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  1. That's what humanity gets for creating a beautiful instrument of communication like the Internet, which not only connects us with the rest of the world but also connects the rest of the world with us (and that's where things go awry).
  2. That was top notch, sir. It's a shame those pricks won't understand a word you've written. I'm also done arguing there. It's too much.
  3. Totally agree, I would have just loved a little scribble of Ozzie Mandrill, or a kangaroo. Just to communicate "hey, you can hate it as much as you want but we acknowledge it has a right to exist."
  4. Good point. Thought that was a chicken from Plunder
  5. At least we know @Dmnkly does, so he might probably report that there's still tons of adoring fans.
  6. A bit sad to see there's no clear reference to EMI whereas all the other games are strongly acknowledged. I mean, if you embrace TMI it makes no sense to ignore EMI. It's all or nothing imho. Just a minor complaint here, I'm literally just sad for EMI to also be bashed by RMI when it's been stated that all the games will be treated with respect. Maybe there WILL be some reference and then I'll be fully at peace.
  7. I made the mistake to comment a little too much on Ron's blog. It's making me furious, I'll have to stop for my own peace of mind.
  8. Haha thanks for saving me from getting back to JS shenanigans. I did that for years (no React.js though!), and I'm glad I'm free from that nightmare now But yeah it's seriously hilarious I must say!
  9. Grim Fandango already does that to some degree (metal detector puzzle). It's just a joke, but it does exactly as you describe.
  10. Heh, I found this one interesting/funny in one of the JS scripts of the webpage. I'm too lazy right now to breakpoint my way to the point that function is actually called and I can see what the input param contains besides the exports field. Maybe tomorrow.
  11. I think she's just the new Governor's guard. A modern day Fester Shinetop.
  12. I hate that among the comments on the trailer there's some dude that is really convinced that Steve Purcell has worked on every Monkey Island game. And uses this false premise to insist that the game looks like shit, and that the reason for that is Purcell is not involved for the first time. Damn that's so frustrating to witness.
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