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  1. No Mojo news story yet? I guess Jennifer will c&p it if nobody has time before the morning.
  2. As opposed to the others who are implicitly interim.
  3. Howard Roffman was a fill in for a while too, I think between Ward & D-Rod.
  4. http://toucharcade.com/2012/06/28/the-naked-gun-icup-review/ (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Anyone played it?
  5. A bigger marketing budget for the documentary? That will bring DF more exposure, and hopefully bigger sales across their portfolio, present and future. I hope the documentary doesn't get overfunded too, but there are more things to do with the budget than use 3D cameras and 5.1 surround audio.
  6. You've played Jurassic Park, of course?
  7. Man, I've had a light Mojo year, not one headline in the top 5 (not even sure how many news posts I've made in 2011, must just be a handful). Damn this new job. Will try harder in 2012.
  8. My website is http://www.hansen.net.nz/lswtutorial/ Though I haven't managed to get all the files as yet.
  9. First look at the sets... http://www.degrotespeelgoedwinkel.nl/sc12-607/lego/pirates-of-the-caribbean.html (likely prototype packaging)
  10. Yes, it disappeared a year or two back. The perl scripts linked to in my tutorial are still active (but obsolete). I have Spared-Life's utility somewhere, so will put it up on my site for download when I find the old files.
  11. Couldn't find the files on my PCs, meaning they must be on another one that's in the shed now. I'll try and dig it out over the weekend. I did find the site at archive.org, though it's incomplete (missing some graphics). I popped the files from Archive.org back on my site though, so there is at least something now at http://www.hansen.net.nz/lswtutorial/ The URLs reference the archived version. I'm not spending time fixing when I'm hoping to recover my original files in the next 2 days. A lot of it is obsolete now unfortunately - the whole thing with installing perl scripts and downloading 2 perl utilities to rip and insert textures is no longer necessary. A better all-in-one utility was made, but that's on the archived PC too. So feel free to take a look through the tutorial, but I advise against starting any skinning until I find the rest of the images and the new texture extract/insert program. This makes the process way simpler and faster.
  12. I changed ISPs and the old site was lost. I'll dig it off my old PC and upload to my new web host today. As far as I know, the models haven't been cracked, so not sure if editing hgp files is possible.
  13. This. I was so excited I couldn't work - jut spent the day joining the buzz on all the forums and spreading the word.
  14. It's just the ol' Max Easter Egg, but as they don't have the rights to use Max any more, Guybrush was used instead. Plus, as has been mentioned Guybrush already cameo'd in Infernal Machine. I wouldn't second guess the motivations, it's just a bit of harmless fun.
  15. Just saw this thread after I posted the news, so sorry, no mention for you today Threepwood4life.
  16. Well, at least they indicate that the shutting down of external development rumour may have been false. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/090110-lucasarts-confirms-staff.html
  17. It needs updating - there was a tool developed that made the unpacking and repacking of the textures way easier.
  18. Hmmm, I really need to get my LEGO game re-skinning tutorial back online... http://web.archive.org/web/20080314232008/http://www.hansen.net.nz/lswtutorial/index.html
  19. Pirates of the Carribean LEGO sets have been confirmed for 2011. (Look at this chat log with LEGO PR guy, Steve Witt at 6:03. http://bricknotes.blogspot.com/2010/08/steve-witts-q.html
  20. This was snapped at Comic-Con, though there's no announcement yet. There's a chance it's an unofficial custom figure. However LEGO and Disney have signed a deal (so far Cars, Toy Story & Prince of Persia), so there's a good chance we'll be getting POTC sets on the shelves with 'On Stranger Tides' movie release in 2011. And that means there's also a chance of a TTGames LEGO POTC videogame...
  21. I prefer mouse-only on TMI, so.. to each their own.
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