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  1. Hey


    Does anyone knowns how to train Hanmainden(Brianna) as a dark jedi guardian becoz at the game l'm having trouble talking to her becoz when l click on her she only says "We have nothing to disqus and also l look on her at the party member selection l only see at my party member selection every party member l have is dark only she is light l don't unterstand when l get some dark poits to my Sith lord class character Brianna turns more lighter any tips ??

  2. But at JKA everything looks much better but l known there are some mods that might fix it like masters of the force mod or movie battles for JKO (needs original trilogy skin pack to work).....

  3. Hey


    Does anyone knowns what is that war at the unknown regions that Revan went to fight in and when Kreia spoken about it at the game ??? l known there is a great hyperspace war were Naga shadow went to fight the Gallactic republic but l never heard abaut the war at the unknown regions






    P.S l'm only a beginer with TSL l known l passed the all game but still l wont to known

  4. Hey!!


    What's everyones favorite game from this list ??


    1. Halo 2


    2. Aliens colonial marines


    3. Dead Space 3


    4. Star wars Republic commando


    5. Aliens vs Predator 2


    6. Aliens vs Predator


    7. Assasin's Creed 3


    8. Need for speed the Run


    my fovorite is Halo 2 and Aliens colonial marines,republic commando what's yours ??

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