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  1. Watch out for the top side, you need to rotate to 180°, If you print like this, the logo will be inverted when you will assemble the box. Finishing this one: Lure of Temptress
  2. I thought about it. Directly share the pack.ly template made but I think it will be easy for someone to use it fraudulently. Anyone can take the whole PDF, delete the repro sentence and use it to flood auction. What do all of you think about it ? But it's clearly an option
  3. Hi laserschwert, I'm not offering anything at the moment and won't. I was just polling the community before going to this last step but regarding the reactions, I just edited my article and remove the form. Case closed. I thought it was a good idea to make those boxes with crazy prices affordable for everyone (with all content) sold as REPRO but I guess I was wrong. I will keep recreating it for myself !
  4. Hi!

    I would be interested in trying pack.ly for MI boxes, can you please share the box templates for Secret of Monkey Island (expecially) and Monkey Island 2 (if available)?


    Thank you very much,


    1. Gavin80


      I am interested too :) If you are going to share it that would be awesome :)

  5. Thanks for the feedbacks ! Corrected ! Will have some serious sessions about corrections before going live @ThunderPeel2001 Well it feel the same and even more solid really ! It comes from a company in Spain. I had a second one from them and it looks even way better than the first one. They admitted there was a printing problem with the first one, send me another one free and it looks incredible and really strong ! But as said, you have to order 100 (but the prices are really correct !) I didn't find any online service where you can buy those big boxes as trong as this one (2mm thick). Pack.ly only propose 0.5mm.... And I didn't hear it was enough quality for big boxes. I'm finishing another one Just checked the back and the DOS version is 'environment' without S...I agree it feels weird The Amiga and Atari versions have other texts as you mentioned ! (Didn't even see this since I'm working on DOS version)
  6. Hi time ! Sorry I guess the images upload didn't go well so I have uploaded them again. Go it about the typos in Front box (Yale and . at the end) It was a POC so I will have another one fixed soon ! Stay tuned !
  7. Hi all! Wish all the best for 2023 !! Here are the printed version https://postimg.cc/PPwyZcqg Hope you'll like it ! The stickers, manual and newspaper will follow
  8. Hi,

    I have been following your project since few weeks now. That is a great initiative.


    My purpose is not to sell boxes, but creating a very small number of custom boxes kind of unique (Lucasarts boxes for which I am a fan).

    In my side, I have started working on a big box custom project, and have already tried Packly for printing a box.

    I am happy with Packly, but the format of the box they propose looks like an US version of big boxes (like Day of the Tentacle or Tie Fighter for instance) while I am more looking for format like MI1 or 2. Hope you see what I mean.

    So I would like to try another printer as alternative. I can see you know a printer in Spain. Would you mind sharing the website of this company?




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    2. bennywhitebread


      Ok on peut continuer en français si tu veux :D


      Oui ok moi je vise les formats en dur sans pliage.  C'est plus beau, plus costaud mais il faut en acheter 100...


      On peut en discuter sur Discord si tu veux ! Bidibule#5195

    3. Vossenn


      Ok je te contacte

    4. LukaZeroCool



      I would be interested in trying pack.ly for MI boxes, can you please share the box templates for Secret of Monkey Island (expecially) and Monkey Island 2 (if available)?


      Thank you very much,


  9. Hi all, Quick update about the Zak McKracken manual... Part 1 done ! It's an A5 format like MI1. https://assets.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:US:bb2b5c8e-22eb-4eac-83ac-ef2c4e0aa42e?view=published Any feedbacks will be appreciated until V1.0 is released !
  10. Hello @Laserschwert, of course I won't unless I have approval for it If I wanted to do it without approval, I wouldn't have shared the project with all of you in this forum ! My first goal was to do it for myself so it is. I just want to see what will be the result from the spanish printing company and the average cost of a print. I will surely try pack.ly to have a comparison. And for the files (to answer @ThunderPeel2001), I'm thinking about creating a Git repo or something like that with all files (manuals, PDF, etc) for the different boxes I will recreate so everyone will have access to. I already done it for the MI1 manual. Stay tuned, results in 2 weeks ! (box printing is launched)
  11. Well, I guess pack.ly would fit your needs. I'm working right now with a spanish company but you have to order 100 boxes min to have a decent price.
  12. Hi all, Juste update the back with some in-game images I've taken. I think it's the final version ! Next step: printing the box !
  13. Hi Laserschwert, I have notice some little differences in width between the new framed/clean versions and the others with text It seams the framed and marble one looses some width. If you see what I mean
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