure they are uniformed and only his Warmasters wear other Sith attire. He has built a system of control over them to insure obedience and to instill fear of killing him and taking over, as is the typical Sith practice. Sado was once a Jedi who followed Revan into the Mandalorian Wars. On Malachor V, the change was finally set in stone for Revan and Malak. Revan considered Sado a viable option for an apprentice because of his raw power over the Force. However, unlike Revan and Malak, Sado deserted the battle and fled from Malachor V. He flew his ship far from the battle and eventually found his way to a remote planet called Dagobah. He could feel the dark side of the Force was prevalent on the planet but wanted nothing more than to stay trueto the Jedi teachings despite wanting nothing more to do with them, similar to the Jedi Wanderer (the PC). His ship was out of fuel and had to survive for years on the planet. He lost his lightsaber within the first few months of surviving when it fell into a swamp and was digested by a swamp monster. Enraged, he killed the beast and tore the gut open, hoping to find his prized weapon there. All he found was shredded metal and a small crystal shard. He kept this shard and wove a necklace out of it. During his time on Dagobah he became almost savage and beastial. His mind became twisted, corrupted and deformed as the Dark Side slowly crept into his being. He fought creatures with his hands and the Force and savagely tore them apart using lightning, drain life, and various other torturous force powers. He relied on his newfound strength to survive. One day, a small freighter landed and scouts for a scientific exploration of the planet came out. The damaged Jedi saw his chance, and brutally massacred the science team before stealing the ship and flying it away from Dagobah. He found his way to Nar Shaddaa during the time of the Sith Triumvirate and acted the part of dirty, homeless, nomad. He found the Exchange and their leader, Goto, along with Goto's Yacht. He found a way to sneak aboard and steal a personal ship without anyone ever knowing he was there. He flew to Korriban where he stumbled upon the tomb of Naga Sadow. There he found the ancient Sith Lord's holocron and studied it intensely. He then meditated, going into am extended trance as he saw visions of Sadow. He learned the ways of the old Sith Empire, the wars they raged and saw the way the Sith now acted -- small, divided, and prone to having very few in number. He decided to build up an army. He departed Korriban shortly before Sion arrived there during the events of KoTOR II. During his travels, he managed to gain a small following of about 20 individuals. When he saw the Sith Triumvirate crumble, as he predicted, he seized the opportunity and established a throne in the Sith Academy. Meanwhile the Jedi began to rebuild the order with the various Jedi followers who were with the Exile. He managed to gain a strong following and began his practice of conquering worlds with a legion devoted to him. They worshiped him like a god, rather than a master. DARTH OMYN is more of a Revan/Nihilis Sith. He wears dark robes with a unique mask covering his face. It is designed to appear like a desert wraid skull. His species is unknown and next to nothing is known about him. Darkness precedes him as the Dark Side literally encircles him in a mystifying hurricane of chaos. As such, non-Force sensitives can even feel and sense his presence. Hence the name of "Omyn." He has many supporters who believe him to be stronger than Sado and he has a personal apprentice. Darth Antagon. Antagon, like many Sith apprentices hope to replace their master and awaits an opportunity to do so. This is very unlike Sado's use of fiercely loyal Sith Warriors who would die for him. However, Omyn believes that by having Antagon tap into his full potential of the Dark Side, it will help sway the battle in his favor. At the start of the game, Omyn and Sado have yet to do battle personally but that would change ;D haha. He prefers the use of the Force over saber combat and seeks to battle from afar. He does wield a single red lightsaber however. DARTH VIRULEN is a blue Twi-Lek Sith with a Sith Assassin-style mask. He wears a light armor painted black with a half-skirt. He prefers to use a double bladed red lightsaber. Virulen was born a slave on his home planet of Ryloth along with his three older sisters and older brother. He was forced to do manual labor and at an early age hated his masters. A Jedi Pai sensed the Force was strong in him on a visit to the planet and noticed it was barely noticeable in his siblings. They tried to pay for him but the masters refused. He resented the Jedi for leaving his family there simply because they "were not for sale" and felt they should have rescued him despite that, since it was the right thing to do. This started a life-long hatred of the Jedi and their ways. His older