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  1. I have recently found this great game called "The Precursors" whick is a mixed-genre game, featuring RPG, Action, Stealth, FPS amd Space Combat elements, you even get your own ship and can travel to multiple planets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precursors_(video_game) After playing about 12 hours, I found a planet that looks just like Tatooine, the same houses design, etc, and another one like Kashyyk, with giant trees and walkways between them! It gave me a stronh Kotor I feel. There is a space transit system that is almost identical to the one in Mass Effect, and you can also fly between planets like in the X space combat series, fighting pirates along the way. There is also a major war going on between an Empire and an Alliance!
  2. Great work! I have been trying real hard to get the larger mods like BoS:SR on IOS, so far I only got Yavin IV running smoothly and testing K1R now.... I will try installing your Android builds on IOS next to see what happens... I also bought an Android tablet just to play your mod pack on it! UPDATE: I bought a Lenovo Tab with Android, bought Kotor on the app store, rooted the tablet, downloaded Your Brotherhood of Shadow mod archive, then copied the mod to the location You specified. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me:( When loading the included savegame and going to Korriban, there is no Rodian in the cantina tomstart the mission. It is strange, as other assets like the Czerka technician and droid fixing the door are there... I also tried loading saves from my PC further into the mod, the Bith in the Tatooine cantina appears and the mod story begins after talking to him, but aboard the Orion lots of characters are missing, and there are no doors on the ship (you can see space through where doors should have been)! Did this mod work on Android for anyone? Please tell me how You got it working, maybe the Android version or Kotor version matters?
  3. It will feature both a default classic mode where you can play in third person mode and turn based combat just like in the original, with the possibility to change this in the settings menu, to switch to first person (like in Fallout 4), and you will also be able to play it with live combat, like Mass Effect or Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Also check out this thread http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=224412 It is more active then this one, I think I will soon merge these two!
  4. Thank You! Unfortunately I have no programming experience, it would have been awesome to write my own GUI or at least a custom Android shell. For the beggining I think I will just tweak the default Android UI theme to make it look as much as possible as the Kotor game menu (set the colour scheme and the text to the same shade of blue, etc). The Wookiepedia App will be present mandatory . After researching I also found that it is possible to install and run light Linux versions with GUI on older tablets, so I will also give this a go, maybe find a way to tweak the Linux UI as well. Another really cool thing would be to actually have the Android version of Kotor installed as well as Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (there is a Android port for it as well) and play them from the Datapad - tablet . I might need a more powerful tablet for this though (with a Mali-400 graphic chip and at least 1 GB of ram). As I will become better at prop making and learn some Arduino coding as well I wish I will someday build a Datapad 2.0 with custom GUI and a GPS module that can display a working map, like this awesome fan-made Fallout Pip-Boy 2000+ replica: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-PIP-Boy/?ALLSTEPS . Off-topic: So far I have also built this gizmo: It's a working portable Windows gaming console! I grew tired of waiting for Aspyr to port Kotor II to IOS and Android, so I cobbled together this device to play it on the go! It is built from a Allview WI-7 Tablet PC (about 60$ on eBay), a wireless Smart TV keyboard with gamepad (about 20$) and a custom iron backplate I made in my garage to keep the tablet and controller together. It has a 1,5 GHz Intel Atom processor, 1 GB of RAM, Intel HD graphic card with 256 MB of VRAM, 16 GB of SSD storage (that I expanded to a total of 144 GB by adding a 128 GB class 10 micro SD-card!) and it runs Windows 8.1. It runs older games perfectly (I played Deus Ex 1, Half-Life 1, Kotor, Starcraft on it and with a little tweaking it can run games like Far Cry 1, Mass Effect 1, Half-Life 2 and Starcraft 2) and the controller works smoothly (I remapped the Left mouse button to the Q key, and the Right mouse button to the R key for easier access needed especially in FPS games). I have also built a version that has a small gamepad controller instead of the keyboard + touchpad under the tablet, but I found the current controller smoother especially for Kotor and some FPS games. The tablet's touchscreen also works great with RTS gams like Starcraft! I have also managed to remote control my PC with my iPad using a great app called Kinoni KinoConsole, and sucessfully played SWTOR from my iPad
  5. Yes it's totally legit. I was skeptical too at first when I saw their early work back in July 2015 (only about 15 people knew about the project back then and many considered it a hoax), they only had some prototype lightsaber hilts and a room from the Endat Spire modeled. They became very active since around November 2015 and post progress updates almost daily on their official twitter page https://twitter.com/apeiron_kotor , it's worth checking it out daily! I also watched a four hours long live Twitch stream at the beggining of this year, where they were modeling Upper Taris and also answered some fan questions on the stream chat, so I can guarantee You all that all the info, screenshots and links I posted here are totally legit! They are hoping for a beta release in Quarter 4 2016. The project has also just been featured in the gaming media about two days ago, here are some articles from respectable sources: http://kotaku.com/fans-begin-project-to-remake-star-wars-kotor-with-mode-1759247436 http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-02-16-kotor-remade-in-unreal-engine-4-looks-like-this http://gamerant.com/star-wars-knights-old-republic-remake/ https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/916373-pc/73302463 http://www.pcgamesn.com/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic/knights-of-the-old-republic-remake-called-apeiron-looks-gorgeous http://www.technobuffalo.com/2016/02/16/star-wars-kotor-remade-in-unreal-engine-4/ http://www.eteknix.com/kotor-reboot-apeiron-being-created-in-unreal-engine-4/ https://www.tomshw.it/gallerie/apeiron-remake-star-wars-kotor-74339 (in Italian) http://www.tomshardware.fr/articles/apeiron-star-wars-kotor-mod,1-58585.html (in French) Since it got the media's attention I noticed that their Twitter followers have increased from about 400 to 1500 in less then 48 hours! I'm just happy I've been following them since the very beggining when there were about 5 followers
