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  1. Interesting ... I didn't know that the Rebel Assault 2 baseball cap was also available with a green visor ... never seen it before. I only have the one in navy but it's also a very nice item
  2. Hi guys! Let me increase my offer up to $ X. And for anyone who can give me some helpful advice that will lead me to buy the cap, I would offer $X as well. Thanks in advance for your support.
  3. Guys, look what I've found ... so funny: This is an official postcard by the publisher Softgold in Germany. Look at his face ... he is smiling. I have lots of promo material here but it's always the face from the box art.
  4. Hey guys! I found this nice poster from the 90s: And here you can find one for sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Sam-And-Max-Pullout-Poster-Advertisement-Fox-Kids-1998-Steve-Purcell/184709625057
  5. I also have this one here and I think it's the same (produced & sold by Steve):
  6. Yes that could be. My shirt was sold by Steve directly to the collector I bought it from.
  7. Finally I found it ... the original Sam & Max Booga Booga Tshirt from mid of the 90s! Litte info on the edge: I heard that there were only made around 100 shirts in total as it was a limited edition.
  8. As we are already talking about high prices … From my postings you can see that I’m a big collector of that awesome merchandise stuff from LucasArts. I’m currently still looking for the „Day of the Tentacle cap“ – the last thing I miss in my dott collection. As I have a personal story with the game it would be great to get this one day. I have amazing merchandise stuff from the 90s available to swap (e.g. Curse of Monkey Island Sweatshirt, Sam & Max pins from '92 Comic Con, etc.), but also budget if this fits better and I could offer $X for the cap. So
  9. You're right ... the price is way too high for the shirt especially in terms of rarity. The Secret of Monkey Island longsleeve that is ultra rare to find went for ~$700, the Day of the Tentacle shirt for ~$200 ... However, there's an option to make price suggestions!
  10. By the way - here is one for sale: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Monkey-Island-Special-Edition-T-SHIRT-BOTTLE-ROOT-BEER-Lucasfilm-NEW-RARE/254884701279
  11. Here is another "bottle" (actually it's a tshirt) of a Monkey Island game, the special edition of Secret of Monkey Island: I was told, that there exists also another version of the design where it's not called "Arrr! Root Beer" but "Grog" (without anything else). I saw this only once ... does anyone here has this item and can share it with a picture?
  12. Nice to know, thanks for that info Jake. By the way, did you see my PM? I got mine from a fellow collector in the UK, so interesting and long journey for the bottle (especially in terms of transportation of a alcoholic good).
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