brother was killed in front of him and his sisters when he tried to fight their master. The conditions were terrible and moreover, terrifying. Rather than killing the brother and disposing of the body, the master beheaded the older sibling and mounted it on the wall as areminder to his younger siblings. Soon his sisters were of an age where it was more satisfying to rape them and use them as sex slaves rather than use them for manual labor. This enraged the already Dark Side leaning Twi-Lek further. He was also forced to do ALL the labor at that point. He began devising a way to escape. He noticed one day that he could easily slip through the ventilation system and run away while his sisters were being "used." He almost did before stopping himself and realizing he needed revenge and needed to save his sisters as well. He went to one of his sisters one day and told her of his plan, but she refused to go citing that she loved their master. He pleaded with his sister to come with him and that their master had twisted her mind into believing that. He then pulled her up by her lekku and showed her, her brothers head to rmeind her. She began struggling and he realized that her mind was too fargone and damaged and there would be no saving her. Instead, he opted to save her from a life of torment....and broke her neck. After that, he knew his other sisters would never leave with him and escaped, regretting never getting the chance to kill the slime who was his previous master. He traveled to Coruscant first, to see the Jedi Temple. He hated them and from that day, knew he needed to destroy that symbol of the Jedi. He trained himself in the art of the Force and viewed it as a plague. Because he had no formal training from either side, he viewed the Force as a whole, as a disease. He believed himself to be disfigured just as the Jedi were and refused to accept that. He mutilated his lekku, scarring them out of anger. He eventually learned of the Sith. The power they had. He viewed them as a foolish and disfigured group like the Jedi but liked their promise of a stronger Force. He trackled many Sith holocrons and viewed them in order to learn of the Dark Side. He eventually became obsessed with his newly discovered Force. He returned to Ryloth, clad in a brown cloak concealing his face and found the estate of his old owner. He learned, by Force Persuading a guard, that his other sister was killed shortly after he had left. The other one was now kept in a dungeon and used by all the guards and the master for pleasure when they wanted it. He also learned that his owner now hada new family of slaves,made up of one boy and two girls. He snuck into the dungeon and found his sister. He saw her and she pleaded with him to kill her after a brief reunion. As he stabbed her, he shed the last tear he ever would as he whispered "I love you." and broke her neck as he had done with his other sister many years earlier. He then appeared before his old owner, a silhouette. The owner, unaware of who he was told him to leave but when Virulen revealed himself, the owner seemed to put 2 and 2 together. He angrily reached for his pistol before Virulen flung it out the windowvia the Force. The man then charged at Virulen who lifted him into the air and pushed him against the wall and restrained him there with the Force. He then proceeded to unleash a lifetime of revenge torture upon the owner, purposely keeping him just barely alive until he was begging for death and then....he did not kill him. He instead healed him fully and the owner thanked him for sparing him and that he'd change. Virulen looked down at the man ominously. His guards went into his room after a day went by without any word from him and founs blood adorning the walls and flesh everywhere. Virulen then found the new family of slave children and decided to free them. They all thanked him but before they got out...he looked down. He though "why should they be given a life...I never had?" and he then proceeded to kill them all. He eventually crafted a lightsaber of his own and named himself Virulen because of his view that the Force is a disease and anyone who uses it is plagued. His apprentice is Darth Revenant. Revenant (yes, I've decided this will be Virulen's apprentice, not Homicai, and I've opted for a new name instead of Homcai which I didn't like all that much but you guys can let me know what you think haha) was a Zabrak obsessed with death. He was found by Virulen and taken in as the Sith's apprentice. He also learned of Sith ghosts and various rumors of the dead rising in various remote locations of the galaxy. He adopted a name to reflect his obsessions and willingly submitted to the Dark Side. I will cover Homicai with his new name and his apprentice, renamed Darth Fury, in the next post I write. Anywho, those are some of the main Sith characters. I think I'll also discuss Kaz Aranas, the Kel Dor Jedi Master you find on Ilum.
