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    "Yeah, look it's me! The one who can't be free! Much too young to focus, but too old to see! Hey, look it's me! What no one wants to see! See what you brought this world. Just what you want to see. Hey ma, hey ma, look it's me" PRINCE CHA
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    High in the sky...
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    100% music:The first and forever group i ever liked METALLICA.Other-AC-DC,ZZ TOP,The Sword,U2,Black Sabbath.Types music-classic,jazz,blues,all kind of rock,new metal waves to the 90's,not that much pop reather than j-pop,j-rock,j-poprock.
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    Ameteur songwriter
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    Alice,Broforce and Quake 3
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    KOTOR games,JK games,Battlefront games,Republic Commando
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  1. That depends on what kind of modding you want.Coding can be even done with the simplest text programs(like what i used to do) and it's easy to figure what the variables stand for or with the released sourse code for advanced modding. As for reskining and/or textures you'll need some programs.Give this a shot.
  2. "-Haha!Your hero has arrived! Jan:Took you long enough." XD
  3. Yeah.It was After that the cheat should be added and it should work.X-Federico, have you tryed to see if other codes work?Like the give all or something else?Also i think that the singleplayer codes for the saber styles were numbered. and the numbers were up to 6 i think.
  4. Yeah.I think that they ricochet when they hit it. Lol.Never ocured to me but that would be quite a miss for the game testers.
  5. ^New memo pads not good enough!Get new new memo pads! XD
  6. Hi.I started playng JKA again and i'm playng in my friend's server but sometimes it crashes and i get the following error: 149817 files in pk3 files Shutting down OpenGL subsystem ERROR: no shader files found It doesn't happen every time i try to join and it's random but other servers go alright.Another friend has the same problems sometimes with other servers.And i tryed to play without any mods so i am pretty sure that a mod wouldn't be the problem. Does someone know why this is happening?Thank's in advance! Edit:I think that i solved the issue by deleting the folder that the server had created in my GameData folder.
  7. I think that it's the best weapon of choice.It also stuns the AT-ST's cause they're mechanical. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) But at this point(the part of the game where battle111 was when he created the thread)the DEMP isn't available yet...unless it doesn't get by cheat.
  8. I don't know dude.The admins aren't moving their fingers to fix it.Try hiding your IP with http://www.incloak.com.I remember that there was a smilar issue and JIGOS found a way to fix it.
  9. Iron Man 3(Can't wait for the forth part!) Metallica's TTN(Through The Never soundtrack/movie) And that's about all i can think out of. XD
  10. Good,as long as you turn on the "TARGET LOCK" feature. Joining a game clan without playng the game itself.
  11. ^Has Cat Scratch Fever...Needs some rat medicine.Lol. Ash Rivers.You obviously haven't watched Negative Zero.
  12. ^ (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I'm gonna put on my victory helmet. -Charlie Sheen
  13. Biggest Metallica fan.Some earlyer Metal,Rock and some Pop will do too.Madonna beats them all.Lady Gaga ain't that bad but i stay by the side of the original Pop Queen.
  14. ^Still writing the same "note to self".Too busy conquering planets to remember. XD
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