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  1. Hey guys. As we're already talking about alcoholic related items ... does anyone here has those nice Sam & Max shot glasses that werde also available at telltale? Would be nice to see them.
  2. And I'm also happy that this item was included in my order at that time: After the grog beer of Escape From Monkey Island and the coasters I think that was the most reasonable decision to offer a suitable mug
  3. OMG - they offered 90% off ... I can remember that I ordered a lot getting 40% off and I was pretty happy.
  4. Oh really ... that's interesting. Did they offer them as a set of 6 or was it possible to buy also single ones?
  5. Yes - I also believe that they were not for sale. They look very cool und also colourful.
  6. Hi @ll! As I received so much positive feedback for my last post of the LucasArts pin I went through my stuff and also find these nice Tales of Monkey Island promo pins: They were given to the people at the E3 as promotional items. It's the complete set of 6 pins. I read that they were also available in the telltale store later - can someone confirm this information? From the telltale store I only know this pin set (they are much smaller compared to the pin set above):
  7. Oh ... just saw that I also have the LucasArts pin in my collection
  8. @Thunderpeel2001: Many thanks for that - I actually didn't see this.
  9. Really, really great work! Many thanks for that, also the high quality. I really enjoyed it!
  10. I love that LucasArts pin on the left side and also LeChuck!
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