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    "Yeah, look it's me! The one who can't be free! Much too young to focus, but too old to see! Hey, look it's me! What no one wants to see! See what you brought this world. Just what you want to see. Hey ma, hey ma, look it's me" PRINCE CHA
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    High in the sky...
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    100% music:The first and forever group i ever liked METALLICA.Other-AC-DC,ZZ TOP,The Sword,U2,Black Sabbath.Types music-classic,jazz,blues,all kind of rock,new metal waves to the 90's,not that much pop reather than j-pop,j-rock,j-poprock.
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    Ameteur songwriter
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    Alice,Broforce and Quake 3
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    KOTOR games,JK games,Battlefront games,Republic Commando
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  1. uuuuuuu well the Creator for the images did't have an email it seems l must find some images with an email of the creator but l'm thinking if l find some darth vader images with the creator email and l will have a chance to contack him l hope that he won't think l'm stealing his images l'm only trying to get permission ugh!!

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