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  1. Thanks for your answers and help kwix. I got your mod page linked looking forward to trying this, thanks for your work on it.
  2. There are many things I liked about Dark Messiah but the lack of RPG, On Rails story and bugs caused the game to suffer greatly. I just finished a couple of games and made some 5 mods that made the game much better, not perfect by any means. Anyone remember the Flies bug, once it was activated as a sound file (fresh kills) it would go on and on, seemingly forever. There even seemed to be a bug using the Lightning Daggers that made Fly sounds, heh. This mod fixes this issue by adding a Blank sound file in it's place. Kill the Flies The Nightvison spell given for free at the beginning of the game and uses no Mana was excessively bright. It caused Whiteout of almost everything, especially near Light Sources or White Spider Webs. The Spell Wizard Eye is now mostly fixed, I say mostly because I was only able to remove about 90% of the Whiteout. Now you can actually see objects and floors with Almost Colors, the only Whiteout left are the Light Sources and Spider Webs but they have been reduced by about 70%. Wizard Eye Fix A fairly minor issue but still extremely annoying to a Stealth player was the Extremely LOUD sound effect of Crouch/Stealth/Sneaking on Metal. It was so loud as to be close to running sound level, now it's much better. Crouch on Metal Sound Fix There was never a Key Setting to allow Crouch Lock, so we Stealthy types were required to constantly hold down the key. Now if you don't mind typing "exec crouchlock" each time you play, you can have Crouch Lock. Crouch Lock This was a EXTREMELY necessary mod "Xana STFU" in case you don't remember how annoying she is, I won't recount it here as I would never wish to cause anyone that much pain and suffering even in a post. This mod doesn't take away any Story aspect of Xana, it just removes the Utterly Annoying comments like "Wonder if that bow we found could help here" or "hurry climb that ladder" or "the ghoul is getting away" or "this is a dead end". Xana has about 380 sound files, I removed 72 of them and I can't tell you what a Damn Relief it is, she still annoying but much more tolerable. The way I figure it is she needs to still have her attitude come through due to her Species. I couldn't see removing all the annoying parts, then she would come off as nice, which clearly isn't the intent of her character. Xana STFU Also Gamefront's Dark Messiah has several mods, though the site is closed now and I couldn't add mine to the site. Good luck
  3. Two things that really bothered me about this game (besides the lack of RPGness) was constantly having to listen to Xana and the complete WhiteOut in the Night Vision/Wizard Eye. I have found Xana's voice folder (mm_sound_lang.gcf/mm/sound/arkane/english/xana) and considering replacing many of them with Blank waves. Though, if I can find some sort of Script Call for Dialog, where it would be possible just to prevent her from speaking 90% of the time that might work better. Secondly I have found what I believe is the settings for Wizard Eye, though unsure what settings I would need to make it more Light and Less Whiteout, any suggestions? Thanks for any tips. Edit: Interesting used the // CommentedOut Settings, they look MUCH better though still without any color. Also seem to be able to edit the Weight Limitations on using Telekinesis to Move/Throw bigger objects.
  4. Anyone know if it's possible to mod Dark Messiah to allow increasing the Total Stack count? I have been able to add totals over 20 so the stacking increase is at least physically possible. My intent is to be able to pick up the many potions being left behind, not out of needing more than 20 potions. Thanks for any help. Here's a list of modding tools and links in case anyone needs them in the future. If you wish to modify Dark Messiah download the following programs... GFC Scape. VTFEdit. VGF2TGA. GIMP. Also the FileFront Dark Messiah mod download site.
  5. I read through the "Making new gems, effects and techniques" but don't see the actual commands to add an item like weapon or gem, would I just need to change *RewardStyle* with *RewardGem* or *RewardWeapon* then the appropriate ID code? I guess it would be good to know also if there is a way to give a Quantity, if possible. This is the added scripting for adding the extra styles in the j00_lti_rhino.nss, Thanks for any help.
  6. A mod adds Death's Hand style, but the Popup description in the UI (e.g. if you press #1 key you would get Legendary Strike) when it's selected is blank and in Jade Empire Savegame Editor the Title displays: ERROR: NO SEMICOLON AFTER STATEMENT Does anyone know how I can fix the title to display properly, in JSE and the UI? The style does function correctly? Secondly anyone know where edit % of chance of the Knock Down effect, in the Dragon Eye gem as the effect doesn't show up in the gems.2da? I found the Knockback effect in MultipleEffects.2da and the Defense of the Heaven's Blessing (Air Defense) in DamageArmor.2da. Thanks for any help. Follow up, anyone interested the Description Code for Death's Hand Style is 27565 and the ID Code is 68427. Also found the Effects.2da but it only gives Durations of Effects like Knockback, nothing on Percent/Chance so far.
  7. Thanks DarthParametric, think this would work great with Stoffe's beautiful Radiant Jen Zi skin!
  8. I don't foresee anyone helping you with compatibility between "Handmaiden for Female" and TSLRCM. I've been asking for that for ages . . .

  9. hey.... try to compile that script again, following those steps I made for you... read EDIT 2 especially :) If it goes no where for you, I will have TSL installed in a few hours and I will compile it for you and send it.... I think I will need to send Litl Ridl a copy of it too, just in case he wants to update his mod.

