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  1. Originally posted by Acrylic

    I don't understand why people get their tickets early. In my city, they never get sold out. Even if it's a really popular movie, there's always at least a couple seats left.




    I was thinking the same thing.


    I think its a waste of money, but eh, what do I know :p I work at the movie theatre and there's no point in preordering tickets :)

  2. Originally posted by ET Warrior

    If nobody else made NCAA football games, and nobody else were a threat to EA, why would they spend the money to get a six year contract with them?


    To prevent any real competition in the area?


    College Football's popularity is on the rise, as will be other companies wanting to take a foothold in the area.


    But really.....no one really competes in NCAA football that even compares to EA....so in my opinion its a waste of money.

  3. Originally posted by Mandalorian54

    Jed, I sent you a PM concerning the matter.



    As for the whole gay thing, excuse me but in kindergarden they tell 4 year olds it's okay to have two fathers.



    ....calling someone a homo in denial is definetly not something you say around 4 year olds.


    You were wrong, just drop it cause you're ruining your own thread :rolleyes:

  4. Originally posted by Mandalorian54

    I made this thread.



    Look, all I'm saying is you had no right to cut my thread. Stop making fun of me and show a little respect


    KBell, come out of the closet allready.


    KBell, you're a homo in denile.


    Stop pretending to be so anti-gay, we can see right through it. It's nothing to be ashammed of, just admit you're gay, no sence in lying about it. *shrug*




    wow......what are you, five? You pretty much ruined your own thread

  5. Originally posted by Mandalorian54

    lukeiamyourdaddy, lol


    KBell, come out of the closet allready.



    ((BTW I know it's not tilted KBell is gay, but a conversation goes where it goes, you can't police it no matter how hard you try.))


    What the ****.......since when was the topic of my sexual preferences? Get mature, my comment was related to how many people were shot/axed there. Not your obsession with the male genitals :rolleyes:

  6. Originally posted by Nalukai

    ppl also griped about all the nudity and the "special attention" to the male regions...


    i failed to see anything in excess of this


    Nudity and crotch shots were definetley in excess.....dunno what movie you were watching <_<

  7. Originally posted by lukeiamyourdad

    No, since the story of Pleasantville was about adding color to a black and white world. This is a black and white world with bits of color.


    ed zachery ^_^


    all the special characters, scenes, objects, and effects are done in color. Things the director wants you to take note of. Very well done in my opinion.

  8. Originally posted by ET Warrior

    I was eating peach yogurt today and there was a STRAWBERRY IN IT!






    Then I died.









    oh pff, NOW you post in this thread after closing it? For shame Mr. ET

  9. Originally posted by InsaneSith



    So n e way, I saw this hot chick at best buy lookin at Good Charlotte albums, and I was like "man shes so punk rock" and I went up 2 her, and askd if shed like 2 do something. And she totally skeezes out and tells me "no way" I'm like "your such a poser" and got on her preppy @$$. so im all sad cuz she was so hot, but she turned out 2 be a preppy poser, which totally disgusts me so Im gonnna go listen 2 linkin park and some avril lavigne cuz there so kewl and they totally get wut life is liek, ya kno.




    What an Emo poser man! You shoulda whipped out your My Chemical Romance CDs and told showed her what a TRUE emo looks like

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