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  1. Has anyone played these games? They're point and click adventure games. Pretty goofy. Actually quite funny. There's no malice to them, just a lot of happiness hormones. The original was balm for my soul; the sequel's been great on the afternoons I play it when I'm down. You play as a detective of the paranormal in Twin Lakes City. The cases are called things like "Malice in Wonderland". I think everyone here would like them. They've got the LucasArts+ approach of no dead-ends and no dying.
  2. Since finishing that article, I've read Bảo Ninh's The Sorrow of War. I think the old-fashioned, gauche title has different connotations in the original Vietnamese, and, worse, does not hint this book will be leaving you with nightmares; at least, I had a few. I say that as a huge compliment. It's a clearly autobiographical story about a Vietnamese veteran who goes through life in a haze, desperately trying to put the ten years of war and the very real price he paid in that war behind him, but experiences the war with clarity. The storytelling structure is interesting and efficacious, and I'd need to reread it to understand how it works. All the chest-beating of American narratives on the war contrast with this one's depiction of the US forces as an inescapable, unbeatable, bloodthirsty, invasive force driving a merciless civil war; Vietnamese shoot, strangle, and execute other Vietnamese, often as a response to their own savagery. It's a patchwork of stories a film like Platoon (or, laughably, Rambo) wouldn't dream up, channelled through the experiences of one veteran who would like, very much, to write about life instead, but has demons to work through. From what I understand about Ninh's other books, he seems to have succeeded. I want to read them. Highly recommended.
  3. It's just a difference in interpretation. Curse never says the engagement ring was something LeChuck meant for Elaine, Return chooses to say it does.
  4. Also, from the scrapbook: The Tales art copying Ryan David Jones's style is such a nice touch. Those skulls, eh?
  5. If you're still on the fence about this game, play it. I'm so happy with it so far.
  6. Man, this game feels lively. I love how characters talk when you're just hovering by them. How characters seem to remember what you say and the dialogue adjusts accordingly. Loving it.
  7. Morning Pacific time, since people who are ~13, 14 hours ahead of Seattle at 10 am have had their release dates updated to September 20. Don't quote me on that, though.
  8. By this point, it's doubtful that GOG will have the game on its release date. I encourage you to buy it on Steam. Look, I hate DRM too, but if that's the way the wind is blowing at the moment...
  9. I wish they'd release the two games on disc on PS4/Xbox for something more reasonable than $120. I realise that price tag is also for the bells and whistles included, but I don't care about those. I'm not even sure I could justify Psychonauts 2's physical release for $70.
  10. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/back-from-yet-another-globetrotting-adventure-indiana-jones-checks-his-mail-and-discovers-that-his-bid-for-tenure-has-been-denied
  11. Me watching Indiana Jones. (Seriously, though, they're impossible to sit through.)
  12. I genuinely did not read the thread. Just an educated guess.
  13. Gonna make a wild guess and say someone is overthinking something about the new #MonkeyIslandMonday video. Someone else has a nitpick. Vague, hypothetical reassurances from someone else? I'm avoiding these videos now, but thought it worth commemorating that next week's is probably the last.
  14. Just thought I'd give a little shout-out to Wadjet Eye/Dave Gilbert. They've put out gems, and the best of them can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with collective favourites. Please play Technobabylon and Primordia if you haven't.
  15. I do agree it's a downside of today's gaming space, but I can access The Cave's Steam page and buy it.
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