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  1. if any of you don't know which mod i'm talking about, it mods all kinds of things to do really wierd stuff. like fists, they turn you into the object in front of you (ex. a bed) and you can walk around as a bed and disguise yourself from other players. the bryar pistol deleted any object you shoot (ex. a bed, now you see it, FIRE, now you don't). all the weapons had rapid fire. the rail gun shot copies of you, or kyle clones. has anybody used this mod?

  2. Help! I'm looking for a really old JK 1 mod called Fragpack. Or maybe spelled Fragpak. It was one of the coolest JK mods ever. I can't find it on Kazaa, the internet, massassi.net, or some old backup discs of my computer. Does anyone have this mod or know where to get it?

  3. I recently watched a couple of the old star wars movies to test my new TV w/ built in VCR & DVD ;). I noticed that the lasers in those old movies (ANH, ESB, RoTJ) went a lot faster than they do in academy. They're also not pink. They were a dark red without whites in the middle. I was thinking of a game i had that has "star wars realistic" lasers and gameplay. So i remembered an old JK2 MP mod: SFX2. I played it and found that the lasers went really fast, were pretty inaccurate if you shoot fast, make cool spark effects, and looked good. They also did lots of damage. Has anyone played this mod? If it were incorporated into ForceMod III, then FM3 would be the best, most "star wars realistic" mod ever. Is this at all possible? I also heard that SFX3 was being made but stopped because of some saber coding. It was gonna be for JA. I'd also like to know who the creator was and if he/she would give permission to FM3 team to use it, if they want to, and if it could be incorporated into JA/JO SP.

  4. has anyone equipped any weapon besides a lightsaber (you have to for this to work), and typed spawn weapon_tusken_rifle, and then walked over it to pick it up? i did an i had a WORKING tusken rifle. secondary fire shoots a bullet, and primary swings the rifle for a melee attack.


    you can also do it with a scepter (weapon_scepter) but the player holds it vertically and it shoots really weak disruptor rifle shots out (primary slow rof, secondary really high rof). the only cool thing about it is that jedi can't dodge it like a disruptor rifle.


    i've also tried weapon _tusken_staff but you can't hit anybody with it. (he only swings it and misses every time). weapon_noghri_stick doesn't work with primary fire, just gives me an error and shuts down my game, and secondary is flawed, you swing it around and green flashes on the tip, no firing.

  5. whoa, the first time, it gave me a page could not be displayed error, then i refreshed and got the same thing, so i typed the message over again in a slightly different way

  6. they should bring back sam and max easter eggs like in the old jk games, they should bring back force projection from MotS (the kyle makes a dummy of himself that punches mid-air while you run away with force persuasion), definitely fix the saber fighting so its not run, spin, click click click click, swing, lucky kill, die, respawn, run, click, click (you get the picture), and they should make the RPG-like alignment chooser so you can turn to the dark side through your own actions (like in KOTOR).


    also, it seems there's a lot of dispute on which engine they should use for the sequel if they make one. i think they should make a new engine perfect for star wars saber fighting, force powers, dual weapons, etc. it may take a long time but with a good, solid, new, perfect star wars engine, they could make sequels until computer gaming graphics got sooo good that they had to make a new one.

  7. it's really cool spawning a whole bunch of them, and then a rancor because after you provoke the rancor, it will start attacking them and about 5 of them will kill in a minute or 2!



    so has anyone figured out how to make it work for the player without mind trick?

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