  10. Wesp has released a new patch!!!! Download: www.patches-scrolls.de/vampire_bloodlines.php As always, please feel free to post comments and suggestions here. We're still looking for translators for this patch into other languages. Please contact bloodlines@patches-scrolls.de if you are willing to help. (+) Denotes changes only available to players of Plus Edition. Changes in 7.3: +Moved Yukie temple end trigger and fixed spider chick Boil reaction. +Corrected a Giovanni candidate quest state and removed entry items. +Made inspection particles a bit less intrusive, thanks to ZylonBane. Restored GLOCK to cop on the pier and mafia patrol to Empire hotel. Corrected conditions for mentioning Rossilini and other text issues. Fixed problems on approaching Skelter and during the intro walkout. BTW: Attention anyone playing this version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need some feed back on Nadia, the hot Giovanni girl who wants to get naked in the Embalming Room. Just as a test, once you enter the Manson SAVE YOUR GAME, so you can come back there and start your normal play (this should only take you 5 minutes to test) Head strait to Nadia let her take you somewhere more private. You will zone to the Embalming room, what we need to do. Don't talk to her or try to open the door downstairs. Walk around the room a bit, maybe pick up your book or walk around near the door you came in and the switch. This is the important part do you notice yourself going in and out of Combat mode? There seems to be Zombies spawning too soon AND they seem to see through the floor a level or two below you. If you are having problems it would be a great if you could post here.
  11. The reason I didn't post it in the Bloodlines thread, it isn't about Bloodlines the game. It's the official site became so unfunded, it was impossible to maintain, so the moderators bought the content Redemption, Bloodlines and the new mmog to start a functioning up to date site. Surely, they appreciate it. I am not part of the site, might have missed it here (I did look) but this news is a couple of months old, surely some on the site would like to know. This wasn't intended as some self promotion, I'm just a fan of WoD and Vampire games. So the only way I would benefit is if more mods get made. I understand there are people who like playing the game in the broken and unfinished state. The same is true of many RPGs, many purists won't use Unofficial Patches or Mods no matter how beneficial. There's room for everyone, afik. Imo, there is nothing more valuable in the gaming community then than the Modder/Fixers. I couldn't imagine playing the greatest RPGs to date without community fixes and mods. Games like Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 New Vegas, Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale 2, Planescape Torment, KotOR, KotOR 2.....my fingers would go numb listing them all. KotOR series wouldn't be nearly as great without all the work you guys do here and I am not sure it's possible to thank you all enough! I hope there are others interested in the Vampire community, as we all are in the KotOR community!
  12. This news is a bit old (couple of months) but I didn't see any mention here in the Bloodlines thread and not sure if you have a Redemption thread here. Please visit the new site (listed at the bottom) this is the main Vampire site now, all the modders, downloads and forums. Speaking of forums it's been an EXTREMELY good year for Vtm Bloodlines, have you seen all the wicked new mods or wonder where the post suggestions or bugs for the Unofficial Patch, for us to test? VTM: The Final Nights (The latest from Team Camarilla International) Bloodlines Antitribu Clan Quest Mod 20 Released VTMB Companion Mod Camarilla Edition VTMB2010 - CQM2.0 CM1.4 CE1.3 The Revival Project is now Bloodlines Resurgence (converting to current Source Engine) VTMB Custom Content Installer + Addons (no longer need to overwrite other mods) ZVTool (zylonbane excellent new tool) Basically what happened is the staff got frustrated, bought the content and moved it to a new site, where they are in control. Everyone please stop by try the new mods and especially to all you amazing modders that have done so much to helped KotOR, maybe you could show a bit of love for BLOOD? Also going to the main page will link you up to many new videos of mods in the works and some about the new Vampire mmog. I tried to edit out the language, since it's an R game, people are a bit more colorful with the words, hope I didn't miss any and I hope you enjoy your visit.
  13. Who said anything about not having Free Look or moving a mouse, you quoted me, so just wondering? Do you know the difference of being able to Free Look and having a camera locked behind you? Games like Oblivion have a locked third person with a Free Look. Clearly if you don't know why Max Payne's third person view was ground breaking, you probably don't play shooters. Most are terrible at Aiming, hitting where the Cursor is pointing, the POINT was it was possible to have accurate aim in third person 8 years ago, every developer and there mother has a free look button now days. Besides who really wants to Free Look at a guy PC, I mean what maybe high single digits? Free Look would have been cool, if we could have play Michelle Thorton.
  14. I think the camera sucks, it won't lock behind you, so you can turn one way and the stupid camera stays pointing another way. Obsidian and sucky camera implementation is synonymous, apparently. You know it's not so bad they try to make inventive camera settings but FORCING them on gamers without any ability to turn it off, well sucks. Worst part is when it comes to third person view for a shooter, there are some very good examples Max Payne 1 & 2 had really great camera views and accuracy for shooting from third person. That was 8 years ago and Obsidian still can't get a camera right!
  15. Here's some tweaks, for PC gamers suffering Mouse Lag and performance issues. BEFORE, you do any of this make a NEW FOLDER, called Backups (or something) put a COPY of all the files you are editing FIRST before you edit them. NO don't argue with me, just do it! Mouse tweaks. set bEnableMouseSmoothing=False in \Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini Two places here. \My Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config\APInput.ini Also set in \My Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config\APEngine.ini the following: [Engine.GameEngine] bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE [systemSettings] UseVsync=False In APEngine.ini (C:\Users\username\Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config), change the following settings: UseBackgroundLevelStreaming=false OnlyStreamInTextures=true OneFrameThreadLag=False If you are still experiencing problems then in Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config\APEngine.ini you can set to: DetailMode=1 MaxAnisotropy=0 The last real issues are the Bloom and Quality Bloom, but you can't turn those off (well maybe you can, but I haven't figured it out yet, maybe using trilinear some how?) becasue the UI menus use them to display Thorton like Appearance, Stats and Inventory windows.
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