  5. haha thank you.I would love to see these implemented as well Nar Shaddaa could use the same area with new people but if possible...mirroring it would make it feel a bit new. So anyway. Back to Tatooine. The Mandalorian Camp would have various solutions. If you choose not to complete the Mandalore side quest, you can still earn vital information from Mandalore (because remember, you're trying to piece together the clues from each planet and to find the Hidden Jedi as to what your mission was, why you lost your memory and why the mission is so vital. Mandalore tells you that you met with him previously and upon learning of your memory lapse, he decides to use this against you. To relearn what he told you previously, and wants something from you: he wants you to kill his second in command whom he believes is plotting against him. You can then do so and learn that he knows the location of a wise old Jedi Master. After this assignment, to learn the location of the Jedi Master, you can take on the next assignment which is to kill a krayt dragon (or if thats not possible, a den of some type of hard creature.) Or you can tell him something like "No, I'm not doing your dirty work." He will then get mad and say "you dare insult me? When I'm surrounded by a legion of followers?" and you can say "I haven't killed in awhile...this should be great!" and fight the camp. Afterward, searching Mandalore the Dominant's body reveals a datapad pointing to a small bunker in the Dune Sea. Alternatively, you can talk with Mandalore and learn of his information. Rather than complete the main task he gives you, you can help other mandalorians around the camp such as a Fight Master (you can get into one on one duels with vibroswords and beat the camp's leader in the ring) and you can even help his second-in-command, Mereel. After gaining his trust you can learn/convince him to tell you of his plot against Mandalore the Dominant and then you can tell Mandalore the Dominant and receive the info of the Jedi Master and his location like that or you can learn how Mereel was loyal to Mandalore/Canderous (Candalore? lolol...ahem...er..) and can choose to help him and tell him that you're with Canderous. He will then tell you, that when ready, he will leave a backgate unlocked with the security systems (turrets) guarding the outside deactivated with which Canderous can sneak in. He will tell you that when ready, you can have Canderous sneak in and Mereel will have rallied others to help you. By getting Canderous to enter all you do is go to the terminal next to the backgate and activate the option that says "Call Canderous" which will bring a loading screen and then you can finish the quest by leading the assault against the Mandalorians who are loyal to Mandalore the Dominant. When you get to his bunker, he will be in the final room and Mandalore will kill him in a cutscene himself. After this Mandalore/Canderous will once again be Mandalore and the Mandalorians will be ecstatic. Mereel tells you that most followed him out of fear...he was psychotic and no better than an Iridorian. He had no honor and what little he did have was swept away when he backstabbed Canderous as opposed to dueling him which dueling a Mandalore itself has no honor unless the Mandalore is weak and has shown no signs in helping the group as a whole. His name will be remembered as Mandalore the Pretender until his name is finally lost to history and antiquity. After doing this, Mandalore will give you the datapad pertaining to the details of the Jedi Master. whatever way you do decide to go about getting the info, you will leave in the garage by activating a swoop there which will take you to the remote area in the Dune Sea. After fending off sand people, you will find the entrance barely visible above the sand and enter. There you will find Jolee Bindo who tells you about how your mission's end was to meet with Bastila but that he was no privy to the whereabouts of her back when you first arrived and that she is certainly no longer there. You will then take off from Tatooine to go to let's say Corellia. This planet you will find has a Czerka presence like Raxus Prime did. HO BOY! They inform you that you are not allowed to leave the space port due to a significant gang war in the streets of Corellia. (I'm thinking Corellia can have a reskinned Nar Shaddaa to make it appear brighter and a different background set during dusk or something (maybe Korriban's skybox? idk) The city the game uses would be Coronet, the capital of Corellia. You cn complete various side quests in the space port but eventually you find a Black Heth agent using a secret entrance to get in and out of the streets. Once on the streets and dealing with the thug in some way, you are 'welcomed' to Corellia by three desperate looking individuals whp wanna shake you down for creds. The streets aren't entirely devoid of civilians and there is a cantina, apartment complexes, etc. There are many encounters with Black Heth fighting Neo-Beks (similar to the cinematic in KoTOR I after using the elevator to enter the Lower City for the first time you see the Black Vulkars fighting the Hidden Beks). Talking to the Czerka Guard outside the entrance to the space port will give a reference to another area on Corellia. The guard will say something like "Look, I can't talk now. Ever since the Skids decided to give us their trash, I've been working overtime." The Skids are an area of Tyrena, another city on Corellia. Anywho, this is where you get to do the very Taris-esque missions involving the two gangs. You also meet Mission and Zaalbar, the leaders of the Neo-Beks who want to end the gang violence before helping you. I'll continue later but I've decided this would be the best place to find the only orange crystals in the game...
