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  1. I don't do social media (I haven't got Twitter etc) and I haven't used a forum in 15 years, but I signed up just now as I'm so angry seeing this (I have been following this forum from afar). Everything seems to get ruined these days, anytime I check comments on articles it's inevitable that some crazy folks are going mad about something. I thought Monkey Island fans would be better than this? Surely, they are of adult age but some of the things I've read are so disrespectful, even a child wouldn't say them. I wonder what goes on in the mind of some people, I can't fathom why anyone would want to sit there under a cloud of pure hatred and go on and on about the same thing. I actually feel quite sorry for them that they must live there lives in this way. I feel bad for Ron and team, I hope Rex doesn't take this to heart. Hopefully they know this is a minority of crazies with too much time and nothing better to do than attack (hell, people are still going nuts over the Last Jedi so it never ends). Ron cutting himself off is a shame as everyone misses out, but this is the way on social media, I guess those trolls will now be "happy" about their achievement. Anyway, add me to the list of "beyond excited", the trailer looked absolutely fantastic. It shows a lot without giving anything concrete away. I still can't believe it's happening, I played most of the Monkey Islands over Christmas. Each year I usually play part 1 & 2 and then wonder what "really" happened. This year I added Curse to my list and although I like the game I always felt it cheated a little bit, so starting in the carnival gives me goosebumps! *Apologies for the long rambling!
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