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  1. I got the HashtagCollectibles Max Plushie. Any known differences? Or is that a completely different product? It kinda looks exactly the same, including the tag.
  2. No problem! To be fair I wish I missed this, I remember I spent quite some time obsessively hitting refresh on the Bad Brain homepage for news about Sam&Max FP. You definitely dodged a bullet!
  3. Basically, this guy owned (or was one of the founders, I don't remember exactly) Bad Brain Entertainment, that German company that back in 2004 claimed a lot of promising things and (claimed they) had several graphic adventure games in production, with absolutely 0 concrete results eventually. Jason summed it up pretty well in this Mojo post. Please note the post is more than 5 years old, and in the meantime Bad Brain's website got shut down again and Mr. Kierdorf is focusing on that YouTube channel now.
  4. Tried already with the same outcome My last hope is trying it on another computer asap. Thank you for all the support, guys!
  5. I'll have to wait a little bit to be able to, which is torture!
  6. Yep that's the error, It'll ask me to format it. I don't have a machine with Linux at reach right now, but I highly doubt it's the issue, since 99% of the players will open this with a Window system.
  7. @Laserschwert Well that's disappointing, I can't seem to read it at all. I'm on Windows 10 so it's not like I messed up a Linux setting. Currently raging.
  8. I'm looking for a way to ensure that I don't corrupt the USB in the remote case my PC has some malware. Will post here as soon as I plug it in.
  9. OK, this is what we were all waiting for anyway I suppose: And everyone's favorite candle holder! There's more stuff but I guess I'll leave the rest as a cliffhanger for the other collectors?
  10. So glad they've removed it! OK, a bunch more before trying to get out the statues and the rest out of the polystyrene. I need to be extra careful.
  11. Don't have a floppy driver anymore, shame on me. Will have to wait. It is, yeah! More stuff:
  12. Glad to, but you'll have to wait until I sign off from work. I'm kinda maniacal for the way I keep relics such as this one, so I need to be extra cautious and not rush it.
  13. I can't believe how freaking massive this thing is! Wasn't expecting it. Here's a MI2 box comparison: I've also received some fancy numbered card with that odd-looking first take of EMI Guybrush. Good times!
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