  6. Gah. I haven't posted here for awhile. And no problem about the move, my bad. Anywho, been busy with school and life so I haven't had time to get on. Anyway as for the remodeling of planets...it's mainly need just Anchorhead to be remodeled. The Dune Sea could be altered to whatever is easiest since the winds would shift the dunes anyway. I was thinking the Dunes would also have a sarlaac if possible but that...is probably WAY too hard. So, moving onto Alderaan. I was thinking slight reskins of Onderon would work. Or not even a reskin...I'm not sure how the modding process works but if you could build unique areas and then basically slap on the Onderon look with maybe a Telos background or whatever it's look nice. Anyway. This planet is where you meet the fames family of the Organas and the whole side quest where you can finally bring peace between them and the Ulgos. Admiral Onasi also resides here and sends you on a mission before trusting you fully. After this planet, when you take off for whatever next planet you go to, you will be attacked by Darth Virulen's forces and must fight aboard his Sith Destroyer. It'd be a short mission. Ugh. I hate being busy. That's all I can write right now, I'll try and post in a few hours but wow...this had like no ideas. haha I'll post some of the cooler ones in a bit.
  7. just to clarify: I understand that since it'd be using TSL, you wouldn't be able to simply reskin the areas from KoTOR, but have to be built from scratch. haha So after escaping The Exchange and leaving Nar Shaddaa, the shuttle takes the party to Raxus Prime. When you land the ship falls into the toxic waste of the planet and you discover that Czerka, now no longer as big as it had been before, has taken over the trash and salvage operations on the planet. And yes, they're just as annoying as ever. They've basically enslaved Jawas to do the manual labor (though the Jawas are "paid" -- just enough to barely get by.) There is a side quest entitled Jawa Liberation. As you would guess, a Jawa asks for your assistance in helping them and you can take this info to Czerka who will make an example out of that Jawa or you can lead the revolt. This would require animations for the Jawas, like combat animations which aren't in the vanilla game but I think I read something about exactly these animations with another mod? Not sure. This is also the planet where you fight through many droids. Other enemies include mutated mynocks (or something haha), and bounty hunters/scavengers. Eventually you find a temple very similar to the Telos Academy and inside you meet Brianna (I know she only joined the Exile if male but canonically it says she joined the Exile so yeah). She reveals you had a highly top secret mission, as you'd already know from the Republic Soldier and that you went to various other planets in your search for the Hidden Jedi who each gave another piece of the mystery to you. The planets were: Corellia, Ilum, Alderaan, Tatooine, Korriban, and Naboo before heading into the furthest reaches of the Unknown Regions. However you tell Brianna about how the ship sunk and she tellsyou that Bao-Dur also resides on the planet and that he most likely has a way off. You then head out to find him. Along the way is when you pick up HK-47. Arriving at the location of Bao-Dur the Zabrak tells you he has a surprise and reveals the Ebon Hawk. The only missing thing...a working hyperdrive. When you tell him about the fate of your last ship, he tells you that the hyperdrive may in fact still function if it was in a safe enough compartment of the ship. Returning to the Czerka Outpost, you have to acquire a EV Diving Suit. There are a few ways to get it. If you've already led the Jawa Revolt, you can simply ask the Jawa leader for it, or you can lead the revolt then then ask. If you've already told Czerka about the Jawas you can ask and they will let you rent one for 100 credits. He can be Persuaded down to 50 credits or you can Force Persuade to get it free. If you haven't done anything regarding the Jawas and don't intend to. You can sneak into the back with a stealth field generator. If you're caught at all, they send you back out and want to fine you. Going under the toxic waste and retrieving the hyperdrive, you return to the Ebon Hawk only to be confronted by three Sith Apprentices who follow Darth Omyn. After dispatching them, you can enter the Ebon Hawk and can finally choose which planets you wish to visit. Let's just say you choose Tatooine. The Ebon Hawk lands in the same Anchorhead