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    I will play jedi outcast till i die ill beet anyone in a duel no force powers and only fast stance ..... oh no wait nah forget it
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  1. i can not make sense of that page.... i must be stupid and evil
  2. ok i will try that thank you.
  3. the sound is all screwed up is that because my computer is too new for the game i have the windows version. well the version that just runs off the cd
  4. i thaught it was just from a sam and max story
  5. yes i think your right.... its cool though
  6. it looks really funny... did you see the trailer?
  7. I liked that trailer... it was kinda obvious that max was gonna do something to that guy trying to steal that car.... it was so max hehe i love that wabbit
  8. about the monkey island moovies ... you know who would make a great murray..... Tim curry his smile is just so deleciously evil just look at any of his films that man is EVIL
  9. why would this game be on console the true adventure gamer plays the pc LONG LIVE THE PC and it would be stupid playing it with a game pad anyway:p
  10. i reackon he got run over by a certain do and rabbit while driving down to mexico looking for burritos
  11. that multiplayer is not running around like chickens. Its alot of fun however there are like a million spammers out there that just do 1 move and ...... ok they can be called headless chickens if you want them to be called that.
  12. be patient guys im sure there will be more adventure games they probably need som new ideas or they should just make a sequel to SAM and MAX YEH YEH:max: :max:
  13. monkey island 3+4 sam+max hit the road dott full throtle i loce lec games:D
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