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  1. "I've been in enough scraps for a dozen scrapbooks." A nod to TMI.
  2. Only marginally related and slightly less funny now that the bird's nest-for-brains that make this standard of journalism profitable run governments around the world, but we cannot forget Grog XD.
  3. Yeah, I'll do the same. I think that despite its lack of polish, they're still promising games and Bill is a ridiculously talented artist. I can still recall the coconut grove music in Ghost Pirates. I liked the design of the vooju priest a lot. There are fun ideas!
  4. It's been years, so I forget my design issues apart from knowing I lost interest early on. I wonder if it was the writing I bounced off of. Monkey Island's humour reads like an accident of history—funny people were goofing off and the project lead decided to let it stay. Wadjet Eye's games go easy on the humour but are well-written, so they share that feeling of authenticity. Ghost Pirates in particular is an attempt at emulating a voice. I could be wrong and in dire need of replaying it, though.
  5. The background art in them is extraordinary. I think these games could, with proper writing and design, be good, but decisions like splitting each Vampyre Story game into episodes of a serialised narrative did no-one favours.
  6. The concept art Jake posted made something click for me, in regards to inspiration and aesthetic. Great stuff.
  7. Some I've thought of: I haven't played EMI in 20 years, but I like Pegnose Pete, though even then I thought the duck undermined him. Monkey Island 2's tri-island chapter was too big. I spent hours looking for a lens, bored out of my mind. (I still love Monkey Island 2.) The Telltale Sam and Max outings were mostly better than Hit the Road, though I liked it for the most part.
  8. I've never agreed with that view. In Curse, she escapes LeChuck and reroutes the Carnival of the Damned, rescues herself in Escape, and masterminds everything in Tales.
  9. I was hoping for a trailer, but the stuff they showed won me over! I particularly liked Skate Story's surreal, tranquil feel.
  10. Yeah. I hope more toxic, I-speak-for-the-majority types aren't visibly childish about it, ruining the fun.
  11. Napoleon Bonaparte was excommunicated by the church for annexing Rome and insulting the Pope—a mere misdemeanour compared to your heresy. A Biblical stoning, while regrettable, might be required.
  12. I don't think the loss of Freelance Police is that big a deal. I did come to it in retrospect, though, after Telltale's first season was out.
  13. Return to Monkey Island's first real trailer is likely to debut within the next 48 hours. Its existence was a laughable notion as recently as March, but, improbably, it's true: Ron Gilbert is helming a Monkey Island game, with many of the key players back. The announcement trailer showcased an art style different to what I'd have expected, foregoing 1991 with a respectful acknowledgement of the 31 years since and a hope to break new ground. Still, we're very much back, baby. Perhaps for the last time. At the height of my love affair with Doctor Who in 2010, I came across a sad forum whose users had made their dislike for anything the show'd done from ~1977 a personality trait. At heart, it was an unexamined fear of change. I'd seen that outlook on forum posts (for example) bemoaning adventure games' collective decision to no longer require months'-long, trance-like trips into designers' neuroses to progress—a decision that had left people stuck in place. Me, I moved on to different countries/cultures/ideas, and I'm richer for it. So I look forward to the trailer, knowing that Monkey Island fans appreciate iconoclasm and wouldn't squander the mind-boggling excitement of the moment by collectively soiling their trousers over Guybrush's new design (at least, I'm hoping he has a new design—maybe something in bottle green?) or spamming its creator in vain hopes of "saving" whatever version of Monkey 3a they hallucinated as teenagers. Because surely—surely—Monkey Island fans wouldn't be so insular and myopic they'd be stuck in their 1977, would they? Can't wait to meet this guy.
  14. Alternatively, simply set it after CMI.
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