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  1. This acquaintance of mine made this metal take on the MI theme many years ago, it got pretty popular when Ronzo tweeted about it.
  2. Haha you beat me to it, I just entered the forums to post about it. I must say the official announcement is somehow exciting, since we at least now have a new logo plus proper social accounts. Good times!
  3. Brilliant, thanks for this! You might also want to have a look to a similar project from another fan (unless you're the same guy, in that case double congrats!).
  4. Finally some love for Desktop Adventures! Nice one Quez
  5. I apologize in case my question felt provoking or out of place, mine was a genuine question asked to / among people I somehow consider "close" (for what the internet allows us to be close obviously). I respect all of you and had a great time for decades here, both as a lurker and as an active member. I understand that such a question is a bit too much to actually deal with in a forum like this (for LucasArts related stuff mainly). You don't come off rude and I hope I didn't as well, it's really something I was wondering but you're right, this implies personal research i
  6. I've changed my mind, although I was refunded I can't avoid to support the remasters: I'll buy it again. On a side note and just to play the devil's advocate here, isn't preventing a person from doing a job based on their skin color (in this case white) the very definition of racism?
  7. I normally don't wanna go OT, but I will just this one time. I can't argue with those who consider EMI to be a messed up entry in the MI series. Due to all the issues it has I can't even argue with those who consider it a sub-par entry in the MI series. But I can pretty much argue with those who say it's not a great game: if you take it for what it is - a graphic adventure - I can't see many adventures today that even come close to EMI's standards. It's the last high budget graphic adventure ever (or so it seems, unless I'm proven wrong), and it has great puzzles, humor, musical score
  8. Interesting indeed, those screens were totally adjusted for the print. From the few german words I know, I can also notice that Guybrush is still keeping the sword on Monkey Island. No way. Good catch Marius!
  9. Sure, provided that TMI stays at the last position!
  10. This is the post from their Facebook feed.
  11. Another Rum Rogers mention from Mojo? Cool sh**.
  12. According to the Terrible Toybox job openings, Ron and Gary are working on a new, unannounced graphic adventure. https://terribletoybox.com/job_art_director I'm excited. Thoughts?
  13. Ok, you all had loads of fun, but this ends here. This is the realâ„¢ official ordered list: 1) MI2 2) MI1 3) CMI 4) EMI 5) TMI That's just how it is. Sorry to be 100% objectively right.
  14. That's unfair, you worked for them!
  15. I'm totally impressed elTee, didn't even know the mini soundtrack existed. Seems like the kind of rarity that one might find for over 1k bucks if you're lucky enough. Amazing.
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