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  1. Haha! Indeed it does, person whose comment is below mine. (At first I read it as "sucks" and thought, "How rude!")


    Hey, I posted a thread about something I think is important. I hope you get to see it when you have time.

  2. hi Barry - glad you are impressed - thanks for all the work you did on the original demo. DarkStarMojo is leading the mod now, as I have retired from it. great to hear from you.
  3. post a screen shot of your complete directory structure where Jedi Academy is installed, and in the right side pane, be sure the contents of the dfmod folder is shown. then we can see what the true path of the game is on your system.
  4. ok, it could work like that for you I guess. My shortcut has no quotes at all . . . here it is F:\games\ja\GameData\jasp.exe +set fs_game dfmod_2008 keep trying if you haven't got it working yet!
  5. again, this is WRONG!! the correct way to make the shortcut is: "C:\Program Files\Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.exe +set fs_game dfmod" NOTICE there is no quote between .exe and +set . . .the final quote is after dfmod . . . hope this gets you up and running
  6. the Kyle-ghost bug was allowed to go unfixed because you are not supposed to play in 3rd person perspective anyway, so if you just play in 1st person perspective you won't see the bug :-) second, the confusion comes from the fact that for the longest time the game folder was simply called "dfmod" but at the final release, in order to not have it overwrite your other installed versions (second demo, etc), the folder name was changed to dfmod_2008. The readme doc was not changed to reflect this, so there exists this confusion. In all honesty, it doesn't matter what you name the game folder. you could call it "booger" and it wouldn't matter, as long as your shortcut matches what your actual directory structure is. hope that helps
  7. no, you have it right. your shortcut is the problem. make sure it points to your jasp.exe file. check the other threads for details on the shortcut. The end quote doesn't come until AFTER the +set_fs dfmod section.
  8. if you unzipped the ZIP file into the "dfmod" folder you made, then you probably have a nested folder that looks something like this: gamedata -dfmod --dfmod_2008 ---the pk3 and other files if this is so, delete the dfmod folder and extract the ZIP file to your gamedata directory. then remake your shortcut. invalid path means what you are specifying doesn't exist, and I'd bet a six pack of beer that what I described above is the problem of course we wanted to make an installer for this release, but the guy that made the installer for that 2nd demo (Fracman) suffered the loss of his mother to cancer and was unable to continue . . . so, we make due with what we have. hope you get it going, check other threads on this forum for more clear directions.
  9. #1 is the Ghost Kyle Bug. Quick fix - switch back to 1st person perspective. Also, make sure that autoexec.cfg is in your dfmod_2008 folder so that the following lines are loaded: seta g_char_model "ib-merc_kyle" seta g_char_skin_head "model_default" seta g_char_skin_torso "model_default" seta g_char_skin_legs "model_default"
  10. Well, Zerimar is right about things being aligned with the movie. At this point I don't really have an opinion on this. I spent hours trying to fix it and gave up, as you have also. Your patch will satisfy the one other person on the forum that cares, so I think you have succeeded with what you already released. Good job and thank you!
  11. The simple answer is, no you cannot just have the sound play. The game engine uses multiple sound channels to play the different voices, plus there is an interspersion of ROQ video and in-game cinematic that rely upon different sound channels. The answer is no. Also, regardless of what we saw in the movie, you cannot inhale and speak at the same time. Putting a tube into your throat doesn't change the mechanism of your vocal folds . . . Star Wars is wrong and Christopher Reeves is correct . . . anyhow, arguing about it doesn't change anything. See the above post for the suggestion by the person who was working on the patch.
  12. that's a good fix, in as much as you've got the breath sounds into the dialogue. Only one problem - you cannot physically speak while you inhale (at least with your normal speaking voice) - therefore, all Vader speech must exclude the breathing sounds, and there should be an inhale before each sentence and an exhale after the end of each sentence, in order to mimic actual breath and speech patterns . . . think of all the interviews with Christopher Reeves (Superman) after his horse accident when he was paralyzed and listen closely to how his speech and "iron lung" interact with each other . . .
  13. in order to add the breathing sounds you'd have to completely retime the script calls that align the wave files to the model moving their mouth at the correct time as well as trigger the other cutscene events. If you understand the way the timing of tieing a model movement to a sound file then you could do this, but when I tried it, I totally hosed the script and nothing aligned correctly any more, so I pulled out the breathing sounds. I was trying to add the breath to the final version, but the more I worked on it the worse the cutscene got, so I just bailed on the whole idea. Good luck to you if you get it working. The Assault Cannon was never textured because we never got to a level where it was needed, so I never committed the resources to having it done. Same for the cannon thing. I don't even remember where that was going to be used . . .
  14. this is a known bug that has been addressed numerous times on the forum already.
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