  6. Maybe many of You already know, but for those roaming the forums that might not have heard, an indie game development company named Apeiron Games http://www.apeirongame.com are making a complete remake of Star Ears Knights of the Old Republic in Unreal Engine 4! It will be a complete reboot of the original games, following the original storyline but adding some new elements and quests. Now that is great news! The game has been in development since the summer of 2015, according to the developer's journal the Endar Spire is about 85% completed, And roght now they are working hard on Taris, that is about 50% done, and some work has also been done on Tatooine and Dantooine. They are very active on their Twitter account https://twitter.com/apeiron_kotor and post new screenshots almost daily! They also have frequent streaming sessions where they stream live as they work on the game (that is really cool, I totally love the transparancy and openess, they are the coolest game dev company out there really!). Ok, enough talking, here are some cool screenshots: A corridor on The Endar Spire Upper Taris Taris Appartment Tatooine Dantooine Before you ask - YES, the project is 100% legal, so let's go ahead and show our support for their great work! All information and material is posted here with Apeiron's permission and can be found on their Twitter page as well. You can help by spreading the word or making a donation. They are currently looking for help as well, so all modders / scripters / mappers / modelers / testers that can help out are welcome to send them an email to join the team (the address can be found on their website http://www.apeirongame.com )! On this thread You can also discuss about the game, post related material (screenshots, videos), debate, etc. Ever since I played the Mass Effect series I've been thinking how a remake of Kotor in Unreal Engine would look, now this dream is coming true! Let's offer Apeiron all our encouragement for this project, they really deserve it!
  7. I am working on creating a real-life SW: KOTOR Prop! The project is pretty simple, I have finished the documenting phase and managed to piece together a final concept for the device, based on in-game screenshots and artwork of the Versafunction88 Datapad model! With the help of these I also managed to figure a rough estimate of its size. I've been dreaming about a real datapad since I noticed them in KOTOR, so after waiting for one to appear I said "Why not make one myself?!?" I will be using an old tablet I had laying around, it is a Odys Loox Android tablet, its advantage is that the screen is of a square shape rather then a widescreen format, so it's a great fit! After researching how to do the actual Datapad frame to fit the tabled, I decided to cover the tablet in a surplus of Poxyline (it's a putty-like sunstance made of two components, and when they are mixed together you can model it any shape you want, and after about 10 minutes it hardens like a very strong but also compact concrete) and after it hardens trim off the excess and model it into the shape of the frame, then polish it and apply the finishing touches with the help of a friend who is a sculptor, and paint it afterwords. One of the tricky parts will be installing an improvised start button mechanism as the original one will be covered by the frame, and also route the power and data ports to the exterior of the frame. Status: Research and documentation - 100% Planning / blueprint - 100% Materials acquired - 70% Pictures: - Design concept (gatheted images from the Internet): http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/9/97/Datapad_negwt.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20060804121723 http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/4/4f/Versafunction88_Datapad.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100926215753 http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/0/05/Companion2000-FF10.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100503171359 https://www.google.ro/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.star.etmortius.net%2Fequipement%2Foffice%2Fimages%2FStar%2520Wars%2520-%2520D6%2520-%2520Equipment%2520Stats%2520Netbook_img_222.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.star.etmortius.net%2Fequipement%2Foffice%2FInformation%2520Systems.html&docid=quzgLnZUt96KSM&tbnid=lyojDnIWzP0LzM%3A&w=513&h=302&ved=0ahUKEwjPqK-qsYfKAhXHAxoKHXkPCZIQxiAIBDAA&iact=c&ictx=1 - Props other people made (there are no functional ones, just LEGO or paper models): http://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=357488&id=/user_images/34901/1364656103m_DISPLAY.jpg http://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=357488&id=/user_images/34901/1364656116m http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SDQ-3NGa1sA/VA9_3SGb_DI/AAAAAAAAESc/RlKc2-TZuuo/s1600/Star-Wars-Versafunction88-Datapad-Papercraft.jpg - The Odys Loox tablet (that will be used for this prop): http://www.notebookcheck.com/fileadmin/_migrated/pics/2012-11_19.jpg
  8. If Disney bought all the rights to the Star Wars franchise, then are the official legal modding rules still under the same Lucas Arts jurisdiction? This is a very important question, because this could change whether the assts porting restrictions between Kotor 1 and 2 are still in effect! If that would be allowed it would help this mod tremendously (elements of Taris could be used to create Coruscant, etc). Does anyone know if Kotor still falls under the same Lucas Arts legal jurisdiction? If not we should contact Disney and ask if the legal limitations for modding may have changed... Quote from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LucasArts article describing Star Wars franchise legal status: This mod is a total masterpiece, so innovative in every way. Major Kudos to Logan and the entire modding team. This great work MUST get the public appreciation it deserves... A mod like this should defintely be in the top 10 MODDB projects currently in development, and when it will be released it definately deserves the "Mod of the Year" award! More promoting of this mod would surely bring it great benefits... It should start being promoted online through gaming bloggers, streamers and gaming journalists and magazines! There is a fan made Revan movie based on the book: http://www.projectrevan.com This movie was supported by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Even today, three month after release, they still accept donations. How were the creators of the movie legally able to have a donation campaign while they have no license or permission from Disney (that now holds all rights to the Star Wars franchise). If they did it, why aren't we allowed to make donations to support RoR? Its creators really deserve it for all their work, time and passion they are continuing to put into this project, and it would serve as a further encouragement for them not to abandon this brilliant mod.
