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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone For those who are still undecided about downloading it, here are a couple more screenshots:
  2. The project has been released today. A big thanks to Darth G and map-craft.com for hosting it. If you're a map-craft member you can login and get more details and download the file here: EDIT: old file has been removed The direct link to the file is: EDIT: old file has been removed
  3. Thanks! PM me with the email address you want me to use.
  4. One of the beta testers has an injury and won't be able to test so I need another tester. This project is pretty much done and it'll sit on my hard drive until it gets a reasonable amount of testing. If you're available to do some testing please reply.
  5. Beta testing is now underway. If there aren't any serious problems that would cause a long delay, it should be released soon.
  6. The cutscenes need to be done. The voice actors should be submitting their sound files soon. Realize that I'm at their mercy when it comes to getting this part done. I have a lot of little things to adjust and some final testing of my own. Once everything is put together the project will go into beta testing and I'd say that could be 2 to 3 weeks away.
  7. A mercenary was hired by the Imperial Remnant to seek out who was bartering sensitive data of their operations to the New Republic. The mercenary was successful in discovering the identity of the trader but has dishonored his agreement with the Remnant by making new demands in an attempt to extort a greater sum. Negotiations broke off and, fearing he is now targeted for termination, the mercenary fled into the sewers of Coruscant to hide. Taryk Kron, a surviving reborn from the battle on Bespin, is sent into the sewers to find the mercenary and recover the data containing the identity of the trader. Special Features: - All map textures are custom made - New roq videos (4 and counting) - Discovering secret areas increases force power more details to follow...
  8. So you've played through JA? What about JK2? You'll have to at least know the story in that game for this mod. If you haven't played it you can read up on it here: Jedi Outcast
  9. I'm going to start a showcase thread in about a week. The project is close to completion but I need one more beta tester for sure.
  10. OK, I have 99% of the mapping done for the mod. I just have a few small adjustments to make here and there and then merge all the areas into one map. However, since my mod will be made of all custom mapping textures, I still have lots of work left in that area (maybe 2 to 3 weeks worth). The other major part left to do are the cutscenes. This usually takes me a couple of weeks to complete if all the voice acting is done. I'll start a showcase thread when I get all the custom textures done. I might need another beta tester. I think one of my testers is MIA. PM me if you're interested. Experience helps.
  11. I always thought those numbers were really high. If there are really that many people still interested in JA mods then all the better.
  12. Someone on another thread suggested that the creator of KOTF would make a convincing cult leader. Just for fun, take a look at the warning signs of a cult leader by a cult expert: http://www.rickross.com/warningsigns.html
  13. Not dead at all. All mapping textures in this mod will be custom made and that is what's really taking a lot of time right now. I had a productive weekend and got a lot done. I'll start a showcase thread when I'm closer to completion. Compiling the roq video with the roq compiler takes minutes. Rendering the individual images at 30 fps with max quality settings in Vue 6 Infinite takes forever.
  14. It took much longer than expected to finish the opening ROQ videos. The time required for rendering the images was ridiculous. Close to 20 hours for a 10 second section! I'm back to texturing and mapping right now. I don't want to put an estimate on how much longer it'll take to finish it up but I doubt it'll take as long as the videos did.
  15. Are you kidding me? Do you not realize that he's playing you guys? He has enough interest already and if it's real and completed, there's no reason to delay anymore. Don't play his game.
  16. That's weird, which mods are you trying to install?
  17. Unfortunately, I'm too far ahead to adapt the level for it. Cooperative play is intriguing. Thanks Pahricida. Send me a PM with the email address you want me to use.
  18. I don't think it could be converted to cooperative play. The story would need to be completely changed. I think cooperative play needs to be planned at the early stages of a map if you're going to do it properly and take advantage of that type of play. If I make another map after this one I'll consider it.
  19. It's not a vehicle map and you have jedi powers. It's comparable to the content of the sp levels in JK2 and JA. The level will have custom roq videos, text crawl, cutscenes, lots of custom textures if not all, mission objectives, etc... I won't go into too much detail about it right now but it takes place on Coruscant. Vaderrocks, thanks your in. I have a sequence of roq videos to test and I'm hoping to have it ready this weekend. PM me with the email address I should send it to. I'll also send you some screenshots. I need one more tester...
  20. I'm looking for a couple of trustworthy mod testers for a JA single player level. Experience is not necessary but I’ll lean towards choosing those who have some. Right now I need some preliminary testing done. The full length beta is still a couple of months away. I'm not posting details or pics just yet but you can see some of my previous work if you follow the link below: http://mercenary.bravehost.com/
  21. I'm looking forward to the new demo and I'm disappointed that some of you have to move on but I completely understand. I've never played the original game and I've been dependent on this mod to tell me the Dark Forces story. I hope those that take over can maintain the level of quality that the team has set. All the best
  22. If you're still stuck on the Dash Rendar mod PM me and I'll help you out I didn't use a walkthrough for Jedi Outcast but I did go around in circles more than a few times. I used one for Dark Forces II because I was in a rush to finish it to have some background on Kyle Katarn and it was tougher in my opinion.
  23. As a test, try turning off Dynamic Glow and see how the game performs. I temporarily had a video card (a fairly recent one) that didn't like the glow and the game slowed down quite a bit. It could also be a driver issue.
  24. I thought there was one made for the SOTE mod. I don't know if it was released to the public. Try to PM jedispy, he should know.
  25. Don't use a skyportal, especially since this is a MP map, because with the combination of wide open spaces with lots to draw your map is going to run too slow. Try my alternative http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=140862
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