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  1. No, unfortunately there's nothing to find about a FOA pin in the old adventurer magazines. However, I'm quite sure that this pin was made before the release by LucasArts. I know the seller fand bought a lot of stuff from him, so I guess it's an official promotional item.
  2. I really love the artwork of Curse of Monkey Island - so the postcard was a great find for me. But I have it twice so I can offer one here. ^^ @ScummbuddyIf you find something you have twice post it here 🙂
  3. Hi all! I think there are a lot of great people with lots of great collections here. So I was thinking that it's maybe interesting to also have a trading group where we can offer things but also finding thing that we are looking for. 🙂
  4. UPDATE: The seller offered a second one that has just sold for $630: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284331013055 I guess there were a lot of people who missed the first shirt and then tried to get the second one.
  5. yes it's a great ad. Let me check - I'm quite sure I can give you a scan of it. 🙂
  6. I found this old 2-paged ad from a magazine:
  7. oh man ... I missed this one. 😕 It's such a great shirt with an awesome print. Did anyone here ever see the sweatshirt for sale?
  8. Interesting ... I didn't know that the Rebel Assault 2 baseball cap was also available with a green visor ... never seen it before. I only have the one in navy but it's also a very nice item 🙂
  9. Hi guys! Let me increase my offer up to $X. And for anyone who can give me some helpful advice that will lead me to buy the cap, I would offer $X as well. Thanks in advance for your support. 😊
  10. Guys, look what I've found ... so funny: This is an official postcard by the publisher Softgold in Germany. Look at his face ... he is smiling. 😄 I have lots of promo material here but it's always the face from the box art.
  11. Hey guys! I found this nice poster from the 90s: And here you can find one for sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Sam-And-Max-Pullout-Poster-Advertisement-Fox-Kids-1998-Steve-Purcell/184709625057
  12. I also have this one here and I think it's the same (produced & sold by Steve):
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