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  1. So the new Beatles remasters are official released today, and you can catch a preview of the remastered versions at the Beatles site using the player in the top right. After listening through the samples, it appears that the remasters do a brilliant job of getting the Beatles' sound across much more clearly and vibrantly than the original 1987 cds did. Granted, the effect isn't spread equally across the board: the change decreases in magnitude from Please Please Me to Abbey Road. Songs from the early are totally redone in stereo and sound entirely new and fresh; songs from Rubber Soul and later tend to remain closer to their original 1987 sound, but a few have markedly improved quality. Granted, the sample for Strawberry Fields Forever seemed to be missing the entire left side of the track, but I'm hoping that's more an error from the uploading of the sample rather than the sound of the actual released track.
  2. Pie, you have the uncanny ability to stand in front of any object and make it appear demonic and ominous.
  3. Mary Jo Kopechne. The woman that died (rather gruesomely, actually) when Kennedy crashed his car on Chappaquiddick Island.
  4. Aaannd now I can't go to sleep as I'm in fear of demonic blonde woman haunting my dreams. Thanks.
  5. Clearly, this Robert Smith? is a man of intellectual bravado.
  6. I vaguely recall him being called Darth Taco, or something like that.
  7. No one I think is in my tree I mean it must be high or low That is you can't you know tune in but it's all right That is I think it's not too bad. (****, I just realized I still have that lyric in my location...well...guess that proves I still like the song.)
  8. Nope. You have to make a rude and indecent comment about Kain's embarrassingly and whorishly stacked sister before you can apologize and get yourself into the clear. (Sorry.)
  9. Might not work: "Chapter 509...uh...Roark builds a mighty city...Rapture...and discovers that the person who built Rapture was actually his father...wait...I mean...WOULD YOU KINDLY!? AHAHAHAH! NOW I HAVE EVERYTHING AND YOU HAVE NOTHING!" I'm just saying, that's the most likely end scenario given it's Ave we're talking about it. A lust for power and a tenuous grasp of reality is her forte.
  10. Speaking of Arcade Fire, here's (Incidentally, also features the best, and to my knowledge the only, instance of magazine playing ever recorded.)
  11. Argument Clinic > Silly Job Interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teMlv3ripSM&feature=related
  12. Isn't that just more of an oversized knife? I don't remember the ancient civilizations, sans the barbarian tribes, having terribly long swords. Now, if you owned a Spartan spear...that'd be impressive.
  13. More or less, except he has a vitriolic and mercurial temperament instead of orange hair.
  14. Is...is that a midget chicken hooker giving a blowjob to some dude with a mohawk, all while a mentally challenged child stares and gawks in confusion? More importantly, why is the advice given so ridiculously hilarious considering the previous interpretation?
  15. I'm always a bit confused when it comes to seeing classic rock bands perform in concert. On the one hand, their gravitas alone from years of experience should be enough to get my pants off on any occasion. On the other hand, seeing a 54-year old Angus Young perform in a schoolboy's outfit transgresses more onto the plane of the bizarre and disturbing.
  16. The twist is that Raptor Jesus rises three days after and leads the faithful Velociraptors against the heathen Triceratops lead by Satanosaurus Rex. It's how the term "the Rapture" came into existence.
  17. College is more or less just a 4-year extension on childhood anyway, with the added bonus of binge unprotective sex and beer pong.
  18. It's the device that's going to drain away all the heat in the universe. Hope you like absolute zero, folks.
  19. Applies to most problems in general, actually.
  20. We wouldn't say that, mostly because we're too illiterate to read Shakespeare. We would say something like "oh, so you like cock?" or perhaps if we felt witty, "oh, so you're a cock-chaser?" See, because alliteration goes a long way in trying to sell a joke.
  21. You finally completed your Barbie Valley Girl collection?
  22. That's why you go to a University of California. They weight the AP classes and provide class credit for 3's and above. If I pass the tests I felt confident about this year, I'll have 6-7 classes knocked out already in college - at least a semester's worth.
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