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  1. Rhett married? Is this the end of the world? ... PS. Congrats!
  2. check out my post about no accessories

  3. So one of the moderators removed my post about the broken SWBF1 PS2 Gamespy server without an explanation? What's up with that?

  4. And what exactly is wrong with the already existing custom commando thread in the Absent Without Leave section? So in future reference and a friendly type of advice, just keep posting in existing threads instead of creating new ones in other sections.
  5. HHHMMM, we already have numerous threads of this kind
  6. Don´t get fooled by the marketing stunt. I doesn´t really bring anything new that you most urgently need. Also, a lot of programs don´t have Vista support (yet) which means they don´t work or not properly on your system. I really didn´t have a choice since my new Vaio came with Vista but I whouldn´t have cried if it would have came with XP.
  7. And why are we reviving threads exactly?
  8. A good program I used in the past was ACEhtml and it did the job quite nicely. I also tried out dreamweaver but that didn´t really satisfy me as it mostly didn´t do what I wanted. Nowadays it´s all notepad!
  9. True, but that one animation is almost 800kb which is not very friendly for 56k users.
  10. I heard he robbed a bank and fled to the Bahamas, but that´s just a rumor off course.
  11. We actually don´t have a standard rule on sigs and their size. However I feel it´s right to use to one used at the Kotor section: Mercid, can you change your sig to the above standard?
  12. I can see us having our own custom sig thread don´t you think. We have some nice potential here.
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