docking bay as the original KoTOR only much more rundown and no longer run by Czerka. You are instead confronted by a gamorrean demanding payment. The usual options: kill him, persuade him otherwise, pay up. He's also not helpful at all if you have questions. You can visit the Hunting Lodge and you will find some of the same hunters there...only now there are many more thugs who hunt. The Hunting Lodge owner is now a Twi-Lek working for Motta and they also deal in Bounty HUNTING. (there's a quest involving the previous one). Motta resides in the original Swoop Registration building (whichnow has a few separate rooms. You can also sign up and win racing bonds as well as bet on races. He also has other bounty hunting jobs for you to follow. The original Czerka building is now a place where civilians are dwell who are too poor for a place of their own. Yuka Laka still runs his droid shop and will be surprised to see HK-47. You can threaten him with HK-47 to force him to give up all of his credits (3750) and this will force him to run away (DS obviously). Like Tatooine in the the original KoTOR which had respawning Wraids, this would have that as well as respawning "bounties." The Mandalorian Enclave, established by Mandalore the Dominant after betraying Canderous on Dxun and moving the clan. The enclave is actually more fortified version of the Tusken Raider camp. This is where you can help Canderous take back his title as Mandalore. I still have a looooot more ideas haha but that's just another set.
  8. Okay so here are some more ideas I've been toying with. After waking up, escaping the Sith, possibly saving or killing T3, you arrive at the secret Republic Base on Nar Shaddaa. After they realize you don't know how well your previous outing was, due to either an intentional or accidental memory block, they let you go but a Republic Soldier will join your party. This is vaguely like the Taris/Peragus section of the other games where you can't explore the other planets just yet. You do some assignments for the base as well as helping people in debt and maybe getting X-TR8 if you've killed T3. but as you progress through the main story, you eventually get confront by HK-66, a bounty hunter droid that wants to collect the bounty on your head placed by The Exchange. After a quick duel, the droid knocks you're whole party out and takes you to The Exchange Yacht over the moon (like Goto's Yacht). Aboard there, you have no idea as to the reason you have a bounty on your head, but the leader believes you to be playing dumb. All you know is that the bounty was placed on you to be brought back alive. I'm thinking a reference to Empire in here with the leader saying something along the lines of "I told that droid, no disintegrations." He then forces you to fight in an arena, and yes it is almost exactly the same arena style as it was on Taris, but reskinned. In it you have to fight against, at first, a pack of Kath Hounds. Following that he releases some battle droids with energy shielding. Then there's a break as he then says "imported straight from Davik himself before the tragic Sith blockade and then annihilation of the planet...Rakghouls!" and you have to fight some of those. You then fight some bounty hunters and finally, the last round you must battle a feared Mandalorian himself. During the fight, the player will realize that it is actually Canderous Ordo. The two of you join forces to make an escape and steal an Exchange Ship. Canderous details how his most trusted ally betrayed him and sold him to the Exchange because of a bounty Davik had placed just before the confrontation in the hangar. He also tells you that he's received word that the Mandalorian clans on Dxun were moved to a settlement near Anchorhead. However he also tells you that he remembers you passing through the yacht previously, but not wanted, He tells you that you were on your way to Raxus Prime...long story short: the reason for the bounty on you was because you stole HK-47 from the yacht, who somehow fell into the hands of The Exchange. After some reprogramming you and he left. Other Ideas: HK-66, the bounty hunter droid is very similar to IG-88, both in name and function. After a planet or two, the droid confronts you again intending to collect the new bounty on your head: dead or alive. After bringing his health down low, he quickly escapes. Later on in the game, you will be imprisoned by the Exchange yet again. This time however you will destroy the ship and escape. However HK-66 will later confront you