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  1. That depends on what kind of modding you want.Coding can be even done with the simplest text programs(like what i used to do) and it's easy to figure what the variables stand for or with the released sourse code for advanced modding. As for reskining and/or textures you'll need some programs.Give this a shot.
  2. "-Haha!Your hero has arrived! Jan:Took you long enough." XD
  3. Yeah.It was After that the cheat should be added and it should work.X-Federico, have you tryed to see if other codes work?Like the give all or something else?Also i think that the singleplayer codes for the saber styles were numbered. and the numbers were up to 6 i think.
  4. Yeah.I think that they ricochet when they hit it. Lol.Never ocured to me but that would be quite a miss for the game testers.
  5. ^New memo pads not good enough!Get new new memo pads! XD
  6. Hi.I started playng JKA again and i'm playng in my friend's server but sometimes it crashes and i get the following error: 149817 files in pk3 files Shutting down OpenGL subsystem ERROR: no shader files found It doesn't happen every time i try to join and it's random but other servers go alright.Another friend has the same problems sometimes with other servers.And i tryed to play without any mods so i am pretty sure that a mod wouldn't be the problem. Does someone know why this is happening?Thank's in advance! Edit:I think that i solved the issue by deleting the folder that the server had created in my GameData folder.
  7. I think that it's the best weapon of choice.It also stuns the AT-ST's cause they're mechanical. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) But at this point(the part of the game where battle111 was when he created the thread)the DEMP isn't available yet...unless it doesn't get by cheat.
  8. I don't know dude.The admins aren't moving their fingers to fix it.Try hiding your IP with http://www.incloak.com.I remember that there was a smilar issue and JIGOS found a way to fix it.
  9. Iron Man 3(Can't wait for the forth part!) Metallica's TTN(Through The Never soundtrack/movie) And that's about all i can think out of. XD
  10. Good,as long as you turn on the "TARGET LOCK" feature. Joining a game clan without playng the game itself.
  11. ^Has Cat Scratch Fever...Needs some rat medicine.Lol. Ash Rivers.You obviously haven't watched Negative Zero.
  12. ^ (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I'm gonna put on my victory helmet. -Charlie Sheen
  13. Biggest Metallica fan.Some earlyer Metal,Rock and some Pop will do too.Madonna beats them all.Lady Gaga ain't that bad but i stay by the side of the original Pop Queen.
  14. ^Still writing the same "note to self".Too busy conquering planets to remember. XD
  15. ^From quite some time chooses only hot mommas as avatars. You got my answer by my question.Lol.
  16. I go with dexterity too cause i like using blasters ether way.It's a bonus because it benefits both ranged weapon and lightsaber/melee combat if i have the finesse feat.
  17. ^Dafaq? XD Is that a trick question? XD
  18. Haven't played the game from quite some time but i still like it.
  19. Totaly agree!When i start playng him i think "AH!NOW YOU MADE ME MAD!". XD True...That's why it's best to use him in smaller maps...
  20. ^Currently playng the game of life.Be carefull.This is a game with majour twists and turns and in the end you may find yourself with nothing left to sacrifice.
  21. I'm in it for the guns. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Nothing better than taking out a dark jedi with a blaster.Lol.
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