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  1. Hi Besli, I guess it would be great to introduce the topics so users can undertstand what is it all about and what is the goal of the thread. I understand it's a thread about original artwork of video game restoration right ? I might have good ones too ! (I'm finishing Golden axe poster)
  2. I have quickly upscaled it by 4x if needed https://ibb.co/7Vx2JTD
  3. Hi all ! Following the "hot" discussion last month on the thread "Project Big boxes", I decided to create a small website called Big Box Love to share my work on some bigboxes restoration. https://www.bigboxlove.eu You'll find manuals, logos, big boxes in TIFF file and more. I mainly share 600 to 1200DPI PNG , JPG and Tif files. Be gentle, I'm not a designer and I don't have the skills of @Laserschwert but its my contribution to the preservation of those wonderful years of gaming ! My first idea was to share it as a Pack.ly ready-to-print file but the raised their price and I didn't find a easy way to flatten all layers in one so I decided to share TIF files for the boxes. But my first work was on manuals restoration and I'll keep adding more medias. Positive feedbacks are appreciated so I can improve the website according to your ideas and my time. Hope you'll enjoy it ! Have a nice day ! PS: Nearly finished the golden axe poster and heretic box restoration . Stay tuned !
  4. Hi @Laserschwert, EDIT: @Laserschwert Just added a new scan version of Front and Back because I saw the first versions were cropped Here you can find my scans of the Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe box https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pZb6H0fD7wQMKbK_ddVKB-XCWXFp5kcb?usp=sharing I have included * Front part of the box * Back part of the box * Back part of the manual so the background pattern can be easily cleaned and expanded I guess * Wheel I can do other scans today if you want since I'm at work with good quality copy printer. I have quickly compared the poster you posted few days ago and my box and I think it's pretty much the same except for the colors. Mine are a bit "greener" than the poster you have. (which, for me, feels bluer) Let me know what you think !
  5. Oh yeah, you've already have a good poster and hig-res assets ! I'll will do it by the end of the week and then you'll see if it fits for you. The wheel is pretty fun to and the manual is..... MASSIVE !
  6. I don't (just have MI2 one if needed) but I have recently bought "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe" in a very good condition for PC if you want to add to your poster collection (I didn't see it). I can scan it in 600 DPI if needed
  7. Well I think AI tools are a real good help at some point where you can't find the orignal artworks or when it's low quality. I have used Topaz lab for a while just to upscale images and it's pretty impressive. Good work btw !
  8. I have made a new vector version of it in PDF if you want ! Enjoy ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ALusH2S2OGmNfBvzwv7iigVMqxQkSfst/view?usp=sharing
  9. Watch out for the top side, you need to rotate to 180°, If you print like this, the logo will be inverted when you will assemble the box. Finishing this one: Lure of Temptress
  10. I thought about it. Directly share the pack.ly template made but I think it will be easy for someone to use it fraudulently. Anyone can take the whole PDF, delete the repro sentence and use it to flood auction. What do all of you think about it ? But it's clearly an option
  11. Hi laserschwert, I'm not offering anything at the moment and won't. I was just polling the community before going to this last step but regarding the reactions, I just edited my article and remove the form. Case closed. I thought it was a good idea to make those boxes with crazy prices affordable for everyone (with all content) sold as REPRO but I guess I was wrong. I will keep recreating it for myself !
  12. Hi!

    I would be interested in trying pack.ly for MI boxes, can you please share the box templates for Secret of Monkey Island (expecially) and Monkey Island 2 (if available)?


    Thank you very much,


    1. Gavin80


      I am interested too :) If you are going to share it that would be awesome :)

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