again even after the ship has been destroyed. After asking why since the bounty can't be collected anymore, he replies "Statement: You are one of the most wanted men in the galaxy, Jedi. More than one group wants to see you dead." After finally destroying the droid, you learn that one of the Sith Lords contacted him to kill you. Also I included the HK-50s in a side quest on Tatooine. This woman tells you her husband is missing and that he went into the Dunes with their battle droid but both went missing. After checking the campsite of where they were supposed to be, it leads you to an old abandoned Czerka Sandcrawler. You go inside and fight through hordes of droids before you find HK-50 leading a droid militia, very similarly to HK-47 on Raxus Prime. When talking to HK-47, you can ask him to color himself in camo. He will appear in his default copper form if you tell him to remove the camo or never ask him to. If he wears the camo, I'm thinking he gets a +1 in Defense but if he doesn't wear the camo, a +1 in Strength or something. So when you first find him on Raxus Prime, he's painted in a similar color as his default color only slightly more greenish and gross. On Ilum he will be white Nar Shaddaa or Sith ships, he will be black, etc. The gang war on Corellia is reminiscent of the fighting between the Beks and Vulkars on Taris. The Black Heth are actually a reference to the game Obi-Wan where the Black Heth were a front for Jin'Ha weaponers. I'm not sure if I want them to be lead by the Jin'Ha or imply that sometime later the Jin'Ha took the name of the ancient gang. The Neo-Beks are led by Mission and Zaalbar. Also on this planet you'll run into Griff Vao who wants to meet his sister. You can go DS and tell him to beat it or you can help reunite the pair. I'm not sure if I want him there to be trying to hit her up for credits or because he's actually found a sustainable lifestyle and has cleaned himself up. I already talked about the Sandral and Matale lovebirds showing up. Another KoTOR "loose end" or "conclusion" is you get to meet the Organas on Alderaan. Eventually you're approached by Jarrus Ulgo,, brother of Trask Ulgo. He wants revenge on the Organas after they supposedly hired the bounthy hunter Selven to kill the Ulgos on Taris. Luckily, he was offworld and before she could get to him she got the bounty placed on her head. You can tell the Organas who ask you to protect them and say they will reward you. Or you can join Jarrus' quest for vengeance and help him. Or you can ask around the Organa's Estate and discover if they really did hire Selven. You then learn that they did and can bring the info to Jarrus and tell him to show it to the authorities instead. OR you can learn why they did so and it was because a member of his family murdered some of the Organas after a misunderstanding where he believed them to be Vulkars or thieves. You can then bring peace between the two parties. Swoop Racing is still around but is getting even more dangerous. If it would be possible, I'd add in other swoops onto the track at the same time. Or at the very least, explosives and other traps. Motta still runs the Swoop Registration on Tatooine. I want there to be some consequences to your party members for your actions. For example. At one point (SPOILER TIME...you've been warned...though it's not real sooo...) you would duel with Darth Omyn while he has your entire party in stasis (whole party as in every member). Once you bring his health down enough and are winning...he will tell you to strike him down. There will be 3 responses to this: 1. Gladly. 2. No. It's not the Jedi way. Please.... turn back to the light. 3. I will do what I must... Choosing 1 you will immediately cut him down and end the battle, netting you a **** ton of DS points. (for certain things, I want it to critically knock down your LS/DS meter) Choosing 3 will start the battle up again and you will finally finish him off. Choosing 2, the archetypal Jedi LS response has the least appeasing outcome: Omyn will seize his chance and pull Jolee to him in order to stab the Jedi Master in the gut. Omyn will then run off leaving you to hear Jolee's last words. See what I mean? Choosing the GOOD LS option has the absolute WORST outcome that time around whereas the DS has the one that benefits your team and kills the enemy quickest. See why so many fall to the DS when all they want to do is do something good? Idk, I feel like nothing like that ever really presents itself in I or II. Those are just a handful of other ideas.
  9. Dude your ideas are great! :) Are you considering modding?

  10. Well that's what this is for then, to see if anyone likes the idea of it. Once I get the PC version in the mail, of course I'm going to look into modding, I just doubt I'll be any good. And to darth-ackbar, I have a lot of ideas. Many of them have to do with things that should be fairly easy to implement such as a quest titled "Happily Ever After?" where you see Rahasia Sandral and Ahlan Matale but they're being attacked. The whole Canderous/Mandalore thing, unless you have your own idea for him, should also easily fit into most stories. I'll post the ideas for stuff in a few hours.
  11. Oh no, it is by no means a real mod/expansion. As of now it is simply a fantasy. I'd like to work on it but I have ZERO experience with mods although my brother enlisted my help for a Skyrim mod which I thought about making KoTOR III utilizing Skyrim and it's creation kit but idk...it may not feel like KoTOR that way...whoknows? If someone could make it...that'd be amazing but I highly doubt anyone would take the time to create my vision which would take so much work and effort when they could do the same amount of work and create their OWN storyline. Sigh...haha
  12. So I'm new, have yet to get KoTOR II on PC (though I finally ordered it in order to try and download the mods that will make the game...more like Obsidian originally intended), and have noticed other ideas for a similar "after TSL" mods. Now I have no idea how to mod but I have the basic plot for the game and can write the story and everything. So, if some ambitious modder wants to steal the ideas here, all I ask is to be credited for the idea haha. So um...here goes: As of now, the PC is referred to as the Jedi Wanderer (similar to the Jedi Exile of TSL) STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic III Will of the Force It has been 5 years since the destruction of the Sith Triumvirate on Malachor V. Since then, the galaxy has plunged ever further into darkness as various claimants to the mantle of DARK LORD rise up. A Sith Civil War has ravaged countless worlds and the Republic and Jedi Order both are on the verge of collapse. DARTH SADO, one of the four central fighters in the Sith Civil War, and his legions of followers have made several decisive victories over his Sith opponents. DARTH OMYN, along with his apprentice Darth Antagon, seek to usurp the power Sado has garnered through multiple stealth and assault missions. DARTH VIRULEN and his own apprentice have gathered a cult following of their own in a small amount of time while DARTH HOMICAI, thanks to his apprentice Darth Revenant, has managed to gain a strong backing by Sith Soldiers who once followed Revan and Malak, who believe him to be the most akin to the two famous Sith Lords. Far in the Outer Rim, a JEDI WANDERER has been captured by the force of Darth Omyn and imprisoned. The Dark Lord has sent his apprentice to personally interrogate the mysterious Jedi and find the secrets to the Jedi Order and the Hidden Jedi.... So...whew. Lot of information. The game would start with the Jedi Wanderer, JW for short, waking to find Darth Antagon approaching. After a short interrogation, where the player cannot remember anything, the Sith decided to kill you. The end. No, not really, instead the Sith Destroyer is attacked and he runs out of the room, leaving you alone. Soon, the force-field imprisoning you, goes out and you make your escape. Onboard you will run into an imprisoned T3-M4 who asks you to help free him. Now as I'd intend for this mod to work, you can either leave him to his fate, free him and have him join your party, or kill him. Now I won't go into much more detail on this initial post because I'd rather see what type of response this gets...probably a bad one lol but whatevsss. But I will give a list of a few ideas. PLANETS/LOCATIONS Nar Shaddaa - as always, a great place for those who seek to avoid attention to go to. A secret Republic Base is here. Tatooine - a few years after Revan visited Tatooine in his quest to find the Star forge and stop Malak, Czerka Corp. went bankrupt and pulled out of the waste planet. Since then, Motta the Hutt has taken over the expanded yet rundown Anchorhead. Crime is now much more prevalent and mostly shady characters are around. This is also where the Mandalorians have established an enclave ever since Mandalore the Dominant took over. Korriban - The barren planet now lies in the hands of Darth Sado who makes his throne there. To him, he has already won the throne. It resides in the center of the Sith Academy and his disciples reside there. Here is where the player can craft a Red Lightsaber of their own utilizing the Crystal Synthesizer. Corellia - Czerka Corp, while bankrupt, hasn't totally disappeared and owns a small docking bay on the planet. However access to the Corellian Streets is strictly prohibited due to the gang war between the Black Heth and the Neo-Beks. Alderaan - The shining hope for the Republic stands as a last beacon to crumbling ideals od a bygone age. There is a firm Republic presence on the planet. It is here that the Organas reside as well. Raxus Prime - the junk planet forgotten by the Republic and Sith both, this far off planet provides an excellent escape from the rest of the galaxy. Or it would, if Czerka hadn't taken over the trash and salvage operations on the planet. Ilum - The Force is strong amongst the many caves that dot the icy planet of Ilum. Currently, the Sith and Republic use it as a battlefield. This is where you can find most of the lightsaber crystals in the game: blue, green, orange, yellow, cyan, teal, pale green, silver, gold, white, violet, and even pink if one looks hard enough. Unknown Regions - there are actually a few locations here that would spoil the twist in the plot but I believe it'd be pretty cool... POTENTIAL PARTY MEMBERS *NOTE: I have not decided whether or not I should have the party consist of mostly previous Ebon Hawk members or have them be cameos...so some of these may instead just be dialogue sequences with the character rather than a party member* T3-M4: found on the Sith Ship in the beginning. He was responsible for giving the distress beacon remotely from the ship to the Republic base on Nar Shaddaa in order to have them rescue you. Can be killed or rescued. X-TR8: A Sith Probe droid found being sold on Nar Shaddaa and can be bought and fixed up. He takes the place of T3-M4 and will delight HK-47. HK-47: found leading a droid militia in a makeshift camp on Raxus Prime. Statement: HK-47 is still as wonderful as ever, meat---er. Master. Mandalore/Canderous: Yep, the awesome Mandalorian returns. Found aboard the current Exhancge leader's yacht above Nar Shaddaa, the Mandalore was betrayed by one of his most trusted allies on Dxun and sold to The Exhcange who were still after a bounty originally placed by Davik. He is forced to fight the player in an arena but the two formulate a plot during the fight to escape together to Raxus Prime. Brianna: found inside a makeshift Jedi Academy (similar to the one in TFU I) but based on the design of the Telos Academy where she trained). She wears her mother's robes and wields a silver saber. Bao-Dur: I never intended him to be a party member, just a cameo. He is also on Raxus Prime and he is the one who reveals the Ebon Hawk to the player. He still has his remote with him. Admiral Carth Onasi: found in the Republic Base on Alderaan, he currently leads the bulk of the Republic's fighting forces against the Sith threat(s). Jolee Bindo: found on Tatooine hidden away in a bunker almost buried by the Dune Sea. Kaz Aranas: a Kel Dor Jedi Master on Ilum who helps guide the JW through multiple trials on the planet. Mission Vao and Zaalbar: the two are found on Corellia leading a swoop gang that they havenamed the Neo-Beks. The two want to help in the fight against the Sith but wish to end the fighting locally first. and more....? I have many, many, many more plot points to cover and if the response is good, I'll do a post on whatever people wanna know most about: planets, party members, etc. This will include quests found on each or with each, etc. I can go into detail about the various Sith and discuss some of their followers as well or I can go into detail about bigger plot points (SPOILERS) or gameplay mechanics I'd liketo see implemented...anywho. That's all for now, folks!
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