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  1. OK, blatant self-promotion here A couple of months ago I kicked off a new series called 'The Netbook Gamer' at Gear Diary, looking at games that work well on Netbooks (clevel, I know ) My first article was on Jedi Knight. Now I have another Star Wars related entry - Mysteries of the Sith. Check it out!
  2. Does anyone know it or have access to any current or former LucasArts folks to find out when the original Jedi Knight was released? I'm doing a replay and article for the 10th Anniversary and have only a 'window'. Thanks for any help, Mike
  3. Sorry guys, but you are both wrong! First, do the *full* install, make everything maximum. Next, copy all of the files from the 'resource' folders on the CD's, including both 'video folders', into the "[JK Path]\Resource" folder. Videos should all go in a single 'Video' subdirectory. Finally, copy the "JK_.CD" file from the CD into the resource folder, and it should never ask for the CD again. I've been doing this for comupters with no CD drive for years ... unfortunately MotS doesn't offer a no-CD, so I use Daemon Tools to mount the image. Mike
  4. Do you have multiple optical drives? In other words a CD drive and a DVD burner or whatever? I've run it on WinXP - even on my ultraportable using CloneCD and Daemon Tools - without issue. Mike
  5. I would first off make sure that when you buy it, it has the *real* MotS. Aside from that, I could only find Amazon or eBay. I found 4 US auctions on eBay, with varying inclusions and pricing (and shipping - one person wanted $8.25!) It is hard to find - why isn't it at LucasArts?!?! I look whenever I'm at EBGames or GameStop or Best Buy, but they all just have the regular JK. Mike
  6. I was being facetious and sarcastic ... but of course it also depends on making sure your computer will still run it correctly, which should be easier for JK & MotS than for Dark Forces, for example. Mike
  7. Drat ... and here I was planning to replay it again soon ... but if it is dead, I guess I neeed to uninstall it and never play again. Mike
  8. http://www.lucasarts.com/companystore/sith/ $14.95 Or check eBay. It is a commercially available product, therefore your request is 'looking for warez'. Please stop. Mike
  9. Ditto to that warning ... I remember when I was looking for Deus Ex for the Mac (only had the PC version) that I saw people auctioning off tons of 5-level demos ... some only identified it in the listing details ... I saw ~5 auctions, plus several JK/MotS packs in 'eBay shops'. Plus the others mentioned above. Well worth getting, BTW. Mike
  10. http://search.ebay.com/mysteries-of-the-sith_W0QQhtZ1QQsosortpropertyZ1 That gave me a bunch of hits - most are both JK and MotS, but some are just MotS. I was in EBGames yesterday and noticed that everything they had in the 'cheap and used PC games' section was just JK with no MotS. Mike
  11. Let us know how you do in finding and buying it. Are there any other Aussies here that could help, I wonder? Maybe you could post a thread to Yoda's Swamp with a descriptive title about looking for someone is Aus. to help you find JK. Mike
  12. I hope you are wrong about this, but then again I was surprised in a thread in another forum site visited by many here at just how many 'high-ranking' members are casual pirates ... or at least users of software identified primarily in the use of obtaining copyrighted entertainment media which they do not own ... Mike
  13. I believe that the threads got locked for the obvious reason that you had admitted pirating a game. But that is besides the point - especially since you are trying to legitimately purchase the game. I live in the US, so perhaps I have more options available. As for internet purchasing, do not fear it out of ignorance - it is a multi-billion $$ industry, and fewer people get ripped off by electronic identity theft than get their credit card numbers stolen at regular stores! You just have to use your head - don't use any 'auto-remember' features for credit card numbers, don't ever
  14. I'll copy and re-post my answer to your exact same question in the Dark Forces board: I'm not 'judging' you, as I assume that if you really just wanted to pirate it, you wouldn't be asking here. You *can* still find the game in some places - I see it in the bargain game areas at various stores all the time (like EBGames). Sometimes it is the JK/MotS pack, sometimes just JK. You can also get it from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/t...ce&s=videogames When I checked, there were 8 'z-shop' sites available, 5 new and 3 used, and only one was just JK. Also, the
  15. Wow ... this brings something new to answering your own questions ... answering them as someone else ... Mike
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