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  1. Kaptain Brawe was really cool, but it's not a Bill Tiller game. You might be referring to the failed Kickstarter campaign for Kaptain Brawe 2, which indeed would have had Bill Tiller on board but never happened.
  2. I never really understood the hatred towards pre-rendered backgrounds as well. First: A pre-rendered background from a 3D environment is a 2D background. I understand it's a different take on the art than hand drawn images, but it's still 2D. Second: With EMI in mind, I appreciate there's tons of detail getting lost in the process, but this doesn't apply to Grim Fandango at all. It's detailed, realistic, art deco goodness. But back to EMI again, it was the last high budget adventure game I remember and it's a great adventure game, just not a great Monkey Island game (as I always say and as has been said here already). It's such a shame because if the reception took into account the fact that after all it's a great adventure game on its own, we might have had more from LucasArts or at least their interest in the genre would have lasted longer. Anyway, the bottom line is EMI gets bashed far, far more than it deserves. Over and out.
  3. Sure, I'm not trying to force you to like Grim Fandango, my point is that maybe the motivation behind your dislike is a bit weak? Grim Fandango has 3D characters/objects but the backgrounds are 2D, pre-rendered, and gorgeous? It's not a full 3D game at all. Aside from that, it even made it to the museum of modern art for a lot of reasons: story, dubbing, puzzles, art direction, OST. All objectively top notch. But alright I respect your personal taste
  4. Logged in after months just to show my utter disapproval for such a terrible lack of judgement for the invaluable gem that is Grim Fandango. I can't believe what I'm reading.
  5. Well I voted MI1 and was pretty confident about it. I'm ashamed.
  6. Did I create the longest Mojo™ thread ever?!
  7. Random thought, but what made LeChuck so scary to me as a kid was that he had the rotting body of a normal-sized human. He could barely walk and that somehow made him a bit pitiful and a bit more disgusting as you could imagine his body being partially decomposed made him lose his full walking ability. From CMI on he's always had this huge torso and the tiny legs made him look more of a parody. Agreed though, this is the scariest I've seen him since Monkey 2!
  8. I thought that was a voodoo necklace till Ron shared a talking LeChuck on #MonkeyIslandMonday that made me notice they're lips. I think it's pretty likely that the changes have been applied to the whole game. That, or LeChuck changes a bit during the game.
  9. Pretty interesting how LeChuck is being modified during these last months of development. Now the Jolly Roger on his hat has real bones that have been roughly tied together, and his "lips" are more thick, noticeable and green. Here they are for comparison.
  10. Thanks, I've trimmed my beard recently and have been training hard... or not. OK, I know the way out.
  11. That's what humanity gets for creating a beautiful instrument of communication like the Internet, which not only connects us with the rest of the world but also connects the rest of the world with us (and that's where things go awry).
  12. That was top notch, sir. It's a shame those pricks won't understand a word you've written. I'm also done arguing there. It's too much.
  13. Totally agree, I would have just loved a little scribble of Ozzie Mandrill, or a kangaroo. Just to communicate "hey, you can hate it as much as you want but we acknowledge it has a right to exist."
  14. Good point. Thought that was a chicken from Plunder 😛
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