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  1. Originally posted by ET Warrior

    Never saying anything of substance to give us a reason NOT to dislike EA, merely pointing out that you DONT care about the employees they've abused, not only in their own company, but all the other companies whose employees are out of work thanks to their delightful business practices.



    Should I be arguing about how the employees are treated? Thats my choice, not yours. So if I choose to state my excitement over the upcoming Madden game, then I sure as hell will :)

  2. Originally posted by jon_hill987

    Yeah, I am, and it ruins the movie! lol!


    She doesn't fall in love with it.........they show respect for eachother. Never did she like, make out with it or anything. Dunno where you got love from, lol

  3. Originally posted by Shiro Ronin

    Twilight of the superheroes, A man is a keeper of a hotel, he starts to go crazy talks to dead people and himself, spends a long time typing All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Red Rum is a common quote


    Edit: Hey John, was it The Notebook


    The Shining


    Man with hands of blades spends a lifetime of isolation in a mansion only to be found by a saleswoman.

  4. Originally posted by LukeKatarn

    OK, so we all hang out in Yoda's little swamp, but who's the Yoda of us all? ((Really bad joke o_O)) What I'm trying to say is this... It's time for Swampie awards 05! And I'm your host! Send in your nomanies now! Voteing begins may, so you better hurry!


    Usually the person who starts these posts the nominee list...........but these are pretty dumb anyway, lol

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