  9. Have you managed to get Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge to work smoothly on the IOS version of Kotor I? Seems like you were pretty close to solving all the issues... I have also done some research into running larger mods (Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge, Yavin IV, Kotor 1 Restoration) on a jailbroken iPad. I have posted all my research here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=222281 If you managed to get BoS: SR to run smoothly and without game crashing bugs please post your findings, we would greatly appreciate it if you could post a detailed tutorial or any kind of help (tweaked mod files, useful links, etc.) to get it working, or at least tell us what you managed to fix so far! Thank You in advance!
  10. I have succesfully managed to rename all the game files of the Brotherhood of Shadow mod! I used a smart Windows application that can rename multiple files within one folder or drive, and set it to replace all uppercase characters with their lowercase equivalents (example: change "Save.sav" or "SAVE.SAV" to "save.sav"). I will provide a tutorial if anyone is interested. I managed to play portions of the BoS:SR mod but encountered many game-crashing. I have posted my research here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=222281 Could you please tell us how you got it to work fine? loads of kudos if you could post a tutorial or any helpful information! If anyone else has made any progress (some people said they were close to solving these issues and getting BoS to run on IOS), please let us know, we are dying to play this great mod on our iDevices!
  11. Did you get the email ?

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  13. Thank You very much for the support, right now I'm going through the scripting tutorials on this forum, and soon I will start doing my first practical scripting attempts for my mod. Your help is most welcome, and probably I will also ask for help with my mod in the near future.
  14. Hello everyone, I finished reading all the pages on this thread and made an account on the forums just to post here and offer my support. First I want to say I'm very impressed by the tremendous amount of work, dedication and passion Logan, RedRob and everyone on the team is putting in this mod, you have my deepest and most sincere respect! I also want to congratulate Logan for his new job (from the post on DeadlyStream), I hope it is in game development, as he wished, and wish him all the best! I would be most happy to help with this mod in any way I can. At the moment I can think of 4 ways to help: 1. I am an IT technician, specialising in hardware repairs and data recovery, and an experienced System and Network Administrator. I came up with an idea to help centralise the files for all members of the team working on this project, for easy access, archiveing and to ensure the files don't get lost on the computers of each member of the team (this issue has been discussed on this forum before). I was thinking to set up a local dedicated server at my home office with at least 200 GB of space and a permanent high speed internet connection (300 mbps). The machine is to be used only for this purpose and will be permanently on, backed up by a UPS and the connection will be secured by a Cisco router with built-in hardware firewall. To prevent data loss the server will also use 2 HDD units in mirroring mode. Each modder will have acces to a specific directory on the server (modules, dialogue, skins, etc.) or subdirectory by a username and password, where the modder will submit his / her work for the project. Of course Logan and the most important staff will have acces to the entire content. The content will be password protected and even encrypted if needed. If You think this is a good idea I can start setting up the server right away! 2. Beta-Testing. Durring college I worked as a beta tester for an important videogames company, and have over three years of experience in this field. If beta-testers for this project are still needed I would be more then happy to help! 3. Dialogue / description / any ingame text writer. I have a Master Degree in Film Script Writing and could help with the writing for the mod or at least to do grammar checks and corrections. I can also write scripts in CeltX but any text editor will do. 4. Music composing. My wife is a musician who just graduated the Music Academy, she could help with the composing. Unfortunately she does not know to use synthetisers or any special software to make the music sound as played by an orchestra, but she could write scores for multiple instruments and she can also play the violin and piano. I am currently studying scripting for modding Kotor, as soon as I get the hang of it I plan on beggining work on my own mod, which will be the highly demanded TSL Mira Romance Mod, that will allow the male Exile to romnce Mira! The mod is currently in preproduction, I am writing the dialogue and as soon as I manage to properly script it it shouln't take too long to complete. I apologise for this post if it is too long / boring or if it is not in conformity with any forum rules!
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