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  1. Interesting indeed, those screens were totally adjusted for the print. From the few german words I know, I can also notice that Guybrush is still keeping the sword on Monkey Island. No way. Good catch Marius!
  2. Sure, provided that TMI stays at the last position!
  3. This is the post from their Facebook feed.
  4. Another Rum Rogers mention from Mojo? Cool sh**.
  5. According to the Terrible Toybox job openings, Ron and Gary are working on a new, unannounced graphic adventure. https://terribletoybox.com/job_art_director I'm excited. Thoughts?
  6. Ok, you all had loads of fun, but this ends here. This is the realâ„¢ official ordered list: 1) MI2 2) MI1 3) CMI 4) EMI 5) TMI That's just how it is. Sorry to be 100% objectively right.
  7. That's unfair, you worked for them!
  8. I'm totally impressed elTee, didn't even know the mini soundtrack existed. Seems like the kind of rarity that one might find for over 1k bucks if you're lucky enough. Amazing.
  9. I think Tim's sentence makes this much more believable. With different flavors and levels of "truth" of course, but still there was something going on.
  10. Oof that's amazing Jennifer, I've never seen such an extensive Telltale collection before! Plus you also just reminded me I do have the S&M Seasons 1+2 goodies as well. I regret so much not having grabbed The Devil's Playhouse when I had a chance to, tho.
  11. Aw man the triangle box is the kind of rare gem I'm expecting to see in this thread!
  12. I'm curious to have a look to all of your LucasArts-related games/collectibles! I'm sure some of you own some seriously rare stuff. I'll just start with my own games collection and a few collectibles:
  13. So glad you finally created this thread, ATMachine!
  14. Who the hell's the girl dubbing Elaine?
  15. I'll give it a look, have been wanting to for quite a while. If I'm not mistaken Dinky is a Squirrel dialect, fully based on it. Imma post comments here when I know